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  Word List 48 ulterior-vehement

  ulterior ADJ. /将来的;隐蔽的/situated beyond; unstated. You must have an ulterior motive for your behavior, since there is no obvious reason for it.

  ultimate ADJ. /终极的/final; not susceptible to further analysis. Scientists are searching for ultimate truths.

  unaccountable ADJ. /无责任的;无法解释的/inexplicable; unreasonable or mysterious. I have taken an unaccountable dislike to my doctor: "I do not love thee, Doctor Fell. The reason why, I cannot tell."

  unanimity N. /全体同意;全体一致/complete agreement. We were surprised by the unanimity with which members of both parties accepted our proposals. unanimous,ADJ.

  unassailable ADJ. /攻不破的/not subject to question; not open to attack. Penelope's virtue was unassailable; while she waited for her husband to come back from the war, no other man had a chance.

  unassuming ADJ. /谦逊的/modest. He is so unassuming that some people fail to realize how great a man he really is.

  unbridled ADJ. /放肆的;肆虐的/violent. She had a sudden fit of unbridled rage.

  uncanny ADJ. /离奇的/strange; mysterious. You have the uncanny knack of reading my innermost thoughts.

  unconscionable ADJ. /不合理的;不道德的;过度的/unscrupulous; excessive. She found the loan shark's demands unconscionable and impossible to meet.

  uncouth ADJ. /笨拙的;粗俗的/outlandish; clumsy; boorish. Most biographers portray Lincoln as an uncouth and ungainly young man.

  Unctuous ADJ. /油的;油质的;松软肥沃的/oily; bland; insincerely suave. Uriah Heep disguised his nefarious actions by unctuous protestations of his "humility."

  underlying ADJ. /根本的;在下面的;潜在的/fundamental; lying below. The underlying cause of the student riot was not the strict curfew rule but the moldy cafeteria food. Miss Marple seems a sweet little old lady at first, but there's an iron will underlying that soft and fluffy facade.

  undermine V. /破坏/weaken; sap. The recent corruption scandals have undermined many people's faith in the city government. The recent torrential rains have washed away much of the cliffside; the deluge threatens to undermine the pillars supporting several houses at the edge of the cliff.

  underscore V. /强调/emphasize. Addressing the jogging class, Kim underscored the importance to runners of good nutrition.

  undulating ADJ. /波浪的/moving with a wavelike motion. The Hilo Hula Festival was an undulating sea of grass skirts.

  unearth V. /出土;发掘/dig up. When they unearthed the city, the archeologists found many relics of an ancient civilization.

  unequivocal ADJ. /明白清楚的/plain; obvious; unmistakable. My answer to your proposal is an unequivocal and absolute "No."

  unerringly ADJ. /正确无误的/infallibly. My teacher unerringly pounced on the one typographical error in my essay.

  unfathomable ADJ. /不可理解的;不能渗透的/incomprehensible; impenetrable. Unable to get to the bottom of the mystery, Watson declared it was unfathomable.

  unfetter V. /解放/liberate; free from chains. Chained to the wall for months on end, the hostage despaired that he would ever be unfettered.

  unfrock V. /解除神职/to strip a priest or minister of church authority. To disbar a lawyer, to unfrock a priest, to suspend a doctor's license to practice-these are extreme steps that the authorities should take only after careful consideration.

  ungainly ADJ. /糟糕的;笨拙的/awkward; clumsy; unwieldy. "If you want to know whether Nick's an ungainly dancer, check out my bruised feet," said Nora. Anyone who has ever tried to carry a bass fiddle knows it's an ungainly instrument.

  uniformity N. /一致性;同样/sameness; monotony. At Persons magazine, we strive for uniformity of style; as a result, all our writers wind up sounding exactly alike.

  unimpeachable ADJ. /无懈可击的/blameless and exemplary. Her conduct in office was unimpeachable and her record is spotless.

  uninhibited ADJ. /放荡不羁的;不受限制的/unrepressed. The congregation was shocked by her uninhibited laughter during the sermon.

  unintimidating ADJ. /无惧的/unfrightening. Though Phil had expected to feel overawed when he met Steve Young, he found the famous quarterback friendly and unintimidating.

  unique ADJ. /独一无二的/without an equal; single in kind. You have the unique distinction of being the only student whom I have had to fail in this course.

  universal ADJ. /通用的/characterizing or affecting all; present everywhere. At first, no one shared Christopher's opinions; his theory that the world was round was met with universal disdain.

  unkempt ADJ. /蓬乱的;粗野的;不洁的/disheveled; uncared for in appearance. Jeremy hated his neighbor's unkempt lawn: he thought its neglected appearance had a detrimental effect on neighborhood property values.

  unmitigated ADJ. /未缓和的;绝对的/unrelieved or immoderate; absolute. After four days of unmitigated heat, I was ready to collapse from heat prostration. The congresswoman's husband was an unmitigated jerk: not only did he abandon her, he took her campaign funds, too!

  unobtrusive ADJ. /不显眼的;朴素的/inconspicuous; not blatant. Reluctant to attract notice, the governess took a chair in a far corner of the room and tried to be as unobtrusive as possible.

  unpalatable ADJ. /厌恶的;不好吃的;味道糟糕的/distasteful; disagreeable. "I refuse to swallow your conclusion," said she, finding his logic unpalatable.

