Nowadays traffic congestions are increasing, what can we do to reduce the cars in the city?

  托福口语真题分析:本题属于非常规题型的“建议题”,不过与常规建议题又有一些小差别,这次并不是为好友提建议,而是为整座城市的规划提出建议。“建议题”的答题思路仍然符合T-S-E结构,首先提出具体建议内容,这是Topic sentence;然后阐明这项建议可以达成的益处,这是sub claim;最后给出具体的事例,来证明你提出的建议的确可以达到预期的效果,这就是example。


  Well I think the government should encourage the use of public transportation system to solve traffic congestion. First, they can issue more policies like the odd-even plate number restriction (单双号限号政策) and draw lots to get car purchase permission policy(摇号政策), which have been really effective in reducing car numbers on the street; Plus, they can spend more money on the development of the public transportation system, like to build up more subway lines or bus stations, and keep the fee affordable.


  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: it is never too late to get a degree in university.



  I totally agree with the statement. Coz learning is a lifelong process. With the development of the economy and society, the purpose of getting a university degree is no longer merely to find a good job, but an integral part of one’s overall growth; plus, getting a university degree is by no means confined to the privilege of the young. For example, my uncle, Peter, he is over 50-year old, a successful entrepreneur, he got his first bachelor degree last year, majoring in traditional Chinese literature. Although it took him a lot of time and energy to take all those classes, and pass all those examinations, I can tell he is truly happy about his choice. A dream comes true.


  阅读标题:shut the gym down

  原因1:to update locker rooms and shower facilities

  原因2:students can use an off-campus gym freely

  听力态度: disagree

  原因1:unnecessary to shut the whole gym down, just shut the area they are working on, and students can change their clothes and take shower in their dorms because dorms are close to the gym

  原因2:the off-campus gym is far away from campus, it will take 30 mins to there and another 30 mins back to school, plus students will always feel exhausted after working out, so they may not willing to walk anymore.

  托福口语真题分析:又是关于gym的话题,不过话题与上次考试不尽相同。本次的话题属于经典的“关张”话题,校内某设施或某服务因为某些特殊原因需要暂停一段时间,然后学生讨论。考生们如果遵照上表的示范抓取信息记录笔记然后再在规定的时间内复述出整个事件本题的单项分至少可以轻松拿到3分。 本题可以作为考生们冲击高分的切入点,注意语音语调并且悄然加入一些高级词汇和表达,善用同义转述拿到满分4分则不是十分困难的事情。


  阅读标题:create grouping

  定义:group the items in a new way in order to increase the sales

  听力例子:the professor uses watch as an example to illustrate this concept. He said that in the past, watches are seen as expensive and luxury jewelry, always use gems or expensive metal to make watches and people are willing to pay big money on them. One company started to make watches, they use plastic materials instead of metal, and they made their watches fun and fashion, people will pay less money to get a watch like that and it also changed the way people buy it, instead of just buy one watch a time, people are more tend to buy several watches a time cuz they are cheap.



  问题:the girl has a time confliction between her tutoring program and her history class this semester

  解决方案1:change her history class to next semester

  优点1:can continue her tutoring program

  缺点1:next semester the history class will change from ancient to modern, which she’s not interested in

  解决方案2:ask her classmates from math class to help her out

  优点2:she can take history classes this semester

  缺点2:she cannot keep tutoring kids math anymore

  托福口语真题分析:所谓的“又双叒叕咋了”的T5万变不离其宗,记得用啄木鸟推荐的“糖葫芦结构”答题就可以确保所有的信息点都可以以合理的逻辑顺序铺展开来。T5和T3一样是冲高分的重要节点,T5的两个失分点无非是“信息不全”或者“逻辑混乱”。“信息量大”是T5 的一个特点,需要考生在备考时注意速记的练习。另外把如此多的信息有机地规整在一起,给出一个逻辑通顺的答案也要求考生对连接词如and, or, either...or..., however, therefore等的使用非常主动、熟练。


  话题:fish will encounter some challenges while they swim in really fast current, how will they solve the problem?

  要点1:hard for them to stop at a spot

  例子1:Like catfish, they have really muscular and big fins, which can help them to swim against the current

  要点2:difficult for fish to get food

  例子2:Like trout, instead of swim in the center of the water, where current always faster than other places, they will stay at the bank of the river, so they can avoid the current and get enough food to survive.