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  Word List 23 hibernal-imbibe

  hibernal ADJ. /冬天的/wintry. Bears prepare for their long hibernal sleep by overeating.

  hibernate V. /冬眠/sleep throughout the winter. Bears are one of the many species of animals that hibernate. hibernation, N.

  hierarchy N. /分级,排序了的/arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks. To be low man on the totem pole is to have an inferior place in the hierarchy.

  hilarity N. /狂欢,欢闹/boisterous mirth. This hilarity is improper on this solemn day of mourning.

  hindrance N. /障碍物/block; obstacle. Stalled cars along the highway are a hindrance to traffic that tow trucks should remove without delay. hinder,V.

  histrionic ADJ. /戏剧性的/theatrical. He was proud of his histrionic ability and wanted to play the role of Hamlet, histrionics, N.

  hoard V. /储藏/stockpile; accumulate for future use. Whenever there are rumors of a food shortage, many people are tempted to hoard food. also N.

  hoary ADJ. /灰白的/white with age. The man was hoary and wrinkled when he was 70.

  hoax N. /伎俩;小聪明/trick; practical joke. Embarrassed by the hoax, he reddened and left the room. alsoV.

  hodgepodge N. /大杂烩/jumble; mixture of ill-suited elements. The reviewer roundly condemned the play as a hodgepodge of random and purposeless encounters carried out by a cast lacking any uniformity of accent or style.

  holster N. /手枪套/pistol case. Even when he was not in uniform, he carried a holster and pistol under his arm.

  homage N. /敬意/honor; tribute. In her speech she tried to pay homage to a great man.

  homogeneous ADJ. /同类的/of the same kind. Because the student body at Elite Prep was so homogeneous, Sara and James decided to send their daughter to a school that offered greater cultural diversity. homogenize,V.

  hone V. /磨尖/sharpen. To make shaving easier, he honed his razor with great care.

  hoodwink V. /欺骗,迷惑,蛊惑/deceive; delude. Having been hoodwinked once by the fast-talking salesman, he was extremely cautious when he went to purchase a used car.

  horde N. /拥挤/crowd. Just before Christmas the stores are filled with hordes of shoppers.

  horticultural ADJ. /园艺的/pertaining to cultivation of gardens. When he bought his house, he began to look for flowers and decorative shrubs, and began to read books dealing with horticultural matters.

  host N. /很多;主人;宿主/great number; person entertaining guests; animal or plant from which a parasite gets its nourishment. You must attend to a host of details if you wish to succeed as host of a formal dinner party. Leeches are parasites that cling to their hosts and drink their hosts' blood.

  hostility N. /不友好,敌意/unfriendliness; hatred. A child who has been the sole object of his parents' affection often feels hostility toward a new baby in the family, resenting the newcomer who has taken his place.

  hovel N. /小屋/shack; small, wretched house. He wondered how poor people could stand living in such a hovel.

  hover V. /逗留;盘旋;等待/hang about; wait nearby. The police helicopter hovered above the accident.

  hue N. /色调/color; aspect. The aviary contained birds of every possible hue.

  hulking ADJ. /大量的,巨大的/massive; bulky; great in size. Despite his hulking build, the heavyweight boxing champion was surprisingly light on his feet. hulk, N.

  humane ADJ. /仁慈/marked by kindness or consideration. It is ironic that the Humane Society sometimes must show its compassion toward mistreated animals by killing them to put them out of their misery.

  humdrum ADJ. /单调的/dull; monotonous. After his years of adventure, he could not settle down to a humdrum existence.

  humid ADJ. /潮湿的/damp. She could not stand the humid climate and moved to a drier area.

  humility N. /谦逊/humbleness of spirit. He spoke with a humility and lack of pride that impressed his listeners.

  hurtle V. /冲击;碰撞;急冲/crash; rush. The runaway train hurtled toward disaster.

  husband V. /节约/use sparingly; conserve; save. Marathon runners must husband their energy so that they can keep going for the entire distance.

