piece / peace

  A) In order to achieve a state of ________, the parties involved must calmly discuss the matter at hand and then jointly come up with a mutually beneficial solution to the issue.

  B) Fran felt guilty about taking a __________ of the pie due to the fact that she hadn’t contributed to the purchase of the delicious-looking dessert.

  plain / plane

  A) Many people believe that meditation is an easy and efficient way to connect oneself with the spiritual __________.

  B) Elaine is definitely a picky eater. At fast food restaurants, she almost always orders a __________ cheeseburger or two.

  principal / principle

  A) The nation’s __________ cities are cultural melting pots and hubs of international and economic activity.

  B) In this dog-eat-dog, unsympathetic system, many people find themselves losing sight of their original __________.

  then / than

  A) First came a bizarre moaning noise from right outside of the front door; __________ came a scratching sound from around the kitchen window.

  B) The last film in the series enjoyed considerably more financial success __________ its predecessors did.

  threw / through

  A) Before Liane could capture it, the mouse had run __________ a tiny hole in the wall.

  B) Tom crumpled up the piece of paper and then __________ it in the direction of the recycling bin; unfortunately for Tom, he missed the bin by about a foot.

  weather / whether

  A) Talking about the __________ is risky: it could either liven up a conversation or completely kill it.

  B) The headmistress was conflicted; she did not know __________ to support the rule or reject it.

  who’s / whose

  A) “__________ joining us for dinner tonight?” My mother asked cheerfully as we drove toward the grocery store.

  B) To almost everyone’s surprise, Jane, __________ qualifications for the position were much more impressive than those of any of the other candidates, was not offered the job.

  accept / except

  A) Everyone __________ Tommy seemed distraught because of the election results. Some people had even called in sick.

  B) The candidate could not __________ his rejection; he demanded to know why he had been rejected.

  a lot / allot

  A) Maureen is nervous about becoming a mother because her family and friends keep reminding her that __________ of hard work and responsibility comes along with having a child.

  B) At the debate, each presidential candidate was __________ an equal amount of time to share the highlights of his or her plan for the country.

  allusion / illusion

  A) The district’s name is an __________ to the nation’s first president.

  B) The magician’s __________ made it seem as though his assistant was actually standing on water.