1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Government is not doing enough work to educate people the importance of nutrition and healthy eating.

  In the past ten years, millions of healthy problems have mushroomed in my country. Whenever open the pages, turning on the television or logging onto the internet, we can see extensive press coverage concerning whether government should have responsibility in educating the significance of health. As far as I see, it’s true that Government is not doing enough work to educate people the importance of nutrition and healthy eating.

  To begin with, most old people have never realized what a healthy life style is and how much it plays a crucial role in their lives. Most of them used to live in the impoverished environment. Along with the limitation of food, they are accustomated to eating excessive food in order to prevent from hungry. Moreover, because they are in the highest position of authority, even the families point out their wrong eating style, they would pay little attention on that. Take my grandfather, who is 70 years old, as an example. He always ate the food which may cooked 2 days ago, because he thought wasting food was an incorrect behavior. Also he used to eat too much in launch, but eat a little in the dinner. My parents and I often told him that such life style would cause stomach disease. However, he never minded.

  Conversely, if government focuses on the problem about the unhealthy life style and the publicities about the healthy life style, many human’s life would be changed and the pressure of hospitals would be released. What government said is the most powerful things in the hearts of people. With the encouragements of a balance life style or eating by government, people would seriously consider whether they should forbid the unbalance way. Since everyone chooses to eat balance and exercise more often, to some extent, the deceases could be control and thus the pressure of hospitals could be reduced. Back to my grandfather, one day, he saw an advertisement which depicts the advantages of healthy lifestyle by animation in the television. He just thought it was a funny story at first, then when he went for a stroll, there were many banners about beneficial eating. All these things made my grandfather rethought himself, and finally he started to care about such things.

  Undeniably, it is common sense that government should pay more concentration on the development of technology instead of the lifestyle since the lifestyle which individual choose by themselves is out of government business. However, people seem to fail to take account that the unbeneficial lifestyle would lead to varies of diseases and an impossible burden on government. Therefore, it is vital that government should do more work about changing people’s unhealthy lifestyle.

  To sum up, judging from above argument, we could naturally arrive at the conclusion that government should educate the significance of the health lifestyle without a hesitation. Only in this way can we maintain a happy and brighter furture.

  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? To be a successful person, one must be open to new ideas and willing to change his or her mind.

  In the current society, full of cut-throat competitions, how to achieve success has raised heated discussion. It is a wide accepted view that in the path toward success, one must be open minded and willing to adjust his or her mind to constantly changing situation. Personally, I am in favor of this point. The reasons are presented below.

  First of all, being receptive to new ideas can help people to better adapt to the constantly changing environment and thus become successful. Today's world is under revolutionary development, in order to keep pace with it, we should adjust our mind correspondently. In other words, only those people who are embracing the change of the world are more likely to be successful. Conversely, if people firmly held conservative attitude to changes—the actually everlasting perpetual motivation of advance, and never changing his stereotyped view, he would be prone to lag behind the time and even feel social isolated, becoming a total outsider. For example, when personal computer rose in 1990s, a large amount of people refuse to learn how to use it, as it was too pricy then, and since people were too accustomed to the world without computers, they did not see the necessity to acquaint themselves to it. But now in the present world, it is hard to imagine how an individual, without any computer skills, survive in this society. Thus, changing mind to cope with the changing society is beneficial for people to live in the moment successfully.

  Besides, listening to the new ideas from others and renovating mind is conducive to cooperation. From different background, individuals ideas vary from each other, and sometimes people should put aside differences on minor points and adopt new suggestion in order to optimize benefits for the whole team. It is a truth that one man’s talent and power is limited, so being open-minded and accepting feasible ideas from others helps you walk out of your comfort zone and see wider possibilities and prospect. On the contrary, if people always stick to his own stubborn opinion, as he refuse to draw on other one’s advice, not only will a barrier for mutual communication and benefit be build, but also will the origin of conflicts with others be triggered. This reminds us that without a spirit of listening and spirit de corp, one can hardly achieve success.

  It is an undeniable fact that success relies on nothing but innovation driven by creative ideas and thoughts. From the above comparison and contrast, anyone can safely conclude that for the sake of being successful both in life and future career, individuals need to keep our mind opened and accumulate new concepts accordingly.

  3. When you need to complete a creative task, do you prefer to work together with others or to do it alone?

  Nowadays, whether individual should work as a team or finish tasks alone when dealing with some creative tasks is a prevalent topic undergoing serious debate. Two different opinions obviously exist to support and to oppose. Personally, I agree with the idea that working with a group of people is the best way to approach creative projects.

  The main reason for my propensity for the choice is that a group of people has a wider range of knowledge, expertise and skills than any single individual is likely to possess. As we all know, teammates in a team can learn something from each other because they are from different places, owning various experiences and hold different views towards things. The example of Tom, who is a computer programmer, can support my idea. He was assigned a task to create a phone game. At first, this project did not run smoothly because he did not have any experience on this kind of work. Then he consulted with his friends who had succeed in creating several phone games for help, through which Mike learned a lot including some useful ideas and methods. As a result, in this way, he could finish his task on time. Therefore, it is essential to assemble a group of people for completing a creative task.

