lustrous / lustful

  A) The advertisement featuring Angelababy with long, __________ hair persuaded Jenny to buy the shampoo.

  B) The man’s __________ glances made Angelina feel uncomfortable. In response, she latched onto her boyfriend’s arm to publicize that she had come to the event with someone.

  luxurious / luxuriant

  A) The Road to Hana Tour on the Hawaiian island of Maui boasts a 2- to 3-hour drive through __________ tropical forests.

  B) Luke told his partner that, for their anniversary, he wanted to stay at a __________ hot spring resort for a weekend.

  negligent / negligible

  A) The incident is being blamed on a __________ staff member who failed to notice that one child was missing.

  B) After extensive performance testing of the laptop, I would say that, compared to the device’s clear advantages, its cons are __________.

  obvious / oblivious

  A) All he could think about was “the subway girl,” and he was __________ to the fact that his obsession was becoming quite irksome to his close friends.

  B) It’s __________ that Lady Gaga is a talented individual. The proof is in her performances, her multiple Grammy Awards, and her Golden Globe.

  optional / optimum

  A) The team has been cleared for travel. All of its members are in __________ health.

  B) Although the class is __________, I suggest you enroll in it. Taking it will show universities that you are driven and serious about education.

  passionate / compassionate

  A) The president’s speech and demeanor showed that she held a __________ concern for the victims of the accident.

  B) Tom has a __________ enthusiasm for American football, as evinced by his usual game-day dress code—a jersey belonging to one of his favorite teams—and his intense yelling during important plays.

  perceptive / perceptible

  A) There has been a __________ decline in the president’s approval rating in the last 3 months.

  B) The autobiography is comprised of __________ accounts of the events that greatly contributed to the singer’s rise to fame.

  perspective / prospective

  A) That event drastically changed Carol’s __________ of the situation.

  B) The __________ homebuyers prepared a list of about 30 “property questions.”

  recession / concession

  A) The strikers won’t disperse. It’s clear that the only solution here is to grant them a few __________.

  B) The __________ created economic hardship for individuals of all kinds.

  rise / raise / arise

  A) She __________ both arms as high as she could in an attempt to get the man’s attention.

  B) Judith __________ through the ranks of the company quickly, becoming department head in just under 2 years.

  C) Why is it that every time I seem to get all of my stuff together, more drama or a new problem __________?

  simulate / stimulate

  A) Together, the investors, scientists, and engineers came up with a 7-year plan to create a machine that could __________ the gravitational conditions on Jupiter.

  B) Rebecca has her children read for 30 minutes straight every day. She enforces this “rule” in order to __________ their minds and imaginations.

  slander / slender

  A) Fifteen copper rings, all stacked straight up and down, covered the woman’s __________ neck.

  B) At one point, a former manager sued the star for __________.

  spontaneous / simultaneous

  A) Brittany’s __________ laughter startled everyone in the room.

  B) Upon the signing of the treaty, there was a __________ withdrawal of all forces from the area.

  wary / weary

  A) Jen’s lengthy, __________ sigh pushed Greg over the edge. He couldn’t bear her complaints anymore.

  B) Derek was __________ of telling anyone the truth; he was afraid of how people would react.