If you could live abroad, where would you go? Explain why you would go there. Include details and examples to support your explanation.

  Foreign country

  I like to live in Indonesia because I like the sunshine and beach in Bali of that country.

  I love sunny days because I always feel drowsy in rainy days. I’ve been to Bali several years ago, and the sunshine there really caught my eye and made me feel excited .

  Besides ,it’s a dream place to swim and bask considering the beautiful beach, bright sunshine, clear water ,and the warm weather.

  Finally, It well accepted that both swimming and basking are good for our mental and physical health, because while exercising in the sea and enjoying the sunshine on the beach, we are relaxing our mind at the same time.

  In fact ,I’ve already planed to live there after I retired from my work.


  My hometown is Yixing ,a small-sized town in the southeast part of Jiangsu province. It is comfortable living there.

  Most important of all, the air is clean there for the city is not densely-populated and does not have many heavy industries,

  In addition, the transportation is very convenient. It’s just 2 hours drive from shanghai,1.5hour drive from Nanjing.

  Besides, the people are well educated and are always kind to other people.

  My hometown is getting bigger and bigger and it has become a lot more modern than it used to be. There are a lot of new buildings and he roads are much wider than they used to be.

  The favorite place in your town. / when you are away from home, what do you miss most?/ The place you would like to go with your What’s your favorite park or public area/what do you do to relax yourself

  My city boasts the largest and the most famous garden in my province. It’s the JiuBin park which featuring the best of China’s modern gardens, is located in the western suburbs of Yixing. This Park, being built at a cost of $398 million and opened in May 1991, covers 8 hectares in Central and is an outstanding example of modern design and facilities blending with the natural landscape.

  A further attraction is the way of flowing water, which has been employed as a thematic motif to link the different features of the park by waterfalls, streams, ponds and cliffs from artificial rocks.

  It’s a nice place to go with your family and your friends . Most important of all, because of the trees there and the vast water surface, the air there is always fresh and has a high density of oxygen.

  In addition, there are a lot of vacant place where you can plan badminton, skate, dance or just watch. You can build up a strong body while strengthen the relationship between you and your friends. In fact, the people there start their day with jogging, doing morning exercises or aerobic exercises in the beautiful jiubin park.

  The most efficient transportation in your country.

  The most efficient transportation is the bus service.

  First of all, thanks to the well developed public transportation, it’s very convenient to take a bus because it is always easy to one stop near you and your destination.

  In addition, because the road condition in China has improved greatly, the bus can easily run at the speed of 120 km/h. For example you can travel from shanghai to Nanjing in less than 3 hours.

  Furthermore, it’s very cheap to take a bus as you travel around china, and it allows you the time to appreciate the landscape of china along the way. You may even get acquaintance to several friends with the similar interests and temper.

  A place to eat

  I would recommend the Chinese restaurant. It is a place with a charming settings .When you go in, you’ll notice the classical Chinese styles of tables, chairs and other furniture. Chinese landscape paintings and artistic Chinese calligraphy works are on the walls, and will hear typical Chinese folk music and even see a folk dance on the stage. Dinning in this atmosphere is truly a pleasant experience. What’s more, the restaurant is renowned for its seafood, the best in the city They cook fish and oyster in such a superb way that its not only good to look at and even better to eat. What is more, the prices there are very reasonable. It’s really worth it..

  Decide your former school

  My university is one of the seven universities in China directly controlled by the committee of science and technology for national defense. So our campus has the tradition of the military life. All our roads , dormitories, buildings, gates are named by number, for example, our dormitory 3 is one the road 4 and near the gate 4.

  It is unique and interesting, and thus makes it easy for you to position one specific spot.

  Another thing that is rare in other universities is that all the roads in my school are designed either form north to south or from east to west. Which means you can never find a short-cut in my campus.

  I remember this more than other places because it was the place where I was most affected, since I really started to grow up there. It was like a second home, and I went through so many different emotions there. it contained some of my best and worst memories.

  Now I’m going to study abroad. I do miss it a lot, but I wouldn’t want to return to that life since it was so structured and controlled.


  Famous people

  The person I would like to talk about who worked hard to achieve something is the famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou.

  He puts a lot of effort into making his films artistic and realistic.

  Some times he took chances and made some adventurous films. For example, in 1987, he directed Red Sorghum and took a chance with the story, which was a bit controversial, and he also used an unknown actress at the time named Gong Li. He then went on to produce a lot of award winding films.

  Moreover, he loves natural things in life and he expects actors and actress to be that way as well.

  Normal people

  In my family, my mother has influenced me greatly because she has so many good qualities.

  She is a kind-hearted and good-humored person who is always kind and generous to other people, even the strangers. In addition, she is a good listener. This makes her tolerant of other people’s opinions.

  Besides, she is diligent and responsible for her work. In fact, she’s never disappointed her boss about her assignments.

  Further more she loves her family with the whole of her hart. It is our mother who contributes most to make our family a harmonious one full of love.

  Her personal values set a good example for me to follow in my own life. The way she treats people and does things makes me want to become the best person I can be. This is why I think my mother has influenced me the most in my life.

  The character of a person you admire/ the person who influenced you/

  Ping is a real estate agent who puts almost every extra RMB into investments like property and stocks. He never seems to lose money.

  He is a driven man and I like his energy and persistence. He’s not a boastful guy, in fact he’s quite modest, but he’s a complete workaholic and even if you sit him down for over a minute he will think of things he could be doing.

  He has a sharp wit, and never seems to be serious when you talk with him, but in fact he’s always thinking of this and that.

  In addition, he is very generous and lends money to so many people, without even expecting them to pay it back. But he spends hardly a penny on himself. You might say he is a miser, but actually he just doesn’t care that much for luxuries since he doesn’t get any pleasure from them.

  The character of a good teacher

  Miss zhang is my Chinese teacher in high school. She looks very normal except that she is very beautiful inside.

  Most important of all, she is a very humble person. She is just a walking library who has so much stored knowledge of Chinese literature that you wonder how one brain could hold that much knowledge. She has written 13 books on various writers including Lao she, Lu Xun and others. She has appeared on TV programs and even was the guest of a TV show in England while she was visiting there. Her English is spectacular, and she could even probably teach just that if he wanted to. However she never shows off his knowledge, even though she can.

  In addition, She is sincere and patient with her students. She is also very demanding and clear when she speaks, and her concern is not so much with your grades but your effort.

  The effect she had on the students is very powerful. Essentially She opened up the minds of her students to the world of knowledge.

  The characteristics of friends

  My friend anne is a person who has a passion for the nature. She is willing to do anything to get close to nature. Sometimes, she will even stay out in the woods for a few days camping. Some people think she’s crazy but she will still do that. She believes in preserving the natural state of things, and will even carry back litter that she finds on the ground that others have dropped or thrown carelessly.

  Anne is also a vegetarian and will have nothing to do with meat. She doesn’t condemn others for eating meat, but she does hope that one day the world will be full of vegetarians like her.

  Her dream is that one day the environment can be restored to a state where all humans and animals can live in comfort and happiness.

  I think the main reason we are such good friends is because we have a lot in common and support each other whenever we need help . Besides, we don’t feel we ever have to pretend around each other.