bulk / bask / balk

  A) The __________ of the bags made them difficult to transport by hand.

  B) A large number of parents __________ at paying the exorbitant field trip fee.

  C) Michael was ecstatic about his trip to the beach. He had been looking forward to __________ in the sun all week long.

  bare / bear

  A) Her supporters couldn’t __________ to watch her tearful reaction to her own defeat.

  B) George __________ his right leg to show everyone the scar left behind from the shark attack.

  censure / censor

  A) It was decided that the film needed to be __________ before being released for viewing by the general public.

  B) The governor was __________ by democrats and republicans alike for his racist tweets.

  complacent / complaisant

  A) According to Mr. Mitchell, his last assistant was disrespectful and argumentative. This time around, he is looking for someone more __________.

  B) Those in competitive lines of work cannot afford to have a __________ attitude.

  defuse / diffuse

  A) A team of specialists was called in to __________ the explosive device.

  B) News of the royal pregnancy __________ throughout the nation rapidly.

  discreet / discrete

  A) It is of the utmost importance to be __________ when dealing with sensitive company or employee information.

  B) The complex contains numerous __________ small buildings, one for each of the company’s departments.

  disinterested / uninterested

  A) It would be unprofessional to let your personal opinions affect your work or a relationship with a student; please ensure that you give only __________ information and suggestions to your students.

  B) Low voter turnout could be indicative of an electorate that is __________ in politics.

  ensure / insure

  A) Your job is to __________ that all of our articles contain factual information.

  B) Genna was ecstatic to find a company that would ­­­­­­__________ her car for only $22 a month.

  exercise / exorcise

  A) Charlene __________ extreme caution while opening the mysterious package.

  B) Alan called out to his mother, asking her to return to him. This weakened the demon’s control over her and allowed the priest to finally __________ the evil entity from the woman’s body.

  forbear / forebear

  A) Andy __________ from complaining during the entire visit to the art gallery, so his mother gladly rewarded him with an ice cream cone.

  B) During the game “Two Truths and One Lie,” Katie claimed that her __________ had been monarchs in eastern Europe.