3500SAT巴朗词表:Word List 42!在SAT考试中阅读部分是最能考验词汇量的,如果词汇掌握的很少那理解整篇文章就会很困难,可见词汇的重要性。下面智课网为大家整理了3500SAT巴朗词表中的词汇,供大家学习。

  Word List 42 sadistic-sentinel

  sadistic ADJ. /虐待狂的;残忍成性的/inclined to cruelty. If we are to improve condi- tions in this prison, we must first get rid of the sadistic warden.

  saga N. /斯堪的纳维亚的传说;传奇/Scandinavian myth; any legend. This is a saga of the sea and the men who risk their lives on it.

  Sagacious ADJ. /有洞察力的/perceptive; shrewd; having insight. My father was a sagacious judge of character: he could spot a phony a mile away. sagacity, N.

  sage N. /智者;圣人/person celebrated for wisdom. Hearing tales of a mysterious Master of All Knowledge who lived in the hills of Tibet, Sandy was possessed with a burning desire to consult the legendary sage. alsoADJ.

  salacious ADJ. /好色的;淫荡的/lascivious; lustful. Chaucer's monk is not pious but salacious. a teller of lewd tales and ribald jests.

  salient ADJ. /显著的;突出的;卓越的/prominent. One of the salient features of that newspaper is its excellent editorial page.

  salubrious ADJ. /对健康有益的,利于养生的/healthful. Many people with hay fever move to more salubrious sections of the country during the months of August and September.

  salutary ADJ. /有用的;有益的/tending to improve; beneficial; wholesome. The punishment had a salutary effect on the boy, as he became a model student.

  salvage V. /补救;抢救;打捞;营救/rescue from loss. All attempts to salvage the wrecked ship failed. also N.

  salvo N. /解除武装;敬礼;保留条款/discharge of firearms; military salute. The boom of the enemy's opening salvo made the petrified private jump.

  sanctimonious ADJ. /假正经的;假装神圣的/displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness. You do not have to be so sanctimonious to prove that you are devout.

  sanction V. /批准,许可/approve; ratify. Nothing will convince me to sanction the engagement of my daughter to such a worthless young man.

  sanctuary N. /避难所/refuge; shelter; shrine; holy place. The tiny attic was Helen's sanctuary to which she fled when she had to get away from the rest of her family.

  sanguine ADJ. /高兴的;有希望的;乐天的/cheerful; hopeful. Let us not be too sanguine about the outcome; something could go wrong.

  sap V. /减少;破坏/diminish; undermine. The element kryptonite has an unhealthy effect on Superman: it saps his strength.

  sarcasm N. /挖苦;讽刺/scornful remarks; stinging rebuke. Though Ralph pretended to ignore the mocking comments of his supposed friends, their sarcasm wounded him deeply.

  sardonic ADJ. /讽刺的/disdainful; sarcastic; cynical. The sardonic humor of nightclub comedians who satirize or ridicule patrons in the audience strikes some people as amusing and others as rude.

  sartorial ADJ. /裁缝的;缝纫机的;缝匠肌的/pertaining to tailors. He was as famous for the sartorial splendor of his attire as he was for his acting.

  sate V. /使心满意足;使过度满足;使腻/satisfy to the full; cloy. Its hunger sated. the lion dozed.

  satellite N. /卫星/small body revolving around a larger one. During the first few years of the Space Age, hundreds of satellites were launched by Russia and the United States.

  satiate V. /完全满足/satisfy fully. Having stuffed themselves until they were satiated, the guests were so full they were ready for a nap.

  satire N. /讽刺的/form of literature in which irony, sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack vice and folly. Gulliver's Travels, which is regarded by many as a tale for children, is actually a bitter satire attacking man's folly.

  satirical ADJ. /嘲弄的/mocking. The humor of cartoonist Gary Trudeau often is satirical; through the comments of the Doonesbury characters, Trudeau ridicules political corruption and folly.

  saturate V. /湿透/soak thoroughly. Saturate your sponge with water until it can't hold any more.

