1. Relevant words in context. 与上下文情境相联系的词汇

  Students will need to/考生需要做到:Interpret meaning based on context 根据上下文理解意思;Master relevant vocabulary 掌握相关词汇;Engage in close reading 进行精细深度阅读。

  2. Command of evidence. 掌握证据

  Students will be asked to/考生将被要求:Interpret, synthesize, anduse evidence found in a wide range of sources 理解、综合、使用在不同出处找到的证据;Support the answers they choose 证明他们选择的答案;Integrate information conveyed through both reading passages and informational graphics 结合阅读段落和信息图像。

  3. Essay analyzing a source. 写作分析源

  The redesigned essay will/改变后的写作:More closely mirror college writing assignments 更接近大学的写作要求;Cultivate close reading,careful analysis, and clear writing 培养细致阅读、分析和清楚的写作;Promote the practice of reading a wide variety of arguments and analyzing an author’s work 促进联系阅读广泛的论点并分析作者的观点。

  4. Math focused on three key areas. 数学集中在三个关键领域

  Current research shows that three key areas most contribute to readiness for college and career training/当前的研究表示有三个主要领域对升学和就业最为关键:Problem Solving and Data Analysis (quantitative literacy) 解决问题和数据分析(数据能力);Heart of Algebra (mastery of linear equations) 代数的中心(掌握线性方程);Passport to Advanced Math(familiarity with more complex equations) 通往高等数学(熟悉更复杂的方程式)。

  5. Problems grounded in real-world contexts. 扎根于现实世界情境的问题

  Students will engage with questions that/考生将要解决的问题:Directly relate to the work performed in college and career 直接与大学和实际工作相关;Include charts, graphs, and passages likely to be encountered in science, social science, and other major sand careers 包含在自然科学、社会科学和其它专业及职业中会出现的表格、图形、文字;Feature multistep applications to solve problems in science, social science, career scenarios,and other real-life contexts 如自然科学、社会科学、工作和生活的真实情况一样展开多个步骤去解决问题。

  6. Analysis in science and social studies. 对于科学和社会研究的分析

  Students will apply their reading, writing, language, and math skills to answer questions in science,history, and social studies contexts./考生将要运用他们的阅读、写作、语言及数学能力一起去回答在自然科学、历史和社会科学等各方面的问题。

  7. Founding documents and great globalconversation. 重要历史文献和世界时事讨论

  The redesigned SAT will include one of the following/改变的SAT将包括以下之一:An excerpt from one of the Founding Documents 重大历史文献节选;A text from the ongoing Great Global Conversation about freedom, justice, and human dignity 当今国际时事对自有、公证和人类尊严的讨论;No prior knowledge of the text will be required. 不要求提前学习这些文章。

  8. No penalty for wrong answers. 答错不扣分

  One point for each correct answer 每一个正确答案得一分;Zero points for un answered items 未答的题计0分;Zero points for wrong answers答错的题也是0分但不扣分。