maybe / may be

  A) Since over half of the party invitees had RSVP’d with the ambiguous response “__________,” the host of the event had little idea how many people would actually be in attendance.

  B) This protest __________ the one that finally persuades the company to pay attention to the needs of its workers.

  peak / peek / pique

  A) When the hikers finally reached the __________ of the mountain, they set up camp and gazed out at the valley below for what seemed like hours.

  B) Nancy released an ear-piercing scream upon realizing that someone was __________ at her through the kitchen window.

  C) When I was in middle school, a biographical television program on the life, work, and influence of Edgar Allen Poe __________ my interest in the detective fiction and horror fiction genres.

  raise / raze

  A) The movie critic argued that, recently, the same thing happens in almost every action film: a major metropolis is __________ to the ground by alien forces, a monster, or some sort of supervillain.

  B) Afraid of a surprise attack from outside forces, the soldiers refused to __________ the castle gates.

  respectable / respectful / respective

  A) During the group interview, the interviewer asked the candidates to elaborate on their __________ experiences in the industry.

  B) No __________ doctor would ever advise a patient to do that!

  C) Since the 5th graders were exceptionally __________ throughout the trip, they will be rewarded with a pizza party.

  acceptant or accepting / acceptable

  A) George was easygoing and usually very __________ of the beliefs and lifestyle choices of others.

  B) The department head labeled the intern’s outfit “not __________ for the office.”

  ashamed / shameful

  A) “If you cheated on the exam, you should feel __________ of yourself,” chided the teacher.

  B) Elsa disowned her father because of his constant __________ behavior, which included alcohol and drug abuse.

  contemptuous / contemptible

  A) According to the report, “the soldier’s __________ cowardice resulted in numerous friendly casualties.”

  B) The woman’s __________ expressions made her come across as a stuck-up, judgmental person.

  credulous / credible

  A) Janet loved telling ghost stories to her usually __________ grandchildren.

  B) The child’s story was far from __________. No one would believe that Andy had seen a great white shark lurking at the bottom of the swimming pool.

  delighted / delightful

  A) The senatorial candidate was more than __________ to see that all signs pointed to her victory.

  B) The __________ evening consisted of a friendly group dinner, a long walk along the beach cliffs, and a warm and welcoming bonfire experience.

  endangered / dangerous

  A) Since one of them had managed to escape its confines and attack a zoo patron, the animals were deemed __________.

  B) “If we don’t stop hunting this shark species for its fins, it will become __________ within the year,” the conservation biologist stated.

  envious / enviable

  A) Henry was __________ of their relationship; he hoped that one day, he, too, could find true love.

  B) Michael was the only interviewee that had the __________ advantage of 2 years of work experience in the industry.