3500SAT巴朗词表:Word List 26!SAT考试改革之后对于考生的词汇要求更高了,在阅读文章及数学题目的字数就很容易发现这一点,考生一定要打好词汇基础。下面智课网为大家整理了3500SAT巴朗词表的词汇,供大家积累和学习。

  Word List 26 ingenue-invigorate

  ingenue N. /天真无邪的少女;扮演天真无邪的少女的女演员/an artless girl; an actress who plays such parts. Although she was forty, she still insisted that she be cast as an ingenue and refused to play more mature roles.

  ingenuous ADJ. /心无城府的;天真的;幼稚的;可信的/naive and trusting; young; unsophisticated. The woodsman had not realized how ingenuous Little Red Riding Hood was until he heard that she had gone off for a walk in the woods with the Big Bad Wolf.

  ingrained ADJ. /牢固的;深深扎根的;深入人心的/deeply established; firmly rooted. Try as they would, the missionaries were unable to uproot the ingrained superstitions of the natives.

  ingrate N. /忘恩负义者;不领情的人/ungrateful person. That ingrate Bob sneered at the tie I gave him.

  ingratiate V. /迎合,讨好;流行开来/become popular with. He tried to ingratiate himself into her parents' good graces.

  inherent ADJ. /固有的,内在的;与生俱来的/firmly established by nature or habit. Katya's inherent love of justice caused her to champion anyone she considered treated unfairly by society.

  inhibit V. /限制,防止;阻碍/restrain; retard or prevent. Only two things inhibited him from taking a punch at Mike Tyson: Tyson's left hook, and Tyson's right jab. The protective undercoating on my car inhibits the formation of rust.

  inimical ADJ. /不友好的;敌意的;有害的/unfriendly; hostile; harmful; detrimental. I've always been friendly to Martha. Why is she so inimical to me?

  inimitable ADJ. /独一无二的,独特的;防伪的,难以模仿的/matchless; not able to be imitated. We admire Auden for his inimitable use of language; he is one of a kind.

  iniquitous ADJ. /邪恶的/wicked; immoral; unrighteous. Whether or not King Richard III was responsible for the murder of the two young princes in the Tower, it was an iniquitous deed. iniquity, N.

  initiate V. /开始,发源/begin; originate; receive into a group. The college is about to initiate a program in reducing math anxiety among students.

  injurious ADJ./有害的/ harmful. Smoking cigarettes can be injurious to your health.

  inkling N. /暗示,提示/hint. This came as a complete surprise to me as I did not have the slightest inkling of your plans.

  innate ADJ. /先天的,天生的/inborn. Mozart's parents soon recognized young Wolfgang's innate talent for music.

  innocuous ADJ. /无害的,无辜的/harmless. An occasional glass of wine with dinner is relatively innocuous and should have no ill effect on you.

  innovation N. /发明;变革/change; introduction of something new. Although Richard liked to keep up with all the latest technological innovations, he didn't always abandon tried and true techniques in favor of something new. innovate,V.

  innovative ADJ. /新奇的;创新的/novel; introducing a change. The establishment of our SAT I computer data base has enabled us to come up with some innovative tactics for doing well on the SAT.

  innuendo N. /暗示,旁侧敲击;暗讽;讽刺,冷嘲热讽/hint; insinuation. I can defend myself against direct accusations; innuendos and oblique attacks on my character are what trouble me.

  inopportune ADJ. /不合时宜的/untimely; poorly chosen. A rock concert is an inopportune setting for a quiet conversation.

  inordinate ADJ. /紊乱的;不受限制的/unrestrained; excessive. She had an inordinate fondness for candy, eating two or three boxes in a single day.

  inquisitor N. /调查者;盘问者/questioner (especially harsh); investigator. Fearing being grilled ruthlessly by the secret police, Masha faced her inquisitors with trepidation.

  insalubrious ADJ. /有害的/unwholesome; not healthful. The mosquito-ridden swamp was an insalubrious place, a breeding ground for malarial contagion.

  insatiable ADJ. /不容易伺候的;贪婪的/not easily satisfied; unquenchable; greedy. David's appetite for oysters was insatiable: he could easily eat four dozen at a single sitting.

  inscrutable ADJ. /不可渗透的;不可理解的,谜/impenetrable; not readily understood; mysterious. Experienced poker players try to keep their expressions inscrutable, hiding their reactions to the cards behind a so-called "poker face."

