Students can use their mobile phones to surf on the Internet or listen to the music while doing their homework 在做作业的时候,孩子们可以使用手机或者是听音乐:



  1. 对于缺乏自律性的学生而言,一心二用容易分散他们的注意力,降低他们的学习效率。形成对比的是,学生们如果专注于学习,可以培养他们的学习兴趣,提高他们学习效率,使学生们精通学业。

  2. 学业成功的关键是专注专心,做作业的同时听歌或者上网容易使孩子们变得懒散,散漫的习惯对于孩子们的学业,事业,生活都会造成不良影响。


  1. 放松身心,缓解压力,尤其是在遇到学习困难的时候。


  1. The study will be delayed and disadvantaged.耽误学业

  解析:disadvantage v使处于不利地位

  2. get unsatisfying marks in the exam v考试成绩不能令人们满足

  3. by contrast = in marked contrast v形成对比的是

  4. Students need to be focused when fulfilling homework duty 学生在完成作业时应该专注的。

  5. zero in on one’s academic study v专注于学习

  解析:zero in on = focus on = concentrate on v专注于……

  6. One’s attention will distracted 一个人的精力会被分散

  7. impose much pressure upon our minds v增加了精神的压力

  拓展:impose much pressure upon a nation economically 增加了国家的经济压力

  8. …… is a great-waster v …… 是浪费时间的事情

  9. …… waste large amounts of time v ……浪费大量的时间

  10. fail to improve the efficiency of learning v不能提高学习效率

  11. cannot enhance the efficiency of learning v不能提高学习效率

  12. might become absent-minded 也许会变得心不在焉的

  13. …… might interfere with one’s study …… 也许会耽误一个人的学习

  解析:interfere with v干涉……

  14. do the homework duty v做家庭作业

  15. fulfill the homework duty v完成家庭作业

  16. You can not eat your cake and have it two 鱼和熊掌不可兼得。

  17. My personal story could justify my stand 我的个人的故事可以证明我的立场


  18. Some people argue that they might lose enthusiasm for their studies if they concentrate on study for a long time, therefore, they prefer to finish their homework duty while surfing on line or listen to some favorite music. 有些人认为他们如果专注于学习太久,也许会失去学习的热情,因此,他们更加喜欢一边上网或者听过,一边完成作业。

  19. it is unwise to do sth v做……是不明智的

  20. it is a hasty decision to encourage sb to do sth v鼓励某人做……是草率的决定