▲Hold an intimate wedding in a hotel church

  Romantic and dynamic Guam is a popular destination with honeymooners in the western Pacific islands. In fact, many of the hotels on Guam have their own private churches.



  Guam is a golfers' paradise.The island has seven world-class golf courses designed by some of the sport's greatest players.


  ▲Duty free shopping

  Guam's duty free shopping means that no tariffs are added to international products.



  Flying above the clouds and falling down at 120 miles per hour will definitely be the thrill of a lifetime.


  ▲Scuba diving

  Scuba diving is a booming business on Guam. You can get PADI or NAUI certification.


  ▲Meet the local people at the Chamorro Night Market

  The Chamorro people are very hospitable and friendly. The Chamorro Night Market that opens every Wednesday offers a great opportunity to meet and dance with the locals.


  ▲Enjoy the BBQ

  The Chamorro people have a love affair with barbecues and enjoy them whenever possible. They love to barbecue on the weekends with their families and use it as a way to welcome friends.


  ▲Explore ancient Chamorro history

  The history of Guam includes the early arrival of the ancient Chamorro people, Spanish colonization, Japanese influence and its present status as an American territory.


  ▲Sign the children up for summer camp

  Education and vacation can get along well in a summer camp on a beautiful island.


  ▲Stay in an ocean-view hotel and relax

  The island has 50 hotels and over 9,000 guest rooms. Since most of the hotels are situated along the beach, the easiest thing to do on the island is to sit back and enjoy the ocean view.