  hybrid N. /混合的,混血的/mongrel; mixed breed. Mendel's formula explains the appearance of hybrids and pure species in breeding. alsoADJ.

  hydrophobia N. /恐水症;狂犬病/rabies; fear of water. A dog that bites a human being must be observed for symptoms of hydrophobia.

  hyperbole N. /夸张/exaggeration; overstatement. As far as I'm concerned, Apple's claims about the new computer are pure hyperbole: no machine is that good!

  hypercritical ADJ. /及其夸张/excessively exacting. You are hypercritical in your demands for perfection; we all make mistakes.

  hypochondriac N. /无病呻吟;忧郁症/person unduly worried about his health; worrier without cause about illness. The doctor prescribed chocolate pills for his patient who was a hypochondriac.

  hypocritical ADJ. /伪善;欺骗/pretending to be virtuous; deceiving. Believing Eddie to be interested only in his own advancement, Greg resented his hypocritical posing as a friend. hypocrisy, N.

  hypothetical ADJ. /基于假设的,设想的,假想的/based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed. Suppose you are accepted by Harvard, Stanford, and Brown. Which one would you choose to attend? Remember, this is only a hypothetical situation. hypotheSiS, N.

  ichthyology N. /鱼类学/study of fish. Jacques Cousteau's programs about sea life have advanced the cause of ichthyology

  icon N. /偶像,象征;图标/religious image; idol. The icons on the walls of the church were painted in the 13th century.

  iconoclastic ADJ. /打破旧习/attacking cherished traditions. Deeply iconoclastic, Jean Genet deliberately set out to shock conventional theatergoers with his radical plays.

  ideology N. /意识形态/system of ideas of a group. For people who had grown up believing in the communist ideology, it was hard to adjust to capitalism.

  idiom N. /习语;成语/expression whose meaning as a whole differs from the meanings of its individual words; distinctive style. The phrase "to lose one's marbles" is an idiom: if I say that Joe's lost his marbles, I'm not asking you to find some for him. I'm telling you idiomatically that he's crazy.

  idiosyncrasy N. /特性,特质;古怪的,离心的/individual trait, usually odd in nature; eccentricity. One of Richard Nixon's little idiosyncrasies was his liking for ketchup on cottage cheese. One of Hannibal Lecter's little idiosyncrasies was his liking for human flesh. idiosyncratic,ADJ.

  idolatry N. /过度崇拜/worship of idols; excessive admiration. Such idolatry of singers of country music is typical of the excessive enthusiasm of youth.

  ignite V. /点燃/kindle; light. When Desi crooned, "Baby, light my fire," literal-minded Lucy looked around for some paper to ignite.

  ignoble ADJ. /不高贵的;不光彩的/of lowly origin; unworthy. This plan is inspired by ignoble motives and I must, therefore, oppose it.

  ignominy N. /丢脸;抹黑;耻辱/deep disgrace; shame or dishonor. To lose the Ping-Pong match to a trained chimpanzee! How could Rollo stand the ignominy of his defeat? ignominious,ADJ.

  illicit ADJ. /非法的/illegal. The defense attorney maintained that his client had never performed any illicit action.

  illimitable ADJ. /无限/infinite. Man, having explored the far corners of the earth, is now reaching out into illimitable space.

  illuminate V. /照亮;明朗;澄清/brighten; clear up or make understandable; enlighten. Just as a lamp can illuminate a dark room, a perceptive comment can illuminate a knotty problem.

  illusion N. /幻觉/misleading vision. It is easy to create an optical illusion in which lines of equal length appear different.

  illusory ADJ. /虚幻的,不真实的/deceptive; not real. Unfortunately, the costs of running the lemonade stand were so high that Tom's profits proved illusory.

  imbalance N. /不平衡,不成比例/lack of balance or symmetry; disproportion. To correct racial imbalance in the schools, school boards have bussed black children into white neighborhoods and white children into black ones.

  imbibe V. /吸收/drink in. The dry soil imbibed the rain quickly.