A break with 分开 a departure from

  Abundant 丰富的,充裕的plentiful

  Accelerated 加速 increased


  Accordingly 因此,从而 consequently

  Accordingly 因此for that reason

  Account for 解释,说明explain

  Accumulated 积聚,积累 built up

  Acute 敏锐的,剧烈的 intense

  Adequate 充分的,足够的 sufficient

  Adhere 坚持 stick

  Administered 管理 managed

  Adorned 装修 decorated

  Advent 出现,到来 arrival

  Adversely 逆向/反的 negatively

  Aesthetically 美学的,艺术的 artistically

  Affront 侮辱,冒犯 insult

  Agents 动因,代理人 causes

  Aided 帮助的 helped

  Alert 警惕 ware

  Allay 减轻,减少 reduce

  Altered 改变 changed

  Alternative 选择:option

  Altogether 完全的completely

  Annihilate 消灭,征服 conquer

  Antecedent 先行的的,先辈predecessor

  Apace with 快速的,急速的as fast as

  Appeal 吸引attraction

  Appealing吸引人的 attractive

  Apply to 应用于 used for

  Appreciated赏识,意识到 recognized