famous people 名人

  替换词:celebrities (单数为 celebrity)

  opinion 观点

  替换词:perspective / standpoint (means looking at an event or situation in a particular way)

  complex 复杂的

  替换词:intricate (if something is intricate, it often has many small parts and details)

  part 部分


  person 人


  friends 朋友、同伴


  enemy 敌人

  替换词:opponent / foe

  narrow minds 狭隘的头脑或观念

  替换词:nsular minds

  boring 无聊的

  替换词:tedious (if you describe something tedious, you mean it is boring and frustrating)

  cold 寒冷的

  替换词:chilly (unpleasantly cold) / icy (extremely cold)

  dangerous 危险的

  替换词:perilous (very dangerous) / hazardous (dangerous, especially to people's safety and health)


  nowadays 目前


  result 结果

  替换词:consequence (the results or effects of something)

  obvious 明显的

  替换词:apparent / manifest

  field 领域

  替换词:domain (a particular field of thought, activities or interest)

  wrong 错误的

  替换词:erroneous (incorrect or partly correct)

  change 改变、转变

  替换词:convert (change into another form)

  rich 富有

  替换词:affluent (if you are affluent, you have a lot of money)

  attractive 吸引人的

  替换词:appealing (pleasing and attractive) / absorbing (something absorbing can attract you a great deal)

  best 最好的

  替换词:optimal (used to describe the best level something can achieve)

  unbelievable 难以置信的

  替换词:inconceivable (if you deem something inconceivable, you think it very unlike to happen)

  method 方法

  替换词:avenue (away of getting something done)


  famous 著名的、出众的

  替换词:distinguished (used to describe people who are successful in their career)

  ancient 古老的

  替换词:archaic (extremely old and extremely old-fashioned)

  possible 可能的、合理的

  替换词:feasible (if something is feasible, it can be done, made or achieved)

  so 因此

  替换词:consequently / accordingly

  rare 很少发生的

  替换词:infrequent (doesn’t happen often)

  careful 小心的、谨慎的

  替换词:cautious (very careful in order to avoid danger) / prudent (careful and sensible)

  dislike 不喜欢、厌恶

  替换词:abhor (abhor means you hate something to a extreme extent for moral reasons) / loathe (dislike very much)

  near 附近的

  替换词:adjacent (two things next to each other) / adjoin (the same as adjacent)

  common 普遍的

  替换词:universal / ubiquitous (if something is ubiquitous, it seems to be everywhere)

  important 重要的

  替换词:crucial (extremely important) / significant (amount or effect large enough to be important)


  a life without regular exercise 缺乏定期锻炼的生活

  替换词:a sedentary lifestyle

  very popular 很受欢迎

  替换词:prevalent / ubiquitous

  strong 强有力的

  替换词:powerful / mighty

  be better than 比…好

  替换词:be superior to

  many 大量、许多


  most suitable 最合适的


  alone 孤独的


  be the same

  替换词:be identical / be homogenous / be uniform

  happy 开心的


  good for the environment 对环境好,环保



  doubt sth. 怀疑某事

  替换词:be skeptical about sth.

  have many different abilities 多才多艺、多面手

  替换词:be versatile / be well-rounded

  poor-quality 质量差


  spend a lot of money 花钱大手大脚

  替换词:lead an extravagant / a lavish life

  with long history 历史悠久

  替换词:time-honored(后面经常跟抽象名词,比如 tradition / practice / methods / heritage)

  be very interested in 对…感兴趣

  替换词:be absorbed in / be engrossed in

  be qualified for 胜任

  替换词:be eligible for

  very difficult 很困难

  替换词:daunting / formidable

  having wrong opinions 观点错误

  替换词:be skewed / biased

  enough 足够的

  替换词:adequate / sufficient / ample / abundant


  too much 太多、大量的


  very little 很小


  cause bad effects 产生不良后果


  make sth. strong 使某物强壮

  替换词:strengthen / fortify / reinforce / consolidate sth.

  make sth. worse 使某物变得更糟

  替换词:aggravate / exacerbate sth.

  stop 停止


  appear 出现

  替换词:emerge / arise

  begin 开始

  替换词:commence / initiate

  keep complaining about sth. 抱怨某事

  替换词:grumble about sth.


  try hard to do sth. 努力做某事

  替换词:pursue sth. / make a strenuous (an arduous/ a painstaking) effort to do sth.

  decrease 下降

  替换词:decline / dwindle(特指逐渐缓慢的减少)/ dip / slip (后两个词用来指短促的下降)

  develop fast 发展迅速

  替换词:flourish / thrive

  develop 培养、培育

  替换词:cultivate / foster / nurture(这三个词后面经常跟和教育有关的名词,比如 cultivate an interest in social issues)

  support 支持

  替换词:buttress / bolster

  work hard 努力工作、专心工作

  替换词:work assiduously

  consider 深思、考虑

  替换词:contemplate / reflect on / ponder

  meet 遇到

  替换词:encounter(多用于政府,文化或者 success 这样偏大一些的话题)

  provide sth. 提供某物

  替换词:afford sth.(在正式英文写作中,afford 经常可以表示「提供」)

  like sth. very much 非常喜欢某物

  替换词:have an affinity for sth. / have a strong attachment to sth.


  consider sth. valuable 觉得某物有价值

  替换词:value sth. / treasure sth. / cherish sth.

  solve 解决

  替换词:tackle / combat / address

  choose sth. / choose to do sth. 选择(做)某事

  替换词:opt for sth. / opt to do sth.

  achieve 实现


  appear in large numbers 大量出现

  替换词:sprout up / mushroom

  pay…for (one's loss) 支付(损失)


  contribute to 有助于

  替换词:promote / facilitate(这两个词都是及物动词,所以不需要跟 to)

  hate 厌恶、反对

  替换词:resent / hold a grudge against

  is not limited to… 不限于

  替换词:is not restricted to…/ is not confined to…


  improve 提高

  替换词:boost / enhance(比如 boost solidarity 增进团结 / enhance productivity 提高生产率)

  waste 浪费

  替换词:use… lavishly

  change… a lot 变化很大

  替换词:fundamentally change… / radically change… / transform…

  obey 服从、听从

  替换词:abide by / comply with / conform to (后面跟 the law / rules / regulations 等)

  depend on 取决于

  替换词:hinge on / be contingent on

  make one's dream come true 实现梦想

  替换词:fulfill one's potential / attain one's goal

  get rid of 摆脱、除去

  替换词:eliminate / remove / abolish(多用于政府类话题,废除)

  mainly 主要地

  替换词:primarily / principally / chiefly

  In the old days,… 在过去

  替换词:Traditionally,… / Historically,…

  before… 在… 之前

  替换词:prior to…


  be punished by the law 被法律制裁

  替换词:be brought to justice

  It is common for sb. to… 对…来说很普遍

  替换词:It is standard practice for sb. to…

  in this aspect 在这方面

  替换词:in this regard / in this respect

  in fact 事实上、本质上

  替换词:as a matter of fact / in essence / essentially

  It is impossible that… 不可能

  替换词:It is highly unlikely that…

  The cause of A is B. A 的原因是 B

  替换词:A can be attributed to B / A can be ascribed to B

  sth. stops 某物静止不动

  替换词:sth. comes to a standstill

  carry out 开展

  替换词:launch / conduct

  pace of life 生活节奏

  替换词:rhythm of life / tempo of life

  adapt to 适应

  替换词:adjust to / acclimate t