A person you know is planning to move to your town or city. What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

  托福作文满分范文:Topic: 24

  If a person I know is planning to move to my city, what this person would like and dislike about living in my city? It is an interesting question for me. Frankly speaking, living im my city - Taipei for a long time, I never thought of such a question before I started to write this essay. In my point of view, there are many good sites about this city and my friend will enjoy living here.

  First, Taipei is a city where have lots of job oppotunities. Job opportunities is very important when an outsider wants to start a new life in a city. Taipei, as everybody knows, has many factories, companies and international headquaters. With superior urban environment and infrastructure, Taipei not only attracted many foreign institutions, but also many domestic investors to set their offices and build their factories here. Therefore, you can find many jof vacancies on the web or newspapers in Taipei.

  Second, Taipei is a place where you can learn what you want to learn. There are so many colleges, schools, training classes in Taipei. The learning opportunities is available all year round. If you want to learn English composition, ther are a lot of schools and classes for you to choose. If you wnat to learn dancing, you can join one of many dancing clubs in the park, where teachers teach people dancing for free.

  Last but not least, you never feel bored in Taipei. There are so many places where you can go, and so many activities that you can do. When you get up in the morning, you can go to the nearest coffee shop and enjoy drinking a cup of coffee. Or you can choose to eat Chinese foods. There always have a variety of thing for you to choose. If you feel upset, you can go to night pub, listening some tender music.

  Take what I have mentioned above into consideration, living in my home town is a great pleasure. I think my friend will like living in my home town.

  托福作文满分范文:Topic: 24

  A friend of mine from college is moving to my city, so I have been thinking about what she would and wouldn't like about it. I'd say the quality of life here, as far as fun and activities are concerned, is very good. The quality of life isn't very good, though, in other important ways..

  Living in a large city is exciting, but you pay a price for it. There are lots of interesting things to

  do, and good restaurants with food from around the world. There are museums, art galleries, and lots of movie theaters. However, the crime rate is high, and people have to be careful about where they go at night. There's a lot of traffic most of the time, and finding a parking space can be a problem. There are also a lot of people living here. Sometimes it feels too crowded.

  In a big city like mine, housing is very expensive. It costs a lot even if you're just renting an efficiency apartment. The good side is that there's a lot of choice about where you want to live and how you want to live. You can find apartments of all sizes in different settings. Houses of equal variety are available for sale or rent.

  If my friend likes the great outdoors, she might be disappointed. Unfortunately, my city doesn't have a lot of wide open green spaces, 'and there aren't a lot of trees on the streets. We're not near the ocean, and the mountains are a day's drive from here. Still, we do have some natural areas. For example, we have a beautiful big park. It even has a lake in the middle that's used for ice skating in the winter. There's a different kind of beauty in the city.

  Thinking about it, I suppose whether my friend likes my city will depend on whether or not she likes exciting places. I hope she likes a lot of variety as far as housing and activities are concerned. If she does, then this is the place for her.


  托福作文满分范文:Topic: 24

  Recently one of my friends will move to Shanghai from New Zealand and she asked me which aspects she might not adapt in Shanghai. I think that it is as follows:

  Firstly, she may think that the air pollution is very severe in Shanghai. As everyone knows that New Zealand is a developed country known for its beautiful natural environment. There are fewer industry plants in New Zealand than in Shanghai. So New Zealand is a very clean and beautiful country, just like a garden. However, in Shanghai the air pollution is still out of control. When you come back home from your company every day, you will find that your shoes are covered with dusts.

  What is more, my friend may find that the streets in Shanghai is very croweded with traffic. The population of Shanghai is 13 million, which is much more than that of New Zealand. She might find uncomfortable travelling in the streets of Shanghai During rush hours.

  Finally, I think that she may complain about some other small things about Shanghai. For examplem suppose she walks on the pavement and will find that there are too many bicycles parked on it which block the sidewalk. Sometimes she has to walk on the street. I think having lived in New Zealand for a long time, these small things in Shanghai may bewilder her.

  In a word, I think that my friend will dislike the air pollution, crowded transportation and other aspects of Shanghai. As a Shanghaiese, I think we all should try our best to make Shanghai a better place to live in the future.