complement / compliment / implement

  A) The stirring beats of her songs __________ her equally haunting voice.

  B) The media __________ Lady Gaga on her simple yet elegant outfit.

  C) The farmer spent hours looking through the comprehensive catalogue dedicated to agricultural __________.

  comprise / compose

  A) The report __________ three comprehensible, practical solutions to the issue at hand.

  B) Jane __________ her work with great care; her goal is to deeply touch and inspire her listeners.

  desert / dessert

  A) The chieftain will have many regrets if he relocates his people to the southern __________.

  B) The __________ at that place tend to be frozen solid, and it usually takes over half an hour for them to thaw out.

  elicit / illicit

  A) With an ice cream sandwich, Billy was able to __________ the secret from his younger sister.

  B) On January 1st, the city will initiate its extensive program to eradicate all local __________ drug activity.

  fare / fair / fire

  A) The campers gravitated toward the __________ and its much-appreciated warmth.

  B) Collectively, the friends didn’t have enough money to cover their taxi __________.

  C) It just doesn’t seem __________ that Renee has a higher monthly salary than does Lauren.

  hone / home

  A) She __________ her public speaking skills by talking or performing in front of large groups of people whenever she could.

  B) Lance considered the city his __________; after all, he had been living there for over five years.

  imitate / intimate

  A) The __________ scene consisted of a candle, two wine glasses, a bottle of wine, and a single rose all on a small table situated in front of a welcoming fireplace.

  B) If you want to __________ her painting style, you’ll need to first purchase the same art supplies that she uses.

  in a sense / in essence

  A) __________, cellphones can decrease the quality of our lives. For example, these devices tend to distract us from the things that truly matter: meaningful face-to-face interactions with family and friends.

  B) It probably seems like I’ve given you a lot of detailed advice, but __________, I simply want you to be yourself and be respectful. If you follow this last rule, you’re bound to finally succeed.

  lose / loose

  A) Immediately upon seeing a worm in his apple, Jaren __________ his appetite.

  B) Even after 10 minutes of tugging at it aggressively, the nail would not come __________ from the wall.

  precede / proceed

  A) The archeologists __________ with great care; they did not want to damage any of the newly-discovered fossilized remains.

  B) The television network chose to __________ the sports event with a Beyoncé performance; the network wanted the event to begin on a high note.