1. Important=crucial a.至关紧要的(extremely important), significant (amount or effect large enough to be important)

  2. Common=universal a.普遍的, ubiquitous adj.普遍存在的(if something is ubiquitous, it seems to be everywhere)

  3. Abundant=ample (enough and usually extra), plentiful (enough for people’s needs and wants)

  4. Stick=adhere a.粘附, cling (hold on something tightly)

  5. Neglect v.忽视=ignore. (Difference: neglect means someone has not paid enough attention to something; ignore means no attention.)

  6. Near=adjacent (two things next to each other), adjoin (the same as adjacent)

  7. Pursue=woo (man woos woman, old-fashioned), seek (if you seek sth, you try to obtain it. FORMAL)

  8. Accurate=precise (precise is exact and accurate in all details), exact (correct in every detail)

  9. Vague a.含糊的=obscure (unknown or known by only a few people)

  10. Top=peak, summit

  11. Competitor=rival, opponent (especially in sports and politics)

  12. Blame n. /vt.责备,过失 =condemn (if you condemn something, you say it is very bad and unacceptable)

  13. Opinon=perspective, standpoint (means looking at an event or situation in a particular way)

  14. Fame=prestige (describe those who are admired), reputation

  15. Build=erect (you can erect something as buildings, FORMAL), establish

  16. Insult n. /vt. 侮辱,凌辱=humiliate (do something or say something which makes people feel ashamed or stupid)

  17. Complain=grumble (complain something in a bad-tempered way)

  18. Primary=radical (very important and great in degree), fundamental

  19. Relieve=alleviate (alleviate means you make pain or sufferings less intense or severe)

  20. Force=coerce sb into (coerce means you make someone do something s/he does not want to), compel

  21. Enlarge=magnify (magnify means make something larger than it really is)

  22. Complex=intricate (if something is intricate, it often has many small parts and details)

  23. Lonely=solitary a. 孤独的 (if someone is solitary, there is no one near him/her)

  24. Small=minuscule (very small), minute

  25. Praise=extol (stronger than praise), compliment (polite and political)

  26. hard-working=assiduous (someone who is assiduous works hard or does things very thoroughly)

  27. Difficult=arduous (if something is arduous, it is difficult and tiring, and involves a lot of efforts)

  28. Poor (soil) =barren n.荒地, infertile (used to describe the soil is so poor that plants cannot be planted on it)

  29. Fragile=brittle a.易碎的,脆弱的, vulnerable (someone who is vulnerable is easily hurt emotionally or physically)

  30. Show=demonstrate (to demonstrate a fact means to make it clear to people.)

  31. Big=massive (large in size, quantity, or extent), colossal (use this word, you emphasize something is large), tremendous (INFORMAL)

  32. avoid=shun(if someone shuns something, s/he deliberately a.故意的 avoid that something or keep away from it.)

  33. Fair=impartial (someone who is impartial is able to give a fair opinion or decision on something.)

  34. Attack=assault (physically attack someone), assail (attack violently)

  35. Dislike=abhor (abhor means you hate something to a extreme extent for moral reasons), loathe (dislike very much)

  36. ruin v.使破产,使毁灭 n.毁灭=devastate(it means damage something very badly, or utterly a.完全的,彻底的 destroy it.)

  37. Disaster=catastrophe (a catastrophe is an unexpected event that cause great suffering and damages)

  38. finally=eventually(especially after a lot of delays), ultimately adv.最后,终于(after complicated series of events)

  39. Always=invariably (the same as always, but better than always)

  40. Forever=perpetual (a perpetual state never changes), immutable (something immutable will never change or be changed)

  41. Surprise=startle (it means surprise you slightly), astound (surprise you to a large degree), astonish (the same as astound)

  42. Enthusiasm n.狂热,热心=zeal(a great enthusiasm), fervency(sincere a.诚挚,真诚and enthusiasm)

  43. Quiet=tranquil (calm and peaceful), serene (calm and quiet)

  44. Expensive=exorbitant (it means too expensive that it should be)

  45.luxurious=lavish adj.浪费的 vt.浪费,慷慨给与(impressive and very expensive), sumptuous(grand and very expensive)

  46. Boring=tedious (if you describe something tedious, you mean it is boring and frustrating)

  47. Respect=esteem (if you esteem someone, you respect and admire v.赞美him/her. FORMAL)

  48. Worry=fret (if you fret about something, you worry about it)

  49. Cold=chilly a.寒冷的(unpleasantly cold), icy (extremely cold)

  50. Hot=boiling (very hot)