decisive / incisive

  A) We’re looking for an __________ commentator; we need someone out there who is alert, astute, and quick to react.

  B) The fact that he tends to be emotionally abusive may well be the __________ factor in this case.

  decorative / decorous

  A) Dan hoped to impress his new supervisor with his __________ yet enterprising demeanor.

  B) The palace’s overabundance of mirrors appeared to serve a __________ purpose.

  desirable / desirous

  A) According to Mr. Haverford, collaborating with Apple would be a __________ move.

  B) The American people were __________ of change. Many felt the nation was in a state of strife and chaos.

  equivalent / equivocal

  A) In terms of alcohol consumption, taking a 1.5 oz. shot of any 80-proof distilled spirit is __________ to drinking 5 oz. of table wine.

  B) The department head’s __________ statement left the office staff confused and anxious.

  exceptional / exceptionable

  A) There was nothing __________ about his behavior or actions. He acted in a responsible, dignified manner.

  B) The California drought was __________ in that it lasted for several years.

  exhausted / exhaustive

  A) According to company regulations, all potential drugs must undergo and pass an __________ testing procedure before being released for public use.

  B) Erin returned to her hotel room at 8 pm, __________ from a busy day of shopping and sightseeing.

  fragrant / flagrant

  A) This __________ flower attracts pollinators of all kinds. Its particularly sweet smell makes it unique.

  B) His recent __________ behavior will cost him his re-election.

  habitual / habitable

  A) My mother’s __________ nagging is becoming insufferable.

  B) Following a thorough 5-year examination of Gelshan KZ12’s surface and atmosphere, scientists deemed the planet “most likely __________.”

  hostility / hospitality

  A) Local ___________ toward anything foreign, including outsiders, makes  that town an unpleasant place to visit.

  B) The guest house has become famous for both its superb __________ and its relatively inexpensive rooms.

  imaginary / imaginative

  A) I feel like most superhero films nowadays are just carbon copies of one another. Big production studios need to hire more __________ screenplay  writers.

  B) The child described his __________ friend as a small, kind creature with  long purple fur.

  industrial / industrious

  A) The air pollution produced by neighboring __________ towns contributes greatly to the city’s “smog problem.”

  B) Ryan’s __________ work ethic won him a hefty raise after only 6 months at the company.