  insensible ADJ. /迟钝的;硬心肠的/unconscious; unresponsive. Sherry and I are very different; at times when I would be covered with embarrassment, she seems insensible to shame.

  insidious ADJ. /阴险的,奸诈的,狡猾的;鬼鬼祟祟的/treacherous; stealthy; sly. The fifth column is insidious because it works secretly within our territory for our defeat.

  insightful ADJ. /有洞察力的/discerning; perceptive. Sol thought he was very insightful about human behavior, but he was actually clueless as to why people acted the way they did.

  insinuate V. /暗示,含沙射影;慢慢的夺取,巧妙的迂回(进入)/hint; imply; creep in. When you said I looked robust, did you mean to insinuate that I'm getting fat?

  insipid ADJ. /索然无味的;单调的/lacking in flavor; dull. Flat prose and flat ginger ale are equally insipid: both lack sparkle.

  insolence N. /傲慢/impudent disrespect; haughtiness. How dare you treat me so rudely! The manager will hear of your insolence. insolent,ADJ.

  insolvent ADJ. /破产/bankrupt; unable to repay one's debts. Although young Lord Widgeon was insolvent, he had no fear of being thrown into debtors' prison, for he was sure that if his creditors pressed him for payment his wealthy parents would repay what he owed. insolvency, N.

  insomnia N. /失眠/wakefulness; inability to sleep. He refused to join us in a midnight cup of coffee because he claimed it gave him insomnia.

  instigate V. /驱使;激励,鼓动/urge; start; provoke. Rumors of police corruption led the mayor to instigate an investigation into the department's activities.

  insubordination N. /反抗,不屈/disobedience; rebelliousness. At the slightest hint of insubordination from the sailors of the Bounty, Captain Bligh had them flogged; finally, they mutinied.

  insubstantial ADJ. /无实体的,虚无的;脆弱的,不坚固的/lacking substance; insignificant; frail. His hopes for a career in acting proved insubstantial; no one would cast him, even in an insubstantial role.

  insularity N. /与外界隔绝;僵化;思想狭窄/narrow-mindedness; isolation. The insularity of the islanders manifested itself in their suspicion of anything foreign. insular,ADJ.

  insulated ADJ. /分离;隔离/set apart; isolated. A well-to-do bachelor, James spent his money freely, insulated from the cares of his friends, who had families to support.

  insuperable ADJ. /不可战胜的,不能克服的/insurmountable; unbeatable. Though the odds against their survival seemed insuperable, the Apollo 13 astronauts reached earth safely.

  insurgent ADJ. /造反的,起义的/rebellious. Because the insurgent forces had occupied the capital and had gained control of the railway lines, several of the war correspondents covering the uprising predicted a rebel victory.

  insurmountable ADJ. /不能克服的,不能超越的/overwhelming; unbeatable; insuperable. Faced by almost insurmountable obstacles, the members of the underground maintained their courage and will to resist.

  insurrection N. /谋反的,造反的/rebellion; uprising. In retrospect, given how badly the British treated the American colonists, the eventual insurrection seems inevitable.

  intangible ADJ. /难以明了的,无形的;暧昧的,模糊的/not able to be perceived by touch; vague. Though the financial benefits of his Oxford post were meager, Lewis was drawn to it by its intangible rewards: prestige, intellectual freedom, the fellowship of his peers.

  integral ADJ. /一体的,完整的/complete; necessary for completeness. Physical education is an integral part of our curriculum; a sound mind and a sound body are complementary.

  integrate V. /整合,合并/make whole; combine; make into one unit. She tried to integrate all their activities into one program.

  integrity N. /完整性/uprightness; wholeness. Lincoln, whose personal integrity has inspired millions, fought a civil war to maintain the integrity of the Republic, that these United States might remain undivided for all time.

  intellect N. /智力/higher mental powers. He thought college would develop his intellect.

  intelligentsia N. /知识分子;知识界/the intelligent and educated classes [often used derogatorily]. She preferred discussions about sports and politics to the literary conversations of the intelligentsia.

  intemperate ADJ. /过度的;极端的;放纵的/immoderate; excessive; extreme. In a temper, Tony refused to tone down his intemperate remarks.

  inter V. /埋/bury. They are going to inter the body tomorrow at Broadlawn Cemetery.

  interim N. /临时的;间歇的/meantime. The company will not consider our proposal until next week; in the interim, let us proceed as we have in the past.

