strengthen the family tie 增强家庭纽带

  harmonize the family relationship 和谐家庭关系

  set a fine learning example for their children 为孩子们树立榜样

  impose much pressure upon a family economically 增加家庭的经济负担

  add financial burden to a family 增加家庭的经济负担

  improve one’s cuisine 提高厨艺 在这里cuisine 来源于法语, 相当于 cooking skill n厨艺

  eat out 外出吃饭 比如说我们用 eat out for a change 出去吃饭,换换口味

  A is healthier than B …… 比…… 更加健康

  A is more wholesome in comparison with B …… 比…… 更加健康 wholesome 有益健康的,有道德的

  currently = nowadays = at present 现在 还记得坚哥上课讲过的另一个以C开头的单词吗?也是表示现在

  several decades ago = in the past 过去

  keep fit = remain healthy 保持健康

  ……is physically detrimental = …… is health-threatening …… 是有害健康的

  food containing too much addictives 包含有太多添加剂的食品

  fake and exaggerated food ads that promote the sales of unhealthy foods 促进了非健康食品销量的不良广告

  Being presented with junk food stimulates our desire to consume them. 接触到太多的垃圾食品激发了我们消费的渴望。

  …… is low in nutritional value 营养价值低,比如说谈到 canned food,take-away food 罐头食品,熟食食品 等。

  People can eat fresh fruits and vegetables that seldom suffer from the invasion of insecticides / pesticides 人们可以吃到很少受到杀虫剂侵蚀的新鲜的水果蔬菜。 这里,insecticides / pesticides都表示杀虫剂,其中insect (昆虫) + cid(杀)+e = insecticide 杀虫剂

  Currently,crops are more likely to expose to the contamination from paper mills and chemical plants. 现在, 庄稼更有可能受到造纸厂和化工厂的污染。

  improve people’s health index 提高人的健康指数

  strengthen one’s immune system 增强人的免疫力

  Health enables us to brave career challenges energetically and harmonize family life optimistically. 健康使我们精力充沛地应对事业的挑战以及乐观地实现家庭和谐

  greedy owners of food shops or avaricious bosses of restaurants 贪婪的食品店业主或者贪婪的饭店老板 greedy 贪吃的,贪心的,贪婪的,渴望的 这个单词坚果们肯定背过,如果想要语料库升级,就得多样表达,比如用这个词 avaricious贪婪的,贪得无厌的,狼贪虎视,饕

  desire to reap fabulous profits illegally 渴望去非法谋取暴利 这里谋利的谋,我们用高级点的reap . 取得(成果),收获,收割(庄稼)

  use ingredients containing toxic contents 使用含有有毒的成分的食材 ,其中 ingredients原意为 成份,材料,配料,在这里我们意为做饭的原料

  the awareness of health management 健康管理的意识

  create splendid opportunities for family communication 为家庭交流创造美好机会

  enjoy the happiness of family reunion 享受家庭团聚的乐趣

  Family meal is, comparatively speaking, more economical 家庭聚餐相比较而言,更加经济,注意这里用了坚哥上课常常要求使用的插入语,可以让语言质量更高。

  take up part-time jobs = engage in part-time jobs = embark on part-time jobs = work as a part-timer 从事兼职

  ready oneself for future career challenges yet not come 为没有到来的未来挑战做好准备,注意:这里的ready是动词,做好准备的意思

  get to know the hardship of earning a living 懂得谋生的艰辛

  to be economically independent 经济独立

  to make some pocket money 赚零花钱

  serves a valuable educational function 在教育方面有积极的作用

  can easily lose enthusiasm for their studies 失去学习的兴趣

  have deeper insight into the society 对于社会有更加深刻的洞察

  know what they desire to achieve in life 懂得生活的目标

  lighten the financial burden of the family 缓解家庭的财政负担 ,也可以用reduce 来代替 lighten 动词,缓解的意思

  strengthen the awareness of self-protection 增强自我保护意识

  Teenagers can acquire the growth experience by having light and paid part-time work 通过做简单的付费的工作,青少年可以获得成长的经验。

  适用话题:It is less important to eat with families regularly nowadays. 如今和家人有规律地聚餐已经不再重要?

  Brainstorm:说家庭聚餐的好处 1. 增强家庭纽带,和谐家庭关系。2. 家庭聚餐更加健康,更加经济。相反,经常外出吃饭不仅不健康,而且增加家庭的经济负担。 3. 帮父母做饭也是一种生活情趣,为孩子们做出榜样,家庭聚餐也可以提高家人厨艺水平。

  适用话题:The food we ate in the past was healthier than the food today. 过去的食物比现在的食物更健康。

  Brainstorm:同意。1. 在过去,人们种植水果,蔬菜,粮食的时候较少使用杀虫剂,可与现在对比。 2. 在过去,食品类(例如快餐)广告也不如今天这样普及,因此,人们更多选择更加健康的家庭聚餐。家庭用餐的好处可以参照上一个题目 3. 在现在,很多的饭店经营者为了非法地谋取暴利,使用过期的或者是劣质的食材,比如地沟油。

  适用话题:One of the best ways for parents to help their teenage children prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take the part-time job. 父母帮助青少年为成人生活做好准备的最好方式之一是鼓励他们做兼职。

  Brainstorm:同意。1. 年轻人通过做兼职体会经济独立的成就感,懂得谋生的的坚辛。 2. 做兼职的经历可以帮助年轻人扩大交友圈,建立了良好的人脉资源,工作中结实的好友为他后来克服事业中遇到的障碍提供了帮助。 3. 年轻人做兼职可以加深他们对于社会的洞察,提高他们的社会意识,使他们明确人生奋斗的目标,当回归校园的时候,会加倍努力学习。