  saturnine ADJ. /阴郁的/gloomy. Do not be misled by his saturnine countenance; he is not as gloomy as he looks.

  saunter V. /漫步;闲逛/stroll slowly. As we sauntered through the park, we stopped frequently to admire the spring flowers.

  savant N. /专家,学者/scholar. Our faculty includes many worldfamous savants.

  savor V. /有滋有味儿的;享受这种滋味/enjoy; have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality. Relishing his triumph, the actor especially savored the chagrin of the critics who had predicted his failure.

  savory ADJ. /有味道的;吸引人的/tasty; pleasing, attractive, or agreeable. Julia Child's recipes enable amateur chefs to create savory delicacies for their guests.

  scabbard N. /剑鞘/case for a sword blade; sheath. The drill master told the recruit to wipe the blood from his sword before slipping it back into the scabbard.

  scad N. /大批的,许多/a great quantity. Refusing Dave's offer to lend him a shirt, Phil replied, "No, thanks, I've got scads of clothes."

  scaffold N. /脚手架;绞刑架/temporary platform for workers; bracing framework; platform for execution. Before painting the house, the workers put up a scaffold to allow them to work on the second story.

  scale V. /爬升;升高/climb up; ascend. In order to locate a book on the top shelf of the stacks, Lee had to scale an exceptionally rickety ladder.

  scamp N. /流氓,无赖/rascal. Despite his mischievous behavior, Malcolm was such an engaging scamp that his mother almost lacked the heart to punish him.

  scanty ADJ. /缺乏的;稀疏的/meager; insufficient. Thinking his helping of food was scanty, Oliver Twist asked for more.

  scapegoat N. /替罪羊/someone who bears the blame for others. After the Challenger disaster, NASA searched for scapegoats on whom they could cast the blame.

  scavenge V. /腐食;打扫/hunt through discarded materials for usable items; search, especially for food. If you need car parts that the dealers no longer stock, try scavenging for odd bits and pieces at the auto wreckers' yards. scavenger, N.

  scenario N. /情节;剧本大纲;(电影、歌剧)剧本/plot outline; screenplay; opera libretto. Scaramouche startled the other actors in the commedia troupe when he suddenly departed from their customary scenario and began to improvise.

  schematic ADJ. /示例的;示意性的/relating to an outline or diagram; using a system of symbols. In working out the solution to this logic puzzle, you may find it helpful to construct a simple schematic diagram outlining the order of events.

  schism N. /分离/division; split. Let us not widen the schism by further bickering.

  scintillate V. /迸出火花;发出闪烁/sparkle; flash. I enjoy her dinner parties because the food is excellent and the conversation scintillates.

  scoff V. /嘲弄,奚落/mock; ridicule. He scoffed at dentists until he had his first toothache.

  scourge N. /鞭笞;蹂躏/lash; whip; severe punishment. They feared the plague and regarded it as a deadly scourge. alsoV.

  scruple V. /踌躇;忧郁/fret about; hesitate, for ethical reasons. Fearing that her husband had become involved in an affair, she did not scruple to read his diary. also N.

  scrupulous ADJ. /小心翼翼的;谨慎的/conscientious; extremely thorough. Though Alfred is scrupulous in fulfilling his duties at work, he is less conscientious about his obligations to his family and friends.

  scrutinize V. /明察/examine closely and critically. Searching for flaws, the sergeant scrutinized every detail of the private's uniform.

  scuffle V. /徘徊(思考问题);混战/struggle confusedly; move off in a confused hurry. The twins briefly scuffled, wrestling to see which of them would get the toy. When their big brother yelled, "Let go of my Gameboy!" they scuffled off down the hall. scurrilous ADJ. obscene; indecent. Your scurrilous remarks are especially offensive because they are untrue.

  scurry V. /轻快的;活泼的移动/move briskly. The White Rabbit had to scurry to get to his appointment on time.

