economic / economical

  A) An __________ shopper, Cindy always had a wad of coupons handy.

  B) Most democrats are not pleased with the president-elect’s proposed __________ policies.

  healthy / healthful

  A) Much to everyone’s relief, the test results indicated that the child’s cells were __________.

  B) After battling and surviving cancer, the mother of four made a conscious decision to move forward with life in a more __________ manner.

  ingenious / ingenuous

  A) In a matter of days, Ted was __________ enough to secure all of the money needed for a new PS4.

  B) You’re too __________ for this industry. Don’t be so trusting of those around you. People tend to lie and do whatever it takes to get ahead here.

  intelligent / intelligible

  A) The scientist’s goal was to make his report __________ to the general public.

  B) In an attempt to make an __________ guess at the final question, the game show contestant thought back to her university European history course.

  practical / practicable

  A) Before we present the plan, we must ensure that it is __________.

  B) The first semester of this course will deal with ideas and theories; the second semester will focus on the __________ applications of the material already learned.

  regretful / regrettable

  A) His __________ actions will one day come back to haunt him.

  B) The actress is __________ that she has disappointed so many of her fans with her irresponsible actions.

  sensible / sensitive

  A) “A __________ diet should consist of fresh ingredients. Furthermore, it’s important to eat home-cooked, responsibly prepared meals,” the doctor asserted.

  B) The child appeared to be extremely __________ to the smell of cooked food. Whenever he was taken to a restaurant or near a grocery store deli, an expression of disgust would form on his face.

  latter / later

  A) Though John reassured me that he would join my party __________ in the evening, he never showed up.

  B) Stephanie could either ignore the issue or discuss it with her immediate supervisor—she chose the __________ option.

  accessible / accessory

  A) “Get ready for a long hike! The mountain top is only __________ by foot.”

  B) No hair __________ will be permitted into the venue. Even headbands will be confiscated if spotted.

  adapt / adept /adopt

  A) Todd is __________ at organizing his thoughts quickly. In fact, he placed first in last year’s regional collegiate impromptu speech tournament.

  B) The board __________ the proposal with a 5-2 vote.

  C) Always have a contingency plan. If a company cannot __________ to change fast enough, the business could go under.