Some people believe that the extracurricular activities and afterschool homework of children should be assigned by the school, while others claim that children should be allowed to choose to do what they want after school.

  老师点睛:题目本身是A or B的选择题,很明显这个题目我们可以使用让步—转折—递进结构,先让步承认学校规定孩子课后作业挺好的,然后转折说,孩子自己决定课后内容也不错。最后,到底哪种更好取决于学校面向的学生年龄。


  让步: 学校规定孩子做的课后活动挺好的,因为学校可以指导孩子做一些有意义的事情,从而增长他们的知识。

  It is undeniable that schools should assign some activities to students after school, because school could guide students to do something valuable and meaningful, and thus help them gain more knowledge.


  However, it is significant for students to choose the acticities they like, since it is a better way for them to cultivate their own interests and increase their potential capabilities.


  From my standpoint, instead of following teachers, students should choose the activities by themselves students should finish the tasks chosen by themselves instead of those assigned by teachers, in order to build up their independence. In the process of choosing the activities they prefer, the students will accumulate the experience of making an independent decision.


  (A/D)The food we eat today is much healthier than in the past.



  理由一:农药化肥的使用:(agriculture chemicals/ fertilizer)随着现代农业技术(农药化肥)的使用,现在的食物被污染了,过去的食物是纯天然的,(To begin with, the wide use of agriculture chemicals and fertilizers make the food today unhealthier than the food in the past). This is because the food today are polluted by these chemical material. For example, in the past, people cleaned the weeps to safeguard the corn in the field by manual labors. However, farmers will use herbicide and chemicals to achieve this goal. Therefore, some poisonous material will remain on the crops we eat.

  理由二:饮食习惯的改变:(changes in the habit of eating are another factor in making the food today much unhealthier) 随着生活节奏的加快,人们更多的会选择吃快餐,而这些快餐是一些垃圾食品,对我们的身体会有负面影响,比如说造成肥胖,疾病等。(with the life pace accelerating, people today tend to eat the fast food which is nothing but junk food. By contrast, in the past, people have more spare time, they would like to cook by themselves) 在过去人们生活更加悠闲,所以会选择在家里自己做饭。

  结尾段:有些人认为现在的食物比过去的食物更健康,因为人们吃的食物种类比以前更丰富了。但是这个理由和我们观点的理由比起来暗淡无光。 所以我还是认为过去的食物比现在的食物更健康。(Some people may assert that food today is much healthier, because there are more diverse food than before. However, this reason seems lackluster compared with that of our opinion.)


  Should school focus more on purchasing new equipment or recruiting good teachers?



  让步: 购买新设备对于学校来说至关重要,因为先进的教学设施给老师的教学和学生的学习带来诸多便利。因此,授课效果和学习效率都会相应提高。电脑和实验器材就可以作为两个很好的例子。通过电脑,老师可以从网络上下载更多的备课资料,大大减少搜集资料的时间。同时老师还可以使用PPT来展示授课内容,让课堂更生动。学生课下可以利用丰富的网络资源,来增长知识。另外,老师可以利用实验器材来向学生直观的展现实验过程,学生也可以在老师的指导下亲自完成实验,这都会让教学变得简单。

  (Purchasing new equipments is of great importance to the school, in that the advanced facilities will bring many benefits to the teaching of professors as well as the study of children. As a result, the teaching effect and learning efficiency will be improved a lot accordingly. The computer and experiment apparatus can cast some light on (prove) my viewpoint.)


  ( give a damper to their learning passion)。(However, hiring good teachers is also an integral part of a school, since famous teachers are able to impart more knowledge to students and thus cultivate their interest in study. As is known to all, the educational quality of a school mainly relies on the teachers. For instance, a good astronomy professor may combine the westen myths with the basic astronimical terms in the process of introducing the planets in the solar system. In order to make students memorize Jupiter more easily, he firstly tell students the Jupiter is the most powerful god in the Greece myth and thus the Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. )


  In my perspective, whether school should pay more attention to renovating the equipment or hiring more good teachers depends on the age of the students in the school. To be specific, in the elementary school, employing a good teacher is more important because childhood is a significant period for children to foster their learning habit and build up their characteristic, all of which are significantly affected by teachers. in contrast, it is necessary for the university to purchase new equipment, since students need learn by themselves / do self-learning / learn on their own by using facilities.