To remain happy and optimistic when you fail is more important than achieving success. 在低谷的时候仍保持乐观开朗比取得成功更重要,是否认同?(2014年6月29日)


  ① 什么叫做梦想,梦想就是朝思暮想,时刻都想,梦想就是可以为了一个目标不计代价,倾其所有。梦儿追的我累,可以我不愿后退,因为我想象中的美,一定能擦我心中的泪,梦是宝贝。

  ② 临高峰而自谦很难,居低谷而自强更难。人生如逆水行舟,不进则退。人生有顺境,也有逆境,努力从现在开始,保持乐观,习惯用烦恼的时间去解决问题,人生才可能峰回路转,柳暗花明。

  【作家立场】 任何的成功都会成为历史,而为梦想不懈奋斗,低谷中自强,顺境中继续奋勇的精神,更加值得推崇。



  ① 老子说:“哀莫大于心死。”我们必须接受有限的失望,但是,我们不能放弃无限的希望。乐观精神,让奋斗者怀着美好的愿望和吉祥的预感,不断朝前走,哪怕,这种希望是渺茫的。

  ② 一般而言,除非有特殊的背景或者天赋,财富的积累, 梦想的实现总是依赖坚定的意志和达观的态度,绝大部分成功者,都走过了一段漫长的道路,在人生的后半段, 修成正果。例如,马云在创业之初,阻力重重,他和他的团队,逆境中保持乐观,坚持梦想,执着努力,才有了后来阿里巴巴的财富故事。 例如,叔叔保罗是成功的创业者,创立英语工作室,起初,创业前景不确定,但是,叔叔毅然创业,努力经营,积极乐观,赚取人生财富。

  ③ 一个目标,实现了叫做梦想,未实现叫做妄想。成功者和失败者最多的区别在于成功者在目标设定之后,会在最短的时间里,采取最大量的行动,所谓,赢在执行。但是,坚持惯性却需要强大的精神动力——相信自己,保持乐观。研究显示:在困境中,乐观者比悲观者表现优异,他们工作更有成效,积极应对压力,很少遭遇悲伤,可以实现更多个人目标。林书豪初入NBA,只是一个“饮水机”球员,睡在队友家沙发上,家人劝他另谋他路, 但是,相信未来的乐观精神鼓励他坚持训练,才有了后来“林疯狂”家喻户晓的故事。


  1. Such is human nature to pursue success and savor happiness. 追求成功,品味幸福是人之本性。

  2. Success is what every individual aspires after, however, conflicting ideas clash in whether remaining cheerful is much more important that success itself. 人人渴望成功,但是,关于是否逆境中保持乐观比成功本身重要,人们观点差异。

  3. To voice my opinion, in comparison with making great achievements, it is much more commendable to maintain resilience and perseverance. 我认为对比之取得成功,保持达观,坚忍不拔更加值得推崇。

  4. achieve success = make success = obtain success 取得成功

  【拓展】 realize one’s dream = fulfill one’s ambition 实现梦想

  5. stand out from the rest = stand out in a crowd = outshine others 出类拔萃

  6. a great many social elites or great-achievers n 很多的社会精英或者是成功者

  7. amass personal wealth = accumulate personal wealth 积累个人财富

  8. We, in most cases, should rely on honest hard work and optimistic life outlook to embrace success. 多数情况下,我们要依赖诚实的努力和乐观的态度才能成功。

  9. Optimism always has an indispensable to play in helping one make success 乐观精神在帮助人们成功方面,总是可以发挥不可缺少的作用。

  10. Industry redeems stupidity n勤能补拙

  【拓展】 redeem = compensate for = make up for v弥补

  11. Only with a clear goal, bright life attitude, persistent efforts can a person put all the challenges under the feet and taste the sweetness of life. 只有有了清晰的头脑,乐观的人生态度,即刻的努力,我们才能战胜所有的挑战,品味生活的甜美。

  12. For instance, I encountered great difficulties in competing with top students in an English oral competition,however,I made efforts everyday, with great optimism, I successfully stood out from other excellent contestants in English speech contest. 例如,我在参加英语演讲比赛的时候,遇到了很大困难,但是,我日日努力,积极乐观,最终,我在英语比赛中脱颖而出。

  13. The debate reminds me of my Paul, who is a successful business leader who has been running English training workshop for a long time,at the very beginning of his self-employment,the prospects of carving out career was unclear,however,he hardened is heart to give it a try. Luckily enough, with great sense of resilience and constant endeavors, now, Paul has accumulated personal fame and wealth. 叔叔保罗是成功的创业者,创立英语工作室,起初,创业前景不确定,但是,叔叔毅然创业,努力经营,积极乐观,赚取人生财富。

  14. Convinced of the importance of the tenacity and optimism,a great-achiever will definitely take the utmost efforts to bridge the gap between dream and reality. 认识到执着和乐观的重要性,成功者在目标设定后,会在最短的时间里采取最大量的行动,缩短和梦的距离。

  15. Namely,action speaks louder than words and one can win via prompt implementation,就是所谓,行胜于言,赢在执行。

  16. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. 我们必须接受有限的希望,但是,我们不能放弃无限的希望。

  17. There is no poverty like the poverty of spirit哀莫大于心死(在精神的贫困中,没有贫困)

  18. Optimists have plenty to be happy about. In other words, if you can convince yourself that things will get better, the odds of it happening will improve —— because you keep on playing the game 乐观者快乐的源泉更多,换言之,如果你能说服自己,事情会变好,未来就会更加美好,因为你会坚持梦想。

  19. The research shows that when times get tough, optimists do better than pessimists —— they succeed better at work, respond better to stress, suffer fewer depressive episodes and achieve more personal goals. 研究显示:在困境中,乐观者比悲观者表现优异,他们工作更有成效,积极应对压力,很少遭遇悲伤,可以实现更多个人目标。

  20. The path to success is often littered with failure. But instead of curling into a ball beneath the coffee table, optimists resiliently pick themselves up, learn from their frustrations and march boldly towards the next opportunity. 成功之路,充满失败, 但是,乐观者不会蜷缩在咖啡桌下,他们总是振作精神,从失败中学习,朝着下一个机会勇敢前行。