Do you agree or disagree: the universities should spend more money in improving facilities (libraries, computer labs) than hiring famous teachers.

  Cradles of cultivating talents, universities are supposed to provide most high-caliber education. Responding to the expectation, universities have to think the issue over. Compared with hiring more teachers, from my own perspective, keeping facilities and resources in the universities most advanced and updated is more essential not only for students but also for renowned professors.

  First of all, students are able to enjoy a better study environment if their schools utilize advanced equipment. With the assistance of exquisite inventions such as electronic screen and projectors, as well as laboratory equipment, like microscopes and chemical reactors, studying would no longer be a tedious and repetitious information engrafting process, but a way everyone would like to get involved in. Similarly, definitions and formulas of physics and chemistry will graven in students’ minds deeply if they are aided by the equipment when experimenting. However, hardly can professors crystalize abstract concepts into definite ideas without advanced teaching devices.

  What is more, as for famous teachers themselves, a university that does not invest in its facilities would be appealing. To be constantly enthusiastic on researching their respective academic fields, teachers have a great demand for exquisite facilities to maintain progressing on their own fields. The most sophisticated technological devices offered in universities enable these teachers to conduct successful researches and remain at the top, which is really attractive to those renowned professors. By contrast, old and obsolete teaching and studying facilities will certainly not inspire teachers to keep further academic researching. Also, practically impossible will teachers have interest in making progress.

  Granted, it is conceded that hiring more teachers in universities means guaranteeing education quality in some sense because every student will be concerned and cared about. Even slightest and most subtle academic performance changes of students will be noticed; therefore, teachers can encourage and guide frustrated and upsetting students in time. However, while weighing the benefits brought by investing in facilities and hiring more teachers, we can conclude that facilities are more worthwhile.

  In conclusion, I should reiterate that universities should update their facilities, making a top priority. Without advanced facilities, a university will not be helped further improved.


  Advanced facilities, like libraries, research center, university hospital are indispensible parts of a good university while famous teachers are also a big component of a prestigious higher institution. Personally, I think it is better for universities to spend more money in hiring famous professors.

  Admittedly, research centers can be a place where advanced technology is incubated, a library that incorporates state-of-the-art technology can also be conducive to students' study, however, I still believe that famous professors play a more significant role in assessing the reputation of a university.

  First off, well-respected professors in a specific field can bring lots of benefits not only to the whole community but also to the university. To more specific, prestigious professors can come up with theories and solutions to the most intriguing problems faced by human beings, like treatment of cancers, diabetes and even heart attack. Economists can use data and economic models in their empirical study to predict the economy, and it can provide lots of information for the authority to make timely adjustment to their policies. Electronic engineers can design some micro-chips that can sustain large-scale computation. The benefits that professors bring to the school can be also enormous. For instance, a Novel Prize laureate can attract countless research foundations and donations from both the private and public sectors, with this large sum of money, the university can in turn renovate labs, research centers and even libraries.

  Additionally, well-established professors and researchers can educate and enlighten brilliant young students and cultivate future scientists. Famous professors are usually expert in education, they might have been teaching and researching in their field for more than a few decades, thus have accumulated lots of rich teaching experience and developed the most effective teaching approach. Together with their superb charisma, lots of bright young adults will be motivated and inspired and therefore embark on the road of scientific endeavor and exploration. Such inspirations and motivations cannot be brought by improved facilities. Indeed, it is the expertise and charisma of these famous professors that attract thousands of brilliant young students to enroll in a college.

  To conclude, hiring more famous professors are more advisable than renovating facilities since the scientific discoveries brought by professors can bring colossal benefits to both the community and the university, and also the expertise and charisma of well-established professors can attract, enlighten and cultivate future scientists.