1. What are the speakers mainly discussing? A. Possible career choices for the woman B. Employment possibilities for the woman C. Procedures for applying for a university job D. Job skills the woman will need as a teacher

  2. What does the counselor imply about the child-care center on campus? Click on 2 answers. A. It needs a coordinator for its outdoor activities. B. It hires people who can work during the day. C. A job there probably pays low wages.D. A job there requires a long-term commitment.

  3. What is the main purpose of the questionnaire that the counselor asks the woman to fill out? A. To give feedback on the services provided by the career services office B. To help career counselors monitor students as they search for jobs C. To help career counselors keep track of how many students have been placed in jobs D. To help students identify their abilities and preferences

  4. When should the woman make another appointment with the counselor? A. After she searches the job database B. After she revises her resume C. After she visits a child-care center D. After she talks to the director of the campus child-care center

  5. What can be inferred about the woman? A. She does not remember where the child-care center is located. B. She would like the counselor to show her where the child-care center is located. C. She did not know that the university has a child-care center. D. She did not know that the child-care center recently moved to a new location.


  Narrator:Listen to a conversation between a student and a counselor in a career service’s office on campus.

  Sarah:Hi! I’m Sarah Rodman. I have an appointment with you to talk about possible jobs? And I brought my resume along just in case.

  Counselor:Hi Sarah nice to meet you. Yes, we’ll need to have your resume on file, so thanks for bringing it in. Okay, why don’t you start by telling me what kind of job you’re looking for?

  Sarah:Well, I’m working at a restaurant right now, and that’s - okay. But I’d really like to start getting more relevant experience. I’m studying to be a teacher, so - maybe at a childcare centre or something?

  Counselor: That’s a possibility. Now, a childcare job may pay even less than a restaurant but, it’d certainly be good experience. Especially if you’re going into early childhood education. Are you?

  Sarah:Uhhhh - I’m not sure yet. Maybe elementary school, but possibly younger ages.

  Counselor:Well, working at a childcare centre may help you decide. Now, a childcare job could interfere with your schedule if most of your classes during the day. Are you willing to take evening classes if you need to?

  Sarah:Well, I’d have to guess. That’s what’s been great about the restaurant. I mostly work evening hours.

  Counselor:Right, now there is a childcare centre right here at the University.

  Sarah:OH! Where is it?

  Counselor:Building right behind the main library. It’s a great facility. It’s for students, faculty, and staff who have young children. They prefer to hire students who are majoring in early childhood education. It has morning and afternoon shifts - and they try to accommodate school schedule. Although the more flexible your schedule, the more likely you’ll get hired. So you may need to take an evening class or two.

  Sarah:Sounds good! Do you know if they have any openings?

  Counselor:They’re closed now. But, I can get the most up to date information from the director later. I know him well. So why don’t you fill out a general application? You can do it when we finish talking, and leave it with me.

  Sarah:Okay! No problem!

  Counselor:And also, you should consider filling out the questionnaire on our website. It’ll give you a better sense of your overall skills and interests, and - maybe even help you identify other kinds of jobs you could consider!

  Sarah:Okay - I’ve never done one of those before! What’s it like?

  Counselor:Oh you know, it asks questions like, do - do you prefer to work indoors or outdoors? Things like that. For some questions, you really have to think about what you’re good at, and others about what you enjoy.

  Sarah:Sounds like a great tool!

  Counselor:It is. Also, our job database has lots of listings of both on and off campus employment. It’d be a good idea for you to look through these, see if any of them might interest you. Once you’ve done that, make a follow-up appointment, and we’ll put it all together. By then I’ll know about openings at the campus childcare centre.

  Sarah:Great! I really appreciate your help.

  1。说话者主要在讨论什么?a .可能的职业选择B. C.就业的可能性C.申请大学工作的程序D.作为教师的女人需要的职业技能。

  2。辅导员对学校的托儿中心有什么暗示?点击2的答案。a .它需要一个户外活动协调员。它雇佣白天工作的人。C.在那里工作很可能工资很低。那里的工作需要长期的承诺。


  4所示。女人应该什么时候再和辅导员预约?a .在她搜索了求职数据库b之后,她修改了简历C.在她去了一个儿童护理中心后,在她和校园托儿中心的主任谈话之后。