  scurvy ADJ. /下流的;卑鄙的,无理的;坏血病/despicable; contemptible. Peter Pan sneered at Captain Hook and his scurvy crew.

  scuttle V. /迈着碎步轻快的走/scurry; run with short, rapid steps. The bug scuttled rapidly across the floor.

  scuttle V. /沉没/sink. The sailors decided to scuttle their vessel rather than surrender it to the enemy.

  seamy ADJ. /丑恶的;露出嘴脸的/sordid; unwholesome. In The Godfather, Michael Corleone is unwilling to expose his wife and children to the seamy side of his life as the son of a Mafia don. sear V. char or burn; brand. Accidentally brushing against the hot grill, she seared her hand badly.

  seasoned ADJ. /老练的/experienced. Though pleased with her new batch of rookies, the basketball coach wished she had a few more seasoned players on the team.

  secession N. /撤退;脱离/withdrawal. The secession of the Southern states provided Lincoln with his first major problem after his inauguration. secede,V.

  seclusion N. /隔离/isolation; solitude. One moment she loved crowds; the next, she sought seclusion. seclude,V.

  secrete V. /隐匿;藏匿;分泌/hide away; produce and release a substance into an organism. The pack rat secretes odds and ends in its nest; the pancreas secretes insulin in the islets of Langerhans. sect N. separate religious body; faction. As university chaplain, she sought to address universal religious issues and not limit herself to concerns of any one sect.

  sectarian ADJ. /宗派主义的;地区主义的;宗派主义者;狭窄的/relating to a religious faction or subgroup; narrow-minded; limited. Far from being broad-minded, the religious leader was intolerant of new ideas, paying attention only to purely sectarian interests. sect. N.

  secular ADJ. /世俗的;现世的;永久的/worldly; not pertaining to church matters; temporal. The church leaders decided not to interfere in secular matters.

  sedate ADJ. /安静的;稳重的;低沉的/composed; grave. The parents were worried because they felt their son was too quiet and sedate.

  sedentary ADJ. /久坐的;坐惯的/requiring sitting. Disliking the effect of her sedentary occupation on her figure, Stacy decided to work out at the gym every other day.

  sedition N. /抵抗当局;反抗;暴动/resistance to authority; insubordination. His words, though not treasonous in themselves, were calculated to arouse thoughts of sedition.

  sedulous ADJ. /勤奋的;勤勤恳恳的/diligent; hardworking. After weeks of patient and sedulous labor, we completed our detailed analysis of every published SAT examination.

  seedy ADJ. /破烂不堪的;褴褛的;不合适的/run-down; decrepit; disreputable. I would rather stay in dormitory lodgings in a decent youth hostel than have a room of my own in a seedy downtown hotel.

  seemly ADJ. /适宜的,合适的/proper; appropriate. Lady Bracknell did not think it was seemly for Ernest to lack a proper family: no baby abandoned on a doorstep could grow up to be a fit match for her daughter.

  seep V. /渗出;渗漏/ooze; trickle. During the rainstorm, water seeped through the crack in the basement wall and damaged the floor boards. seepage, N.

  seethe V. /扰乱的;沸腾/be disturbed; boil. The nation was seething with discontent as the noblemen continued their arrogant ways.

  seismic ADJ. /地震的/pertaining to earthquakes. The Richter scale is a measurement of seismic disturbances.

  seminary N. /神学院;学院;发祥地/school for training future ministers; academy for young women. Sure of his priestly vocation, Terrence planned to pursue his theological training at the local Roman Catholic seminary.

  sensual ADJ. /感官的;肉欲的;感官论的/devoted to the pleasures of the senses; carnal; voluptuous. I cannot understand what caused him to abandon his sensual way of life and become so ascetic.

  sententious ADJ. /简洁的;警句式的,格言式的/terse; concise; aphoristic. After reading so many redundant speeches, I find his sententious style particularly pleasing.

  sentinel N. /哨兵/sentry; lookout. Though camped in enemy territory, Bledsoe ignored the elementary precaution of posting sentinels around the encampment.