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  Word List 12 dabble-decelerate

  dabble V. /涉猎,尝试;溅/work at in a non-serious fashion; splash around. The amateur painter dabbled at art, but seldom produced a finished piece. The children dabbled their hands in the bird bath, splashing one another gleefully.

  dais N. /讲台/raised platform for guests of honor. When he approached the dais, he was greeted by cheers from the people who had come to honor him.

  dank ADJ. /湿的;湿透的/damp. The walls of the dungeon were dank and slimy.

  dapper ADJ. /整齐的,优雅的/neat and trim. In "The Odd Couple" TV show, Tony Randall played Felix Unger, an excessively dapper soul who could not stand to have a hair out of place.

  dappled ADJ. /有斑点的/spotted. The sunlight filtering through the screens created a dappled effect on the wall.

  daub V. /涂抹/smear (as with paint). From the way he daubed his paint on the canvas, I could tell he knew nothing of oils. also N.

  daunt V. /惊吓;胁迫/intimidate; frighten. "Boast all you like of your prowess. Mere words cannot daunt me," the hero answered the villain.

  dauntless ADJ. /胆大的/bold. Despite the dangerous nature of the undertaking, the dauntless soldier volunteered for the assignment.

  dawdle V. /游手好闲;混日子/loiter; waste time. We have to meet a deadline so don't dawdle; just get down to work.

  deadlock N. /僵局/standstill; stalemate. Because negotiations had reached a deadlock, some of the delegates had begun to mutter about breaking off the talks. alsoV.

  deadpan ADJ. /没有表情的;呆板的/wooden; impersonal. We wanted to see how long he could maintain his deadpan expression.

  dearth N. /稀缺;缺乏/scarcity. The dearth of skilled labor compelled the employers to open trade schools.

  debacle N. /崩溃/sudden downfall; complete disaster. In the Airplane movies, every flight turns into a debacle, with passengers and crew members collapsing, engines falling apart, and carry-on baggage popping out of the overhead bins.

  debase V. /贬低,降低/reduce in quality or value; lower in esteem; degrade. In The King and l, Anna refuses to kneel down and prostrate herself before the king, for she feels that to do so would debase her position, and she will not submit to such debasement.

  debauch V. /堕落,放荡/corrupt; seduce from virtue. Did Socrates' teachings lead the young men of Athens to be virtuous citizens, or did they debauch the young men, causing them to question the customs of their fathers? Clearly, Socrates' philosophical talks were nothing like the wild debauchery of the toga parties in Animal House.

  debilitate V. /使虚弱,衰弱/weaken; enfeeble. Michael's severe bout of the flu debilitated him so much that he was too tired to go to work for a week.

  debonair ADJ. /温文尔雅;友好;殷勤/friendly; aiming to please. The debonair youth was liked by all who met him, because of his cheerful and obliging manner.

  debris N. /碎片;残骸/rubble. A full year after the earthquake in Mexico City, they were still carting away the debris.

  debunk V. /揭穿;奚落/expose as false, exaggerated, worthless, etc; ridicule. Pointing out that he consistently had voted against strengthening anti-pollution legislation, reporters debunked the candidate's claim that he was a fervent environmentalist.

  debutante N. /初次参加社交活动的女孩/young woman making formal entrance into society. As a debutante, she was often mentioned in the society columns of the newspapers.

  decadence N. /颓废;腐坏/decay. The moral decadence of the people was reflected in the lewd literature of the period.

  decapitate V. /斩首,杀头/behead. They did not hang Lady Jane Grey; they decapitated her. "Off with her head!" cried the Duchess, eager to decapitate poor Alice.

  decelerate V. /减慢/slow down. Seeing the emergency blinkers in the road ahead, he decelerated quickly.