3500SAT巴朗词表:Word List 30!《3500SAT巴朗词表》收录约3500个SAT必备核心词汇,并将其科学划分为35个List,为单词提供中英文释义、常用搭配和例句、派生词。同时根据历次考试总结365个高频词及175个热词,巩固重点词汇,强化学习效果。

  3500SAT巴朗词表:Word List 30内容如下:

  Word List 30 maverick-misrepresent

  maverick N. /没打烙印的动物;闹独立的人;非国教徒;造反者/rebel; nonconformist. To the masculine literary establishment, George Sand with her insistence on wearing trousers and smoking cigars was clearly a maverick who fought her proper womanly role.

  mawkish ADJ. /过分多愁善感;感情脆弱到令人作呕的/mushy and gushy; icky-sticky sentimental; maudlin. Whenever Gigi and her boyfriend would sigh and get all lovey-dovey, her little brother would shout, "Yuck!" protesting their mawkish behavior.

  maxim N. /至理名言;格言/proverb; a truth pithily stated. Aesop's fables illustrate moral maxims.

  meager ADJ. /瘦的;贫乏的,不足的/scanty; inadequate. Still hungry after his meager serving of porridge, Oliver Twist asked for a second helping.

  meander V. /弯曲;蜿蜒/wind or turn in its course. Needing to stay close to a source of water, he followed every twist and turn of the stream as it meandered through the countryside.

  meddlesome ADJ. /爱管闲事的;好事的;好插手的/interfering. He felt his marriage was suffering because of his meddlesome mother-in-law.

  mediate V. /调解;仲裁/settle a dispute through the services of an outsider. King Solomon was asked to mediate a dispute between two women, each of whom claimed to be the mother of the same child.

  mediocre ADJ. /普通的,一般的/ordinary; commonplace. We were disappointed because he gave a rather mediocre performance in this role.

  meditation N. /沉思冥想/reflection; thought. She reached her decision only after much meditation.

  medley N. /混合/mixture. To avoid boring dancers by playing any one tune for too long, bands may combine three or four tunes into a medley.

  meek ADJ. /谦卑的,驯服的;温和的;顺从的/quiet and obedient; spiritless. Can Lois Lane see through Superman's disguise and spot the superhero hiding behind the guise of meek, timorous Clark Kent? Mr. Barrett never expected his meek daughter would dare to defy him by eloping with her suitor.

  melancholy ADJ. /忧郁/gloomy; morose; blue. To Eugene, stuck in his small town, a train whistle was a melancholy sound, for it made him think of all the places he would never get to see.

  mellifluous ADJ. /优美的;流畅的;蜜一样的/sweetly or smoothly flowing; melodious. Italian is a mellifluous language, especially suited to being sung.

  membrane N. /(动植物的)膜,薄膜/thin soft sheet of animal or vegetable tissue. Each individual section of an orange is covered with a thin, transparent membrane. membranous,ADJ.

  memento N. /有象征意义的物品;纪念品/token; reminder. Take this book as a memento of your visit.

  menagerie N. /动物园/collection of wild animals. Whenever the children run wild around the house, Mom shouts, "Calm down! I'm not running a menagerie!"

  mendacious ADJ. /撒谎成性的;撒谎的,假的/lying; habitually dishonest. Distrusting Huck from the start, Miss Watson assumed he was mendacious and refused to believe a word he said.

  mendicant N. /乞丐/beggar. "O noble sir, give alms to the poor," cried Aladdin, playing the mendicant.

  menial ADJ. /仆人的;卑贱的/suitable for servants; lowly; mean. Her wicked stepmother forced Cinderella to do menial tasks around the house while her ugly stepsisters lolled around painting their toenails.

  mentor N. /门特;顾问;导师/teacher. During this very trying period, she could not have had a better mentor, for the teacher was sympathetic and understanding.

  mercenary ADJ. /唯利是图/interested in money or gain. Andy's every act was prompted by mercenary motives: his first question was always "What's in it for me?"

  mercurial ADJ. /善变的;无常的/capricious; changing; fickle. Quick as quicksilver to change, he was mercurial in nature and therefore unreliable.

  merger N. /合并;吞并/combination (of two business corporations). When the firm's president married the director of financial planning, the office joke was that it wasn't a marriage, it was a merger.

  mesmerize V. /施催眠术/hypnotize. The incessant drone seemed to mesmerize him and place him in a trance.

  metallurgical ADJ. /冶金的/pertaining to the art of removing metals from ores. During the course of his metallurgical research, the scientist developed a steel alloy of tremendous strength.

  metamorphosis N. /变形/change of form; major transformation. The metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly is typical of many such changes in animal life. metamorphose,V.

