advisable / advisory

  A) For those who would like to dine at the Mexican restaurant, it is __________ to call ahead and make a reservation.

  B) How do you feel about establishing an __________ committee to provide us with a second opinion on all major plans and decisions?

  aggravate / aggregate

  A) Sending additional armed forces into the area will only __________ the situation.

  B) When threatened, the creatures typically __________ into large, dense, buzzing masses.

  ascend / assent

  A) Vanessa __________ the staircase quickly, two steps at a time.

  B) The prime minister enthusiastically __________ to signing the treaty.

  audible / auditory

  A) Ingrid’s shrill voice and Eric’s __________ organs have never once been in agreement with each other.

  B) Even though the clock’s ticking was barely __________, Frank became fixated on the noise. As a result, he became increasingly anxious and couldn’t fall asleep.

  complex / complexion

  A) Sonia preferred her natural __________ to a makeup-heavy look.

  B) There is a __________ network of roads throughout that mountain range. It’s easy to get lost up there.

  component / opponent / proponent

  A) Each of the device’s __________ plays a crucial role in the machine’s smooth operation.

  B) The recently elected president viewed his political __________ as incompetent and laughable figures. Thus, he did not perceive them as threats of any sort.

  C) Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, and Jake Gyllenhaal recently presented themselves as __________ of equality for women by participating in the 2017 Women’s March on Washington.

  comprehensive / comprehensible

  A) The scientist wanted to make his report as __________ as possible so that he could communicate his findings, concerns, and solutions to people of various backgrounds.

  B) A __________ investigation into this particularly serious incident will begin in the following weeks.

  considerable / considerate

  A) He is in a position of __________ influence. I hope he uses this power to make a positive difference.

  B) The tenant was __________ in that he always treated his landlord’s appliances with great respect.

  continuous / continual

  A) After __________ attacks on their camp, the king and his guard were forced to surrender.

  B) The music video can be described as one __________ dance routine.

  council / counsel

  A) That particular human rights __________ meets quarterly to discuss current injustices throughout the African continent.

  B) Stephanie’s friend circle encouraged her to seek the __________ of a divorce attorney.