1、(A/D) The food we ate in the past is healthier than the food today.







  A defining character of people is the degree to which they are willing to pursue a healthy lifestyle. One indisputable fact is that a healthy life is closely associated with the food we eat every day. Some people, especially the old, believe that what they had for meals when they were young is more natural and safer. However, others, the young in particular, argue that their daily diet today is of much nutrition. From my perspective, the food we ate in the past is healthier, since there is more pollution nowadays and many merchants concentrate too much on making profits.

  To begin with, it’s undeniable that great damages, such as soil pollution, have been caused to our Mother Nature, due to all kinds of human activities. Today, with the increase of the world population, each nation is now in huge demand of food. In order to ensure a stable supply of grain, we have to expand the land for farming. What’s more, we tend to take advantage of the modern science and technology to guarantee a harvest. For example, for helping crops escape from the damage of pests, we have invented pesticide or insecticide that are a deadly threat to their lives. However, it’s unavoidable that the use of those poisonous liquids will lead to the soil pollution, which subsequently contaminates these crops in the soil. Then, the food may be absorbing the toxic constitution and there will be a potential risk for people’s health.

  In addition, it can’t be denied that nowadays a great deal of business people, like restaurant owners, are motivated by some short-term benefits to provide unqualified products. For example, as a major part of nutrition in our daily meals, cooking oil plays a crucial part in maintaining our health. But for those dishonest businessmen, while catering for their customers, they choose to use “gutter oil”, which is a type of illegal cooking oil and commonly extracted from the leftovers found in the gutter, because it will dramatically cut down the cost. However, it’s a general truth that the alleged “gutter oil” is extremely harmful to our health in that it can possibly trigger serious illness like diarrhea, gastric cancer, and intestinal cancer.

  In the final analysis, even though the era of modern diet is already here and we have obtained an opportunity to experience various tastes that it brings to us, the pollution and people’s utilitarian behaviors today have exerted a relatively negative effect on the quality of our food. By contrast, the environment in the past was cleaner and people were much more conscientious. Hence, I am convinced that the food we ate in old times is healthier.

  2、(A/D) The main role of the university professor is to educate students rather than to do research.







  A defining character of people is the degree to which they believe that university education plays a crucial role in a country’s development. One indisputable fact is that university education is closely associated with professors. Some people, especially parents, believe that professors should focus on educating students. However, others, professors themselves in particular, argue that they ought to pay more attention to their researches. Therefore, when it comes to whether the major obligation of university professors is to educate or to do researches, people’s notions vary from one to another.

  It’s undeniable that one of the primary responsibilities of university professors is that they have to concentrate on their education, because their knowledge and experience play a crucial role in helping undergraduates obtain professional information and preparing for their future careers. For example, a qualified professor from English Language Department will not only tell his or her students how to accumulate their vocabulary, but also can provide them with those effective methods of improving their abilities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Meanwhile, if students themselves are pretty sure about what they will be doing in the future, such as being an interpreter in business field, the professor can share his or her personal experience with them, and he or she may suggest them to pay more attention to strengthening their listening and speaking skills, interpersonal skills, and business terms frequently used. In this case, students can do a better career preparation.

  However, it also can’t be denied that university professors should make great efforts to succeed in their researches or experiments, since it helps to promote the development of science and technology. For instance, as one of the most famous professors in this planet, Steven Hawking is also one of the greatest physicists or scientists in human history. Throughout his career in the university, he’s been devoting countless efforts to doing researches, which have brought the world lots of benefits. Take his A Brief History of Time as an example. This book successfully founds the theoretical basic for both Physics and Astronomy, and all those data inferred from it can also help us spread our activities in the outer space, like launching satellites. Needless to say, his endeavors and works have made a huge contribution to the advance of science and technology.

  According to the above evidence offered, I can hardly agree that the main role of the university professor is to educate students “rather than” to do research. It depends on people’s characteristics whether education or scientific researches are more important for them. To be specific, for those who are conservative, they tend to regard teaching as their lifelong career; but for those who are open-minded and creative, doing researches is their better option.