  interloper N. /闯入者;干涉者/intruder; unwanted meddler. The merchant thought of his competitors as interlopers who were stealing away his trade.

  interment N. /埋葬/burial. Interment will take place in the church cemetery at 2 P.M. Wednesday.

  interminable ADJ. /无尽的/endless. Although his speech lasted for only twenty minutes, it seemed interminable to his bored audience.

  intermittent ADJ. /间歇的;断断续续的/periodic; on and off. The outdoor wedding reception had to be moved indoors to avoid the intermittent showers that fell on and off all afternoon.

  interrogate V. /审问;讯问/question closely; cross-examine. Knowing that the Nazis would interrogate him about his background, the secret agent invented a cover story that would help him meet their questions.

  intervene V. /干预;干涉/come between. When two close friends get into a fight, be careful if you try to intervene; they may join forces to gang up on you.

  intimacy N. /亲密;隐私/closeness, often affectionate; privacy; familiarity. In a moment of rare intimacy, the mayor allowed the reporters a glimpse of his personal feelings about his family. intimate,ADJ.

  intimate V. /私下的,秘密的,亲密的;宣告/hint; suggest. Was Dick intimating that Jane had bad breath when he asked if she'd like a breath mint?

  intimidate V. /使害怕/frighten. I'll learn karate and then those big bullies won't be able to intimidate me any more.

  intractable ADJ. /难以处理的/unruly; stubborn; unyielding. Charlie Brown's friend Pigpen was intractable: he absolutely refused to take a bath.

  intransigence N. /不妥协;不让步/refusal of any compromise; stubbornness. The negotiating team had not expected such intransigence from the striking workers, who rejected any hint of a compromise. intransigent,ADJ.

  intrepid ADJ. /无畏的/fearless. For her intrepid conduct nursing the wounded during the war, Florence Nightingale was honored by Queen Victoria.

  intricate ADJ. /复杂的;错综的/complex; knotty; tangled. Philip spent many hours designing mazes so intricate that none of his classmates could solve them. intricacy, N.

  intrinsic ADJ. /内在的;固有的/essential; inherent; built-in. Although my grandmother's china has little intrinsic value, I shall always cherish it for the memories it evokes.

  introspective ADJ. /内省的;反省的/looking within oneself. Though young Francis of Assisi led a wild and worldly life, even then he had introspective moments during which he examined his soul. introvert N. one who is introspective; inclined to think more about oneself. In his poetry, he reveals that he is an introvert by his intense interest in his own problems. alsoV.

  intrude V. /强挤入,侵入;强加于人/trespass; enter as an uninvited person. She hesitated to intrude on their conversation.

  intuition N. /直觉/immediate insight; power of knowing without reasoning. Even though Tony denied that anything was wrong, Tina trusted her intuition that something was bothering him. intuitive,ADJ.

  inundate V. /淹没;吞并/overwhelm; flood; submerge. This semester I am inundated with work: You should see the piles of paperwork flooding my desk. Until the great dam was built, the waters of the Nile used to inundate the river valley like clockwork every year.

  inured ADJ. /习惯了的,适应了的/accustomed; hardened. She became inured to the Alaskan cold.

  invalidate V. /摧毁;使无效;弱化/weaken; destroy. The relatives who received little or nothing sought to invalidate the will by claiming that the deceased had not been in his right mind when he had signed the document.

  invasive ADJ. /入侵的/tending to spread aggressively; intrusive. Giving up our war with the invasive blackberry vines that had taken over the back yard, we covered the lawn with concrete. invade,V.

  invective N. /谩骂;非难;恶言相加/abuse. He had expected criticism but not the invective that greeted his proposal. inveigh,V.

  inverse ADJ. /倒转的/opposite. There is an inverse ratio between the strength of light and its distance.

  invert V. /倒转,翻转/turn upside down or inside out. When he inverted his body in a handstand, he felt the blood rush to his head. inveterate ADJ. deep-rooted; habitual. An inveterate smoker, Bob cannot seem to break the habit, no matter how hard he tries.

  invidious ADJ. /易招嫉妒的;不公平的/designed to create ill will or envy. We disregarded her invidious remarks because we realized how jealous she was.

  invigorate V. /激发;鼓舞/energize; stimulate. A quick dip in the pool invigorated Meg, and with renewed energy she got back to work.