Do you agree or disagree:It is better to wait in patience than take action? 等待比成功更加重要是否认同?



  1. 企业家创业的故事,叔叔保罗为例,新产业是一片蓝海的时候去勇敢做第一个吃螃蟹的人(尝试的人),才能成功,对比的是,行业是一片红海的时候,再次入行,竞争激励,难以成功。

  2. 儿童学习外语,很多父母有眼光,让他们赢在起跑线。

  3. 恋爱的故事, 成功太慢,幸福减半。



  1. Success comes from focus and effort, instead of cherishing rosy dreams and waiting in vain 成功来着专注和努力,而不是空怀梦想,徒劳等待。

  2. Frustrations and hardships are always there waiting for you 人生总是充满了挫折和困苦。

  解析:frustrate v 使挫败

  拓展:frustration n 挫败

  3. stand out from the rest = stand out in a crowd 出类拔萃

  拓展:outstanding = exceptional = eminent 优秀的

  4. realize one’s dream = fulfill one’s ambition 实现梦想

  5. Only with a clear goal, a strong will-power, prompt efforts can a person put all the challenges under the feet and taste the sweetness of life. 我相信有了清晰的头脑,坚定的意志力,即刻的努力;我们才能战胜所有的挑战,品味生活的甜美。

  点评:prompt efforts 即刻的努力

  拓展:tips = to insure prompt service 为了保障及时的服务

  6. When facing with unexpected adversity,one needs great take actions and seize opportunities 面对困难,人需用即刻行动,把握行动。


  7. We have no choice but to brave all the challenges and learn how to deal with adversity. 我们应该面对困难,学习如何应对逆境。

  点评:have no choice but to do sth = have to do sth 只能做 ……

  8. For instance, I encountered great difficulties in competing with top students in an English oral competition,however,I spared no hesitation to make efforts everyday, with great confidence and full preparation, I successfully stood out from other contestants in English speech contest. 例如,我在参加英语演讲比赛的时候,遇到了很大困难,但是,我日日努力,毫不犹豫,拥有自信和充分准备后,我在英语比赛中脱颖而出。



  9. Failure reveals the prelude of success. 失败是成功之母。

  点评:reveal v揭示了,prelude n序幕

  10. All the difficulties will be stamped under your feet.所有的困难被你踩到脚下。

  点评:collect stamps 集邮;stamp v 跺脚

  11. Action speaks louder than words 行动胜过言语

  12. The debate reminds me of my Paul, who is a successful business leader ……叔叔是成功的企业家,创业时尚酒店,起初,创业前景不确定,但是,叔叔毅然创业,经营酒店,赚取人生财富。

  13. Indeed, I have to concede that sometime being patient could help us avoid potential dangers and losses 耐心规避潜在的风险和损失。

  点评:Indeed, I have to concede that 我承认的是 ……

  14. however,I want to rebut that …… 但是,我想反驳的是 ……

  15. Opportunity knocks but only once 机不可失失不再来。

  16. …… steal us the splendid opportunity of embracing a bright future 使得我们错失了拥抱美好未来的宝贵机会。


  17. The story of carving out one’s own career 自我创业的故事。

  18. take a risk to give a try = pick up one’s courage to do sth 勇敢做第一个吃螃蟹的人


  19. new industry is a unexploited area 新产业是一片蓝海的时候

  点评:exploit v 开发,利用,剥削

  20. In marked contrast, it is useless and meaningless to dive into a saturated market 行业是一片红海的时候, 再投入的没有意义。

  点评:a saturated market 饱和的市场

  21. So fierce is the competition that one might find it hard to fulfill one’s ambition 竞争激励,难以成功。

  22. The primary difference between the minority of great-achievers and the majority of mediocre people is that …… 5%的成功者和95%的平凡者的最大的区别在于……

  解析:mediocre people = common people = ordinary people 平凡者

  点评:写作是创造,有时候不拘泥于细节,5% 可以写作少数的,95%可以写作多数的。

  23. Convinced of the importance of a goal, a successful people will definitely take the utmost efforts to bridge the gap between dream and reality. Namely, action speaks louder than words and one can win via prompt implementation 成功者会在目标设定后,会在最短的时间里采取最大量的行动,就是所谓,行胜于言,赢在执行。

  点评:implement = carry out = execute v 执行 ……