教育类 + 两选类

  When you choose a university,do you care more about its graduates' vocational development than its professors' fames? 选择大学,你更加关注就业前景还是教授名誉?





  1. 教育是投资,每个投资者渴望获得良好的回报(职业前景),即是稳定高薪的有前途的工作。(例证展开)

  2. 在专业有优势的学校学习,学生们更有机会成为专业领域的专家,有机会去名企或者为自我创业打下坚实基础,职业生涯有机会更加辉煌。

  3. 知名教授对于求学者也有吸引力,但是,师从知名教授有风险,教授可能会选择其他高校,同时,教授可能忙于自己的学术追求,无暇关注学生,所以,师从著名教授是有风险的。


  1. Education is one of the key words of our time. A poorly-educated man, many of us believe, is an unfortunate victim of adversity, deprived of one of the greatest opportunities. 教育是时代的关键词汇,一个人没有受过良好教育,我们认为,是逆境的牺牲品,被剥夺了最宝贵的机会。


  2. Which is the chief aim of furthering one’s education in a university or college? 一个人进入大学进修学习的主要目的是什么呢?

  3. Those who are well-equipped with career-oriented knowledge and pragmatic skills will be more competitive in the future job-seeking. 学习以择业为导向的知识以及实用性的技能可以帮助一个人提高未来职业的竞争优势。(重点背诵)

  4. To specialize in those job-related courses is a necessary preparation for one to enhance future job prospects. 在与工作相关的课程领域中变得精通是重要的就业准备,一个人可以提升就业前景。

  点评:specialize in = zero in on v 专门学习

  5. When it comes to whether we shall choose to study in a university that ensure rosy career prospects or the counterpart that owns prestigious professors, people hold divergent views. As I see it, however, there is always preferable and feasible to attend those universities that could conduce to graduates’ vocational achievement. 当提及到是否我们应该选择可以保障未来就业的大学, 还是选择拥有知名教授的大学的时候,人们有观点差异,但是,我认为,选择大学,应该选择可以提升毕业生职业成就的学校。(完美题目改写)

  点评:When it comes to whether we shall choose to …… or …… , people hold divergent views. As I see it, however, there is always preferable and feasible to ……当提及到是否我们应该选择A 还是B的时候,人们的观点差异,但是,我认为,选择……更加可取可行。

  6. The first of my convicting argument would be that …… 我的第一个令人信服的论据就是……

  7. Many of us need to have a comfortable salary to maintain a decent life after graduating from the university. 我们很多人大学毕业,需要高薪以维持体面的生活。

  8. In this sense, acquiring job-related knowledge will enable one to outshine other job candidates in terms of getting a reasonable career. 因此,学习和择业相关的知识可以帮助学习者在未来的求职中脱颖而出,找到理想工作。


  outshine other job candidates v 使其他的求职者相形见绌(写作亮点)

  getting a reasonable career v 找到一份好工作 (写作亮点)

  9. Although choosing to follow a famous educator sounds appealing to some extent,I still have a preference for being good at specialized knowledge in career-oriented domain 师从知名教育者有吸引力,但是,我依然喜欢在就业领域精通知识。

  点评:be good at = excel in = be well-versed in v精通于……

  10. Education is an investment in which every investor desires to earn high interests. 教育是投资,每人喜欢获得高额利息。

  11. top university = prestigious university n名校

  12. sb will stand more chances of becoming an expert in a specific field v 某人有更多机会成为一个领域的专家

  点评:domain = field n 领域

  13. enhance one’s competitiveness in the future job-seeking v 提高择业优势 (重点背诵)

  14. …… lay a solid foundation for future self-employment v为自我创业打下坚实基础

  15. To study with top professors is never without its advantageous aspects. 师从著名教授远非没有其利好

  点评:is never without 远非没有……

  16. Some possible drawbacks inevitably ensue 一些潜在的弊端随之而来(引起弊端)

  点评:ensue v 跟着发生

  17. Renowned college professors are too busy to educate or guide their students because they always have their own academic pursuit. 教授过于忙碌,可能没有时间教育指导学生,因为教授也许更多地忙于自己的学术追求。

  点评:renowned = famous = prestigious adj 著名的

  点评:prominent = eminent = excellent adj 优秀的;杰出的

  18. I encourage senior high school leavers to acquire career-oriented knowledge and job-oriented skills so that they can better meet the requirement of relevant enterprises when entering the society. 我鼓励高中毕业生去学习和职业相关的知识技能。当他们步入社会的时候,可以更好地满足企业的需求。