383.placate: antagonize 抚慰:反抗


  384.plethora: dearth 过剩:缺乏

  (1)At the present time, we are suffering from ---of stories about the war; try writing about another subject.

  (A) a calumny (B) a dearth (C) an insurgence

  (D) a plethora (E) an inhibition

  (2)In her writings about language, the poet Gloria Anzaldúa celebrates the ------- of English and Spanish dialects spoken by Mexican Americans, arguing that such -------lends an empowering flexibility to expression.

  (A) multiplicity . . variety (B) proliferation . . moderation (C) ambivalence . . focus

  (D) dearth . . depletion (E) abridgment . . imitation

  385.pliable: rigid柔软的:刚硬的

  来自于ply,如apply,comply(compliant 遵守的)

  pliant: obdurate 易受影响的:倔强的

  Orangutans are___ apes: they typically conduct most of their lives up in the trees of tropical rain forests.

  (A) indigenous

  (B) transitory

  (C) recessive

  (D) pliant

  (E) arboreal

  386.polarize: coalesce 两极分化:结合

  387.postulate: deny as false 假设是真的:否认为假的

  The two-cultures approach postulates that difficulties in communication between men and women arise because of a clash of conversational styles.

  388.precipitate: retard/dilatory 匆促的:减速/不慌不忙的

  389.(1)precipitous: level /gradually sloping陡峭的:逐渐倾斜

  (2)precursory: derivative 先驱的:衍生的

  390.preeminent: negligible 卓越的:可忽略的,不重要的

  391.(1)prevalent: unusual 普遍的:与众不同的

  Homework is prevalent predominantly in rural areas.

  (2)procrastination: diligence 推迟,拖延:勤勉

  392.proficient: inept 精通的:无能的

  Although just barely ---- as a writer of lucid prose, Jones was an extremely ---- editor who worked superbly with other writers in helping them improve the clarity of their writing.

  (A) deficient.. muddling (B) proficient.. contentious (C) adequate.. capable

  (D) appalling.. competent (E) engaging.. inept

  393.profundity: superficiality 深刻:肤浅

  394.profuse: scanty 极其丰富的:缺乏的

  395.prolong: truncate 延长:截短

  396.propensity: aversion 倾向:厌恶

  As a young physics instructor, Richard Feynman discovered that he had the gift of sharing his___ his subject and making that excitement____.

  (A) passion for, contagious

  (B) knowledge of, inaudible

  (C) contempt for, praiseworthy

  (D) propensity for, futile

  (E) commitment to, impersonal

  397.propitious: unfavorable 吉利的:不利的

  398.prosperous: depressed 繁荣的:萧条的

  399.prostrate: upright 伏地的:垂直的

  400.protean: static 变化不定的:固定的