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  Reporter arrested in W.Va. during HHS secretary’s visit

  A veteran West Virginia reporter has been arrested and charged with “disruption of government processes” in the state Capitol for “yelling questions” at visiting Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway.

  yanne Conway. Daniel Heyman, 54, with the Public News Service of West Virginia, was freed on $5,000 bond Tuesday night on a charge of “willful disruption of government processes,” according to a criminal complaint.

  “The above defendant was aggressively breaching the Secret Service agents to the point where the agents were forced to remove him a couple of times from the area walking up the hallway in the main building of the Capitol,” the complaint states. It adds Heyman caused a disturbance by “yelling questions at Ms. Conway and Secretary Price.”

  The misdemeanor carries a possible fine of $100 and up to six months in jail.

  Heyman later told reporters he was “trying to do my job” by pressing the secretary on whether domestic violence would be considered a pre-existing condition under the proposed American Health Care Act.

  Heyman, a veteran reporter who covers health issues for Public News Service, said he was holding his phone out to record the impromptu hallway interview, but Price repeatedly refused to respond. “He didn’t say anything,” Heyman told reporters. “So I persisted.”