source, time, background, author (status), key words, theme, etc. ?8?7


  一黑妹生自文艺社 ?8?3

  移民文化 (cross-culture and emigration)

  ?8?3 黑人土著 (Black Americans & Native Americans) ?8?3

  女性女权 (women & feminism)

  ?8?3 生物环境 (biology & environment) ?8?3

  自然科学 (natural science)

  ?8?3 文学作品 (literary fiction) ?8?3

  艺术评论 (art criticism) ?8?3

  社会研究 (social studies)

  ?8?7 类型 ?8?3

  根据文章体裁:non-literary / literary fiction ?8?3

  根据文章长度:short passage / long passage ?8?3

  根据文章数量:single passage / paired passages


  ?8?3 SSP (short single passage) ?8?3

  SPP (short paired passages) ?8?3

  LSP (long single passage) (non-literary)

  ?8?3 LF (literary fiction) ?8?3

  LPP (long paired passages)


  3. 题型及考查比重 (2005年10月到2009年5月) ?8?7

  推理(8) ?8?7


  ?8?7 态度(6) ?8?7

  词汇(5) ?8?7

  作用(5) ?8?7

  例子(3) ?8?7

  主旨(3) ?8?7

  互联(5) ?8?7

  求同(2) ?8?7

  求异(2) ?8?7

  修辞(2) ?8?7

  外援(1) ?8?7

  符号(0 or 1)


  1. Strategy for SSP ?8?7

  Quantity: 2 ?8?7

  Format: P + 2 Qs

  ?8?7 Word count: 100-150 /p ?8?7

  Required time: 2-3 mins/p

  ① Scan 2 Qs quickly

  A. Find the clue words;

  B. Identify the type of Q if possible;

  ② Read the passage and take BRIEF notes if necessary;

  ③ Scrutinize options;

  ④ Select the best choice. (ABCDE and leave it blank)


  新OG P577-9-10

  That nineteenth-century French novelist Honore de Balzac could be financially wise in his fiction while losing all his money in life was an irony duplicated in other matters. For instance, the very women who had been drawn to him by the penetrating intuition of the female heart that he showed in his novels were appalled to discover how insensitive and awkward the real man could be. It seems that the true source of creation for Balzac was not sensitivity but imagination. Balzac’s fiction originally sprang from an intuition he first discovered as a wretched little school boy locked in a dark closet of his boarding school: life is a prison, and only imagination can open its doors.

  9. The example in lines 4-8 primarily suggests that_______

  A. Balzac’s work was not especially popular among female readers

  B. Balzac could not write convincingly about financial matters

  C. Balzac’s insights into character were not evident in his everyday life

  D. people who knew Balzac personally could not respect him as an artist

  E. readers had unreasonable expectations of Balzac the man

  10. The author mentions Balzac’s experience as a schoolboy in order to

  A. explain why Balzac was unable to conduct his financial affairs properly

  B. point out a possible source of Balzac’s powerful imagination

  C. exonerate the boarding school for Balzac’s lackluster performance

  D. foster the impression that Balzac was an unruly student

  E. depict the conditions of boarding school life during Balzac’ youth