  Another reason why I prefer to the statement lies in the fact that working with others is conducive to developing communication ability. This is because if people work in a group, he or she has to communicate with teammates about his or her ideas and plans, through which he or she can learn some communication skills. This provides a good instance of my sister Mary, working as an advertising manager. She has to tackle numerous problems related to advertisement with her group members every day. At first, she did not know how to express her ideas to her teammates properly especially when some conflicts happened. However, after being a leader for 3 months, she learned some skills like listening to others carefully first and then giving her own ideas. As a result, she become an excellent leader who know how to communicate with others in a proper way. Therefore, it is significant to work together.

  Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that assembling a group of people to work together is a better approach to solve some creative tasks.

  4. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People would meet many problems in their daily life and they would solve them by themselves or from the help of their families; the help from the government is not necessary.

  Problems are inevitable in everyone’s life so that support, no matter practical aids or spiritual encouragement, is by no means dispensable. It is noticeably seen that in the face of difficulties, people are more likely to resort to themselves or acquaintances. However, this does not mean that the help from government is negligible. In other words, it is definitely important for the government to provide help for its citizens.

  First of all, the efficiency of solving problems can be substantially boosted by official assistance. To be specific, the government possesses absolute authority in legislation, supervision and regulation. Besides that, it can work collectively with different departments to support activities that benefit the public. For example, if pollutants caused by a given factory contaminate rivers, residents in the vicinity can report this case to the local government. It takes little imagination to predict that the government is bound to take measures to prevent the factory from releasing something less environment-friendly. Needless to say, the intervention of governments is more deterrent to the factory than the complaints from the public. In this sense, governments are well positioned to solve tricky public affairs.

  In addition, the society will be more harmonious with the availability of the aids given by the government. Obviously, it is unwise for the government to create an image that it is far more superior to other social organizations. Otherwise, the gap between governments and common citizens will be widened, which will further distance the authorities from people. As a matter of fact, official are public servants, which means that they ought to work diligently and productively to assist people when harsh time arrives or help disadvantageous people. Presumably, such dedication is also supposed to stimulate the public to be wholeheartedly devoted to city construction and economic development.

  In a nutshell, the government definitely plays an irreplaceable role in building social harmony and easing people from anxiety. From the angle of the authorities, they are supposed to show people that they are always there to save them from troubles. After all, every individual deserves the right to gain official aids.

  5. When we make major purchase (for example, car or laptop), our decisions can be influenced by different sources of information. Explain how each of the following sources of information can influence your decision.

  (1) Recommendations from friends or colleagues

  (2) Information from media (for example, TV, magazines, newspapers)

  (3) Recommendations from sales person in the store

  Buying things can be work. If you’re running on a budget like me, it’s always important to make as informed a purchase as possible. I try to consider several sources of information—salespeople, friends and colleagues, and media.

  The least useful of these three sources is recommendations from salespeople. This is because salespeople don’t always have your best interests in mind. I remember one time when I hunted for a new television a few years ago. I’d visited a number of large retailers, and at every single one, the salespeople tried to sell me a more expensive TV than the one I wanted. I didn’t need all of the extra features these pricier TVs had—I just wanted something simple with an acceptable level of picture quality. But none of the salespeople were very helpful for finding something that fit my criteria. Since salespeople often make a commission for selling these types of devices, they probably won’t provide you with the most reliable information. But you can still consult them in the beginning if you’re lost.

  More useful are recommendations from friends and colleagues. They will be far more likely to give you an honest picture of what to expect from a product. I’ve made many small- to medium-sized purchases based on suggestions from these sources, and I’ve rarely regretted it. Someone who uses a product on a daily basis can tell you all its pros, cons, and quirks. For example, when I was looking to buy a pair of portable laptop speakers, I asked one of the IT guys in my office for ideas. He pointed me towards an affordable pair of USB speakers, but made sure to tell me that they worked poorly at high volumes because of the limited energy that USB ports can provide. Since I was only using the speakers for traveling, that was an acceptable trade-off for the excellent price, so I picked up a pair from the store.

  My go-to source of information for purchases is still from media, however. I think the internet is particularly useful for this. Pretty much anything you can buy has been reviewed by someone on the internet, so you’re not limited to the unreliable testimonies of salespeople or the limited range of products used by friends and colleagues. Not only that, but for the more popular products, there are usually tens if not hundreds of reviews, so you get a good idea of how reliable different manufacturers are. For instance, when I was in the market for a new laptop last year, friends recommended several models to me. Using review websites, I managed to eliminate many of them based on negative performance evaluations and customer testimonies about defects.

  It doesn’t hurt to consider all three sources of information. However, there’s a clear hierarchy when it comes to their usefulness. Salespeople are ready to start off with, but you’ll want to get some tips from friends and colleagues, and in the end, verify those tips online.