Do you agree or disagree with the following statement : Sometimes people think nowadays the media (TV, newspaper, Internet) are less concerned about the accuracy of news than in the past, and the incorrect information may cause more problems to the public.



  No doubt that after Mr. Trump’s overwhelming victory of 2016 campaign fake news has often been the headline of online and offline media. It occurs to me that though nowadays we are flooded with the wider range of information, we hardly tell the inaccurate from the real and true, which of course brings along chaos and disturbances.


  First of all, the media, including TV, newspaper and Internet, are in the pursuit of profits and exposure, thus giving up sticking to professional and moral standards. Unlike their traditional counterparts, the twenty-first century media cannot make it on the income out of readers’ pockets; hence they sell pages for advertisements and ask for sponsorship, in which case they are subjected to the establishment and the special interest groups. As a result, they ignore the authentic stories and accuracy on purpose at the sacrifice of readers and the integrity of journalism. For example, most media in the 2016 presidential campaign tried to manipulate and mislead US constituents by reporting false opinion polls. The election’s outcome proves how irresponsible and biased these media are. Clearly, the modern media are less serious about the contents’ correctness than they used to be.


  Moreover, false and incorrect information put the public in a troubled and sometimes dangerous position. This is because people no matter how knowledgeable and wise they are rely on information to make decisions. Usually, incorrect information gives rise to poor decisions which comes with misfortune. Take a environment protection case in the US for example. Five decades ago, the Ohio river delta region was a main industry area in the US. With the river and environment being seriously polluted, the US government decided to rebuild this area and upgrade local economy. Local heavy industry giants released fake news by local newspaper and broadcast that this measure would boost unemployment. The misled local people were in strong opposition of this plan, which unfortunately failed before it was on the floor of congress. Now, people living there are the poorest community in the north America and suffer from serious pollution and a crippled economy.


  In conclusion, today’s media are tamed by business interests and so lose their respect for truth and accuracy. This, sadly, causes many social problems and chaos, which people have to cope with.