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  Word List 29 lucid-maul

  lucid ADJ. /明晰的;聪明的/easily understood; clear; intelligible. Ellen makes an excellent teacher: her explanations of technical points are lucid enough for a child to grasp.

  lucrative ADJ. /有利润的/profitable. He turned his hobby into a lucrative profession.

  ludicrous ADJ. /可笑的,滑稽的;不重要的/laughable; trifling. Let us be serious; this is not a ludicrous issue.

  lugubrious ADJ. /悲哀的/mournful. The lugubrious howling of the dogs added to our sadness.

  lull N. /平静,安静,暂停,短暂的平息/moment of calm. Not wanting to get wet, they waited under the awning for a lull in the rain.

  lull V. /安抚,平静;换取信任,使其失去警惕/soothe; cause one to relax one's guard; subside. The mother's gentle song lulled the child to sleep. Malcolm tried to come up with a plausible story to lull his mother's suspicions, but she didn't believe a word he said.

  lumber V. /笨重的往前走/move heavily or clumsily. Still somewhat torpid after its long hibernation, the bear lumbered through the woods.

  luminary N. /名气,尊严/celebrity; dignitary. A leading light of the American stage, Ethel Barrymore was a theatrical luminary whose name lives on.

  luminous ADJ. /发光的,闪耀的/shining; issuing light. The sun is a luminous body.

  lummox N. /大而笨重的(通常指人)/big, clumsy, often stupid person. Because he was highly overweight and looked ungainly, John Candy often was cast as a slow-witted lummox.

  lunar ADJ. /月亮的/pertaining to the moon. Lunar craters can plainly seen with the aid of a small telescope.

  lunge V. /突进,刺,冲/quick forward dive or reach; thrust. The wide receiver lunged forward to grab the football. With his sword, Dartagnan lunged at his adversary.

  lurid ADJ. /耸人听闻的;可怕的;惨白的;血红的/wild; sensational; graphic; gruesome. Do the lurid cover stories in the Enquirer actually attract people to buy that trashy tabloid?

  lurk V. /埋伏/stealthily lie in waiting; slink; exist unperceived. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows."

  luscious ADJ. /美味的,甜美的/pleasing to taste or smell. The ripe peach was luscious.

  luster N. /光泽;光彩/shine; gloss. The soft luster of the silk in the dim light was pleasing.

  lustrous ADJ. /闪耀的/shining. Her large and lustrous eyes lent a touch of beauty to an otherwise plain face.

  luxuriant ADJ. /丰富的,富足的;丰富多彩;肥沃的/abundant; rich and splendid; fertile. Lady Godiva was completely covered by her luxuriant hair.

  machinations N. /阴谋,诡计/evil schemes or plots. Fortunately, Batman saw through the wily machinations of the Riddler and saved Gotham City from destruction by the forces of evil.

  madrigal N. /小曲;牧歌/pastoral song. His program of folk songs included several madrigals which he sang to the accompaniment of a lute.

  maelstrom N. /漩涡/whirlpool. The canoe was tossed about in the maelstrom.

  magnanimous ADJ. /宽宏大量的/generous; great-hearted. Philanthropists by definition are magnanimous; misers, by definition, are not. Cordelia was too magnanimous to resent her father's unkindness to her; instead, she generously forgave him. magnanimity, N.

  magnate N. /富豪,要人;突出的人物,XX大王/person of prominence or influence. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Annie Dillard was surrounded by the mansions of the great steel and coal magnates who set their mark on that city.

  magnitude N. /巨大的,大数量级的/ greatness; extent. It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of his crime.

  maim V. /伤害/mutilate; injure. The hospital could not take care of all who had been wounded or maimed in the railroad accident.

  maladroit ADJ. /搞砸的;笨拙的/clumsy; bungling. How maladroit it was of me to mention seeing you out partying last night! From the look on his face, I take it that your boyfriend thought you were otherwise occupied.

  malady N. /疾病/illness. A mysterious malady swept the country, filling doctors' offices with feverish, purple-spotted patients.

  malaise N. /不适,欠佳/uneasiness; vague feeling of ill health. Feeling slightly queasy before going onstage, Carol realized that this touch of malaise was merely stage fright.

  malapropism N. /可笑的用词错误/comic misuse of a word. When Mrs. Malaprop accuses Lydia of being "as headstrong as an allegory on the banks of the Nile," she confuses "allegory" and "alligator" in a typical malapropism.

  malcontent N. /不满的;不满现状的/person dissatisfied with existing state of affairs. One of the few malcontents in Congress, he constantly voiced his objections to the presidential program. alsoADJ.

  malediction N. /诅咒/curse. When the magic mirror revealed that Snow White was still alive, the wicked queen cried out in rage and uttered dreadful maledictions.

  malefactor N. /犯罪分子/evildoer; criminal. Mighty Mouse will save the day, hunting down malefactors and rescuing innocent mice from peril.

  malevolent ADJ. /坏心肠的/wishing evil. lago is a malevolent villain who takes pleasure in ruining Othello.

  malfeasance N. /渎职;不法行为/wrongdoing. The authorities did not discover the campaign manager's malfeasance until after he had spent most of the money he had embezzled.

  malicious ADJ. /恶毒的/hateful; spiteful. Jealous of Cinderella's beauty, her malicious stepsisters expressed their spite by forcing her to do menial tasks. malice, N.

  malign V. /毒辣的言语;诽谤/speak evil of; bad-mouth; defame. Putting her hands over her ears, Rose refused to listen to Betty malign her friend Susan.

