1,w:I need to get a new student ID card, I seem to have lost my old one, and I need one right away

  M:me too,we are going to head over to the student service officec,and,wait a minute ,by now they are closed and won’t be open again till Monday morning ,so how about if we meet there then ,just before our biology class

  2. M: have you seen my calculator, it was right here a minute ago, W: did you look it on your book; I am always losing things that way

  3: W: (do) you think there is too much red in this painting; I feel that the colors aren’t quite balanced

  M: why are you asking me, I am not a fine art major?

  4: M:I hear they are giving free flu shot down at the student center

  W: Really, when you find when it exactly is, let me know, I got one last year and it is the first winter I can remember that I didn’t get flu

  5. W: do you want to see the baseball game tomorrow, Joe has an extra ticket

  M: you must be kidding, when we before finals when everybody is studying day and night

  6: M: can you come to that meeting on Friday morning

  W: this Friday, I’ll have to see if I can rearrange my schedule

  7:W: I just got off the phone with the housing office, I want to move to a different dorm, well, but they won’t let me move in the middle of the semester

  M:I guess you sure have to make the best of it

  8: m: excuse me, you didn’t happen to see a fig history book with a blue cover, I hope nobody has taken it

  W: oh, that was your book; I took it down to the lost and found before someone walked off it

  9: W: can I borrow your some money; I left my purse in my car

  M: you bought me lunch last time; it is my turn to treat you

  10, M: my computer screen is flashing, and I can’t get it stopped

  W: oh, a similar thing happened to me the other day, I’ll bet together we can figure out what to do

  11’w: now that the weather is getting nicer and I’d like to get some exercises outside, do you know anyone who is interested in playing tennis this week

  M:that funny ,I was thinking the same thing ,are you free on Wednesday morning

  12M: is professor miller teaching in this semester, I can’t find her name in this course catalog

  M:you are looking in the anthropology section ,try biology

  13: m: john, have you finished your assignment for history class yet, it is due this Thursday ,you know

  M: I had got a couple of other things do on the same day,I ask professor for extension, she said I could hand it in next week,so I am concentuating on the other stuff first|

  14:m:excuse me,Ms Williams ,you ask me to stack all these text books along the shelf by the door,but that shelf is full of sale books

  W: so you do have more than one job ahead of you

  15:m:there is so much stress at this time ,how do you manage to stay so clam

  W:well ,the truth is I only look like I have got it all under control

  16;W:you like you could use a study break ,why don’t grab a coffee

  M:why not,life is too short to stay in a library all day

  17:m: I am sorry if I seem to a little coarse on the phone yesterday,I am fine now ,but when you called I really wasn’t feeling very well

  W: oh, of course,letting me know,I was kind of wondering what come to you

  18m: you don’t know if Marry is going to the concert tonight ,do you ?

  W: no ,but I can get a number for you

  19:m: I don’t think I could pack one more idea into my head

  W: yeah, professor Black’s lectures are something else,aren’t they?

  20:w, Jim ,would you do me a favor

  M: well it depends on how long it’ll take,I have to leave before three

  21:w;I heard you ate taking a photographic class at the new studio, what is it like

  M: nothing like oour old class,and you will like the instructor too,you know what ,they are offering free trial class

  22:w:I was in such a hurry I scribble off my homework,I hope it is legible

  M: it is hard to follow,you know,if you start now,you could have a copy neatly by the time it is due

  23:m; I hear there is a new coffee that opens at the weekends ,want to go to check it out

  M:thanks ,I have been waiting for an excuse to get away from this term paper

  24:m: you know it has been three weeks ,and I still didn’t hear from the chemical company about the job I am interviewed for,may be I should call them

  W: I don’t think it could hurtbbs.gter.net ?

  25,w: do you remember when we were with Jim yesterday how he was talking about running for president of the student government ,do you think he is serious

  M:you never can tell with jim ,even when he tells jokes,he keeps a straight face

  26:m:I haven’t slept well days ,even with the fan on all the time,my room is like an oven

  W:all of us in the resident ate in the same boat ,but cheer up,the heat wave was supposed to break by the weekends

  27,m:those handmade sweaters of yours ate very nice ,does it take a long while to knit one

  W:does it ever ,you know,as much as I enjoy it ,I can’t afford to work on them more on the school session|

  28:w:do you know when the next bus is supposed to leave for downtown ,I need to go to get a book for my history class

  M: hold on .i’ve got a schedule here some where

  29:m:I can’t imagine with j’s thinking of when she set up a studying group meeting for the first of the basketball game championship

  W:well it doesn’t matter to me ,but I bet the other would be pretty upset

  30;w: so you think professor Monroe will let me interview her ,I am writing an article for the newspaper on the campus research

  M:why not ,I mean she love discussion on a research


  M.:Hi, mashal, how is your study of DNA coming

  W: Slow but sure,I know the definition, it carrys the blueprint for human life,but I got more to learn ,you are working on DNA ,right

  M;Yes, I have been studying the amount of DNA in fish and frogs,dig you know that some flogs have twice as much DNA as human being,and are you ready for this ,the African long fish has forty-two times as much

  W:No, I didn’t ,my research has been focused on human beins,forty-two more than human’s,why long fish has so much DNA than we do,does it help them to produce more offspring

  M:No ,probably not,but I can’t really tell you for sure yet, we are still just collecring data,doesn’t it seem strange that the amount of DNA in a relative simple organism like a fish is greater than that of a more complex organism such sa human being

  W:It does seen odd,but come to think to it ,in highly organism only a tiny percentage of DNA ,less han about five percents,is necessary to carry instruction for producing ife,that means a lot of extra amount as well

  M:The question is why,I saw one theory that says it is very likely some of extra DNA may selfishly reproduce and increase in number,totally indifferent the need of the organism that contains it

  W:You are saying that section of the moleculat might act like parasite and live off the organism without contributing anything to it ,right ,I’ve heard about that theory too,but it is pretty controversial

  M:Well not for long I hope, which remind ,I had better get back to my fish ,I should have been the lab an hour ago


  M:So how was the singing competition last weekends

  W:You don’t want to know

  M:What do you mean,wasn’t it near the beach ,that should be fun

  W:It should be fine,we only came in second place,not only that ,but we weren’t nearly able to enjoy the beach either

  M;Hold on ,you are upset about finishing the second ,how many singing groups are competing

  W; About thirty, I know second place sounds OD,but that three years in a row we have been second ,and it is the same group that beat us three years in a row

  M:That too bad,but what about the beach ,I end up spend a lot time in the libraty ,I would love to at beach ,swimming in the ocean ,playing beach volleyball instead of being stuck in the library studying

  W;Well ,it wasn’t exactly like that,I had spent some time studying too,we really don’t have much free time ,we were scheduled almost the whole time,practicing , performacing or watching the competition

  M:So you were that busy,

  W:Yeah ,but you know the ocean water is still cold ,so I don’t think we really miss too much M:Well ,you gosh may have got plans to go back when the semester is over

  W:That is exactly what we have in our mind ,it should be a lot fun there when the weather warms up,and we don’t have to think about competing.