  metaphor N. /隐喻/implied comparison. "He soared like an eagle" is an example of a simile; "He is an eagle in flight," a metaphor.

  metaphysical ADJ. /形而上学的/pertaining to speculative philosophy. The modern poets have gone back to the fanciful poems of the metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century for many of their images. metaphysics, N.

  methodical ADJ. /方法论的;系统化的/systematic. An accountant must be methodical and maintain order among his financial records.

  meticulous ADJ. /小心翼翼的/excessively careful; painstaking; scrupulous. Martha Stewart was a meticulous housekeeper, fussing about each and every detail that went into making up her perfect home.

  metropolis N. /大都会/large city. Every evening the terminal is filled with thousands of commuters going from this metropolis to their homes in the suburbs.

  mettle N. /勇气;精神/courage; spirit. When challenged by the other horses in the race, the thoroughbred proved its mettle by its determination to hold the lead.

  miasma N. /沼气;瘴气,毒气;天然气/swamp gas; heavy, vaporous atmosphere, often emanating from decaying matter; pervasive corrupting influence. The smog hung over Victorian London like a dark cloud; noisome, reeking of decay, it was a visible miasma.

  microcosm N. /微观世界/small world; the world in miniature. The small village community that Jane Austen depicts serves as a microcosm of English society in her time, for in this small world we see all the social classes meeting and mingling.

  migrant ADJ. /移居的;候鸟的/changing its habitat; wandering. These migrant birds return every spring. also N.

  migratory ADJ. /迁徙的;流浪的/wandering. The return of the migratory birds to the northern sections of this country is a harbinger of spring. migrate,V.

  milieu N. /环境;(社会)背景/environment; means of expression. Surrounded by smooth preppies and arty bohemians, the country boy from Smalltown, USA, felt out of his milieu. Although he has produced excellent oil paintings and lithographs, his proper milieu is watercolor.

  militant ADJ. /好战的/combative; bellicose. Although at this time he was advocating a policy of neutrality, one could usually find him adopting a more militant attitude. also N.

  mimicry N. /模仿/imitation. Her gift for mimicry was so great that her friends said that she should be in the theater.

  mincing ADJ. /装腔作势的/affectedly dainty. Yum-Yum walked across the stage with mincing steps.

  minuscule ADJ. /极小的/extremely small. Why should I involve myself with a project with so minuscule a chance for success?

  minute ADJ. /极小的/extremely small. The twins resembled one another closely; only minute differences set them apart.

  minutiae N. /细节;细微之处/petty details. She would have liked to ignore the minutiae of daily living.

  mirage N. /曲解;海市蜃楼;虚影 /unreal reflection; optical illusion. The lost prospector was fooled by a mirage in the desert.

  mire V. /陷入(泥塘);麻烦缠身/entangle; stick in swampy ground. Their rear wheels became mired in mud. also N.

  mirth N. /欢笑/merriment; laughter. Sober Malvolio found Sir Toby's mirth improper.

  misanthrope N. /厌恶人类的人;憎人者/one who hates mankind. In Gulliver's Travels, Swift portrays an image of humanity as vile, degraded beasts; for this reason, various critics consider him a misanthrope.

  misapprehension N. /错误;误解/error; misunderstanding. To avoid misapprehension, I am going to ask all of you to repeat the instructions I have given.

  miscellany N. /杂记/mixture of writings on various subjects. This is an interesting miscellany of nineteenth-century prose and poetry.

  mischance N. /霉运;不幸/ill luck. By mischance, he lost his week's salary.

  misconception N. /误解/mistaken idea. "Sir, you are suffering from a misconception. I do not wish to marry you in the least!"

  misconstrue V. /曲解/interpret incorrectly; misjudge. She took the passage seriously rather than humorously because she misconstrued the author's ironic tone.

  misdemeanor N. /轻罪/minor crime. The culprit pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor rather than face trial for a felony.

  miserly ADJ. /吝啬的;贪婪的;坏的/stingy; mean. Transformed by his vision on Christmas Eve, mean old Scrooge ceased being miserly and became a generous, kind old man.

  misgivings N. /担忧,疑虑/doubts. Hamlet described his misgivings to Horatio but decided to fence with Laertes despite his foreboding of evil.

  mishap N. /意外,灾难/accident. With a little care you could have avoided this mishap.

  misnomer N. /错误的名字;写错名字;用词不当/wrong name; incorrect designation. His tyrannical conduct proved to all that his nickname, King Eric the Just, was a misnomer.

  misrepresent V. /误传;有意制造误解/give a false or incorrect impression, often deliberately; serve unsatisfactorily as a representative. In his job application, Milton misrepresented his academic background; he was fired when his employers discovered the truth. The reformers accused Senator Gunbucks of misrepresenting his constituents and claimed he took bribes from the NRA.