  malignant ADJ. /恶性的,伤害的;致命的/injurious; tending to cause death; aggressively malevolent. Though many tumors are benign, some are malignant, growing out of control and endangering the life of the patient.

  malingerer N. /装病的人;假病号/one who feigns illness to escape duty. The captain ordered the sergeant to punish all malingerers and force them to work. malinger,V.

  malleable ADJ. /有延展性的;可锻的/capable of being shaped by pounding; impressionable. Gold is a malleable metal, easily shaped into bracelets and rings. Fagin hoped Oliver was a malleable lad, easily shaped into a thief.

  malodorous ADJ. /恶臭的/foul-smelling. The compost heap was most malodorous in summer.

  mammal N. /哺乳动物/a vertebrate animal whose female suckles its young. Many people regard the whale as a fish and do not realize that it is a mammal.

  mammoth ADJ. /巨大的/gigantic; enormous. To try to memorize every word on this vocabulary list would be a mammoth undertaking; take on projects that are more manageable in size.

  mandate N. /委任;命令/order; charge. In his inaugural address, the president stated that he had a mandate from the people to seek an end to social evils such as poverty. alsoV.

  mandatory ADJ. /强制的,命令的;义不容辞的/obligatory. These instructions are mandatory, any violation will be severely punished.

  maniacal ADJ. /疯狂的;无理智的/raging mad; insane. Though Mr. Rochester had locked his mad wife in the attic, he could still hear her maniacal laughter echoing throughout the house.

  manifest ADJ. /明白的,显然的;证明,表现/evident; visible; obvious. Digby's embarrassment when he met Madonna was manifest: his ears turned bright pink, he kept scuffing one shoe in the dirt, and he couldn't look her in the eye.

  manifesto N. /声明/declaration; statement of policy. The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels proclaimed the principles of modern communism.

  manipulate v, /操作/operate with one's hands; control or play upon (people, forces, etc.) artfully. Jim Henson understood how to manipulate the Muppets. Madonna understands how to manipulate men (and publicity).

  mannered ADJ. /做作的,矫饰的/affected; not natural. Attempting to copy the style of his wealthy neighbors, Gatsby adopted a mannered, artificial way of speech.

  marital ADJ. /婚姻的/pertaining to marriage. After the publication of his book on marital affairs, he was often consulted by married people on the verge of divorce.

  maritime ADJ. /海事的,海运的,海上的/bordering on the sea; nautical. The Maritime Provinces depend on the sea for their wealth.

  marked ADJ. /值得注意的;报仇的目标/noticeable or pronounced; targeted for vengeance. He walked with a marked limp, a souvenir of an old I.R.A. attack. As British ambassador, he knew he was a marked man, for he knew the Irish Republican Army wanted him dead.

  marquee N. /建筑物入口处的雨棚,遮蔽物/canopy above an entrance, under which one can take shelter; rooflike shelter above a theater entrance. On stormy days, the hotel doorman keeps dry by standing directly beneath the marquee. The title of Arthur Kopit's play Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Momma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad was too long to fit on the marquee.

  marred ADJ. /受损的/damaged; disfigured. She had to refinish the marred surface of the table. mar,V.

  marshal V. /排序;整理/put in order. At a debate tournament, extemporaneous speakers have only a minute or two to marshal their thoughts before they address their audience.

  marsupial N. /有袋哺乳动物(袋鼠、袋熊、袋狼)/one of a family of mammals that nurse their offspring in a pouch. The most common marsupial in North America is the opossum.

  martial ADJ. /好战的;尚武的/warlike. The sound of martial music inspired the young cadet with dreams of military glory.

  martinet N. /严格纪律的人/strict disciplinarian. No talking at meals! No mingling with the servants! Miss Minchin was a martinet who insisted that the schoolgirls in her charge observe each regulation to the letter.

  martyr N./殉道者;殉教者;烈士/ one who voluntarily suffers death for his or her religion or cause; great sufferer. By burning her at the stake, the English made Joan of Arc a martyr for her faith. Mother played the martyr by staying home cleaning the house while the rest of the family went off to the beach.

  masochist N. /受虐狂/person who enjoys his own pain. The masochist begs, "Hit me." The sadist smiles and says, "I won't."

  material ADJ. /物质的;重要的/made of physical matter; unspiritual; important. Probing the mysteries of this material world has always fascinated physicist George Whitesides. Reporters nicknamed Madonna the Material Girl because, despite her name, she seemed wholly uninterested in spiritual values. Lexy's active participation made a material difference to the success of the fund-raiser.

  materialism N. /唯物主义/preoccupation with physical comforts and things. By its nature, materialism is opposed to idealism, for where the materialist emphasizes the needs of the body, the idealist emphasizes the needs of the soul.

  maternal ADJ. /母性的/motherly. Many animals display maternal instincts only while their offspring are young and helpless.

  matriarch N. /女家长;掌管全家的老太婆/woman who rules a family or larger social group. The matriarch ruled her gypsy tribe with a firm hand.

  matriculate V. /入学/enroll (in college or graduate school). Incoming students formally matriculate at our college in a special ceremony during which they sign the official register of students.

  maudlin ADJ. /多愁善感/effusively sentimental. Whenever a particularly maudlin tearjerker was playing at the movies, Marvin would embarrass himself by weeping copiously.

  maul V. /粗手粗脚的处理/handle roughly. The rock star was mauled by his over-excited fans.