Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students who keep their rooms neat and organized will be more likely to succeed than students who do not.是否同意卧室整洁的孩子更能成功?(08.10.25 / 2013.09.14)









  1. Such is human nature to savor the sweetness of success. 品味成功的甘美是人之本性。

  2. Success is what every one of us longs for in our heart of hearts. 成功是我们每个人在内心深处渴望的。

  3. Having a neat habit is one of the most crucial standards to judge a student’s success, but definitely not the sole one. 拥有整洁的习惯仅仅是评判成功的标准之一,不是唯一的标准。

  4. avenue to success 成功的途径

  5. shortcut to success 成功的捷径

  6. tidy up the room = clean up the room 整理房间

  7. neat dormitory 整洁的卧室

  8. Neatness is kind of commendable personal habit 整洁干净是一种值得赞美的生活习惯。

  9. Receive fine education helps us stand more chances of making success 接受良好的教育使我们有更多的机会获得成功。


  10. Triumph,first of all,comes from diligence 勤奋是成功的重要要素。


  11. Braving all the challenges is one of the key factors of achieving success 勇敢接受挑战是成功的关键之一。


  12. Seizing the splendid opportunities could be one of the most indispensable factors to succeed 把握住良好的机会是成功的关键之一。


  13. Opportunity favors prepared mind 机会留给有准备的人。

  14. In order to fulfill our rosy dreams, we should rely on our honest hard work. 为了实现瑰丽的梦想,我们应该依赖诚实的努力。

  15. Success never comes easily, in this sense, only those who dare to take risks and constantly challenge themselves could seize the golden chance of tasting the sweetness of obtaining their objectives. For example, my uncle Paul is a successful business leader and risk-taker …… 成功来之不易,因此,成功属于敢于冒险,挑战自己,把握机会之人,他们才能品味梦想成真的甘美,我的叔叔保罗是成功的企业家,也是冒险家……


  16. Only with a clear mind, a strong will power, persistent efforts can we put all the challenges under the feet and taste the sweetness of life. 我相信有了清晰的头脑,坚定的意志力,执着的努力,我们才能战胜所有的挑战,品味生活的甜美。

  17. It is our own belief and our willingness to create a better life that motivates us to achieve more success. 是我们内心的信念和愿意创造美好生活的意愿激励我们获得更多成功。

  18. God help those who help themselves. 天|道酬勤。

  19. In time of adversity, instead of retreating and daydreaming, we should hold our heads high and accept all the challenges. 身处逆境时,我们不应退缩,沉迷幻想,我们应该振作精神,接受挑战。

  20. It is up to us to find the ways and means to achieve every achievement each of us seek and long for 我们自己才能我们渴望的成功的方式。