  unprecedented ADJ. /空前的/novel; unparalleled. For a first novel, Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind was an unprecedented success.

  unprepossessing ADJ. /不吸引人的/unattractive. During adolescence many attractive young people somehow acquire the false notion that their appearance is unprepossessing.

  unravel V. /拆开;解决/disentangle; solve. With equal ease Miss Marple unraveled tangled balls of yarn and baffling murder mysteries.

  unrequited ADJ. /不报答的,不回应的/not reciprocated. Suffering the pangs of unrequited love, Olivia rebukes Cesario for his hardheartedness.

  unruly ADJ. /不服从的;倔强的/disobedient; lawless. The only way to curb this unruly mob is to use tear gas.

  unscathed ADJ. /没有受伤的/unharmed. They prayed he would come back from the war unscathed.

  unseemly ADJ. /不体面的/unbecoming; indecent; in poor taste. When he put whoopie cushions on all the seats in the funeral parlor, his conduct was most unseemly.

  unsightly ADJ. /难看的/ugly. Although James was an experienced emergency room nurse, he occasionally became queasy when faced with a particularly unsightly injury.

  unstinting ADJ. /慷慨的;无保留的/giving generously; not holding back. The dean praised the donor of the new science building for her unstinting generosity.

  untenable ADJ. /防不住的;防不胜防的;站不住的/indefensible; not able to be maintained. Wayne is so contrary that, the more untenable a position is, the harder he'll try to defend it.

  unwarranted ADJ. /莫名其妙的;没来由的;冤枉的/unjustified; groundless; undeserved. Your assumption that I would accept your proposal is unwarranted, sir; I do not want to marry you at all. We could not understand Martin's unwarranted rudeness to his mother's guests.

  unwieldy ADJ. /糟糕的;笨拙的/awkward; cumbersome; unmanageable. The large carton was so unwieldy that the movers had trouble getting it up the stairs.

  unwitting ADJ. /不知情的/unintentional; not knowing. She was the unwitting tool of the swindlers.

  upbraid V. /责备/severely scold; reprimand. Not only did Miss Minchin upbraid Ermengarde for her disobedience, but she hung her up by her braids from a coat rack in the classroom. uproarious ADJ. marked by commotion; extremely funny; very noisy. The uproarious comedy hit Ace Ventura: Pet Detective starred Jim Carrey, whose comic mugging provoked gales of uproarious laughter from audiences coast to coast.

  upshot N. /结果/outcome. The upshot of the rematch was that the former champion proved that he still possessed all the skills of his youth.

  urbane ADJ. /文雅的;高雅的;彬彬有礼的/suave; refined; elegant. The courtier was urbane and sophisticated. urbanity, N.

  usurp V. /篡取/seize another's power or rank. The revolution ended when the victorious rebel general succeeded in his attempt to usurp the throne.

  utopia N. /乌托邦/ideal place, state, or society. Fed up with this imperfect universe, Don would have liked to run off to Shangri-la or some other imaginary utopia. utopian, ADJ. vacillate V. waver; fluctuate. Uncertain which suitor she ought to marry, the princess vacillated, saying now one, now the other. The big boss likes his people to be decisive: when he asks you for your opinion, whatever you do, don't vacillate. vacillation, N.

  vacuous ADJ. /空虚的;空的/empty; inane. The vacuous remarks of the politician annoyed the audience, who had hoped to hear more than empty platitudes.

  vagabond N. /流浪者/wanderer; tramp. In summer, college students wander the roads of Europe like carefree vagabonds. alsoADJ.

  vagrant N. /无家可归的流浪者/a homeless wanderer. Because he was a stranger in town with no visible means of support, Martin feared he would be jailed as a vagrant. vagrancy, N.

  valedictory ADJ. /告别的/pertaining to farewell. I found the valedictory address too long; leave-taking should be brief.

  valid ADJ. /正当的;有效的/logically convincing; sound; legally acceptable. You're going to have to come up with a better argument if you want to convince me that your reasoning is valid.

  validate V. /批准;确认/confirm; ratify. I will not publish my findings until I validate my results.

  valor N. /英勇;勇猛/bravery. He received the Medal of Honor for his valor in battle.

  vampire N. /吸血鬼/ghostly being that sucks the blood of the living. Children were afraid to go to sleep because of the many legends of vampires roaming at night.

  vanguard N. /先驱;先锋/forerunners; advance forces. We are the vanguard of a tremendous army that is following us.

  vantage N. /优势/position giving an advantage. They fired upon the enemy from behind trees, walls and any other point of vantage they could find.

  vapid ADJ. /平淡单调的;索然无味的;缺乏想象力的/dull and unimaginative; insipid and flavorless. "Bor-ing!" said Jessica, as she suffered through yet another vapid lecture about Dead White Male Poets.

  *vaporize V. /蒸发/turn into vapor (steam, gas, fog, etc.). "Zap!" went Super Mario's atomic ray gun as he vaporized another deadly foe.

  variegated ADJ. /杂色的/many-colored. Without her glasses, Gretchen saw the fields of tulips as a variegated blur.

  veer V. /转向/change in direction. After what seemed an eternity, the wind veered to the east and the storm abated.

  vehement ADJ. /激烈的;热烈的/forceful; intensely emotional; with marked vigor. Alfred became so vehement in describing what was wrong with the Internal Revenue Service that he began jumping up and down and frothing at the mouth. vehemence, N