3500SAT巴朗词表:Word List 27!3500SAT巴朗词表中收录了新SAT考试的核心词汇,考生可以通过学习积累大量词汇。下面智课网接着为大家带来3500SAT巴朗词表内容,本文为Word List 27,一起来学习一下。

  Word List 27 invincible-laggard'

  invincible ADJ. /无敌的/unconquerable. Superman is invincible.

  inviolable ADJ. /无敌的;神圣不可亵渎的/secure from corruption, attack, or violation; unassailable. Batman considered his oath to keep the people of Gotham City inviolable: nothing on earth could make him break this promise.

  invocation N. /祈祷/prayer for help; calling upon as a reference or support. The service of Morning Prayer opens with an invocation during which we ask God to hear our prayers.

  invoke V. /恳请,借助于,找来,调用/call upon; ask for. She invoked her advisor's aid in filling out her financial aid forms.

  invulnerable ADJ. /无懈可击的/incapable of injury. Achilles was invulnerable except in his heel.

  iota N. /极少量的/very small quantity. She hadn't an iota of common sense.

  irascible ADJ. /易怒的;暴躁的/irritable; easily angered. Miss Minchin's irascible temper intimidated the younger schoolgirls, who feared she'd burst into a rage at any moment.

  irate ADJ. /愤怒的;生气的/angry. When John's mother found out he had overdrawn his checking account for the third month in a row, she was so irate she could scarcely speak to him.

  ire N. /怒气/anger. The waiter tried unsuccessfully to placate the ire of the diner who had found a cockroach in her soup.

  iridescent ADJ. /虹彩的/exhibiting rainbowlike colors. She admired the iridescent hues of the oil that floated on the surface of the water.

  irksome ADJ. /令人厌恶的;冗长乏味的/annoying; tedious. He found working on the assembly line irksome because of the monotony of the operation he had to perform. irk,V.

  ironic ADJ. /讽刺性的/resulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome. It is ironic that his success came when he least wanted it.

  irony N. /反话;讽刺/hidden sarcasm or satire; use of words that seem to mean the opposite of what they actually mean. Gradually his listeners began to realize that the excessive praise he was lavishing on his opponent was actually irony, he was in fact ridiculing the poor fool.

  irrational ADJ. /无理的,缺乏逻辑的;不理智的/illogical; lacking reason; insane. Many people have such an irrational fear of snakes that they panic at the sight of a harmless garter snake.

  irreconcilable ADJ. /不相容的;矛盾的/incompatible; not able to be resolved. Because the separated couple were irreconcilable, the marriage counselor recommended a divorce.

  irrefutable ADJ. /不可否认的;不能驳倒的/indisputable; incontrovertible; undeniable. No matter how hard I tried to find a good comeback for her argument, I couldn't think of one: her logic was irrefutable.

  irrelevant ADJ. /不相关的,不照号的/not applicable; unrelated. No matter how irrelevant the patient's mumblings may seem, they give us some indications of what he has on his mind.

  irremediable ADJ. /不能挽回的;不能治愈的/incurable; uncorrectable. The error she made was irremediable; she could see no way to repair it.

  irreparable ADJ. /不能弥补的,不能修复的;无可挽救的/not able to be corrected or repaired. Your apology cannot atone for the irreparable damage you have done to her reputation.

  irrepressible ADJ. /压不住的,抑制不住的/unable to be restrained or held back. My friend Kitty's curiosity was irrepressible: she poked her nose into everybody's business and just laughed when I warned her that curiosity killed the cat.

  irreproachable ADJ. /无可指责的;没有缺点的/blameless; impeccable. Homer's conduct at the office party was irreproachable; even Marge didn't have anything bad to say about how he behaved.

  irresolute ADJ. /犹豫不决的/uncertain how to act; weak. Once you have made your decision, don't waver; a leader should never appear irresolute.

  irretrievable ADJ. /不能复原的;不能挽回的/impossible to recover or regain; irreparable. The left fielder tried to retrieve the ball, but it flew over the fence, bounced off a wall, and fell into the sewer: it was irretrievable.

  irreverence N. /不尊敬的/lack of proper respect. Some audience members were amused by the irreverence of the comedian's jokes about the Pope; others felt offended by his lack of respect for their faith. irreverent,ADJ.

  irrevocable ADJ. /不能取消的;不能变更的/unalterable; irreversible. As Sue dropped the "Dear John" letter into the mailbox, she suddenly had second thoughts and wanted to take it back, but she could not: her action was irrevocable.

  itinerant ADJ. /巡回的/wandering; traveling. He was an itinerant peddler and traveled through Pennsylvania and Virginia selling his wares. also N.

  itinerary N. /旅行计划;路线/plan of a trip. Disliking sudden changes in plans when she traveled abroad, Ethel refused to make any alterations in her itinerary.

  jabber V. /快速的说,含混不清的说/chatter rapidly or unintelligibly. Why does the fellow insist on jabbering away in French when I can't understand a word he says?

  jaded ADJ. /疲倦的/fatigued; surfeited. He looked for exotic foods to stimulate his jaded appetite.

  jargon N. /黑话,行话,胡话/language used by a special group; technical terminology; gibberish. The computer salesmen at the store used a jargon of their own that we simply couldn't follow; we had no idea what they were jabbering about.

  jaundiced ADJ. /患黄疸病的;有偏见的/prejudiced (envious, hostile or resentful); yellowed. Because Sue disliked Carolyn, she looked at Carolyn's paintings with a jaundiced eye, calling them formless smears. Newborn infants afflicted with jaundice look slightly yellow: they have jaundiced skin.

  jaunt N. /短途旅行/trip; short journey. He took a quick jaunt to Atlantic City.

  jaunty ADJ. /无忧无虑的,快乐的,轻松的/lighthearted; animated; easy and carefree. In An American in Paris, Gene Kelly sang and danced his way through "Singing in the Rain" in a properly jaunty style.

  jeopardize V. /置于危险之中/endanger; imperil; put at risk. You can't give me a D in chemistry: you'll jeopardize my chances of getting into M.I.T. jeopardy, N.

  jettison V. /投弃货物/throw overboard. In order to enable the ship to ride safely through the storm, the captain had to jettison much of his cargo.

  jingoist N. /狂热好战分子;侵略主义者/extremely aggressive and militant patriot; warlike chauvinist. Always bellowing "America first!," the congressman was such a jingoist you could almost hear the sabers rattling as he marched down the halls. jingoism, N.

  jocose ADJ. /诙谐的/given to joking. The salesman was so jocose that many of his customers suggested that he become a .,stand-up" comic.

  jocular ADJ. /诙谐的/said or done in jest. Although Bill knew the boss hated jokes, he couldn't resist making one jocular remark.

  jollity N. /高兴的;欢乐的/gaiety; cheerfulness. The festive Christmas dinner was a merry one, and old and young alike joined in the general jollity.

  jostle V. /推,挤;撞/shove; bump. In the subway he was jostled by the crowds.

  jovial ADJ. /天性善良的;好的;高兴的,愉快的/good-natured; merry. A frown seemed out of place on his invariably jovial face.

  jubilation N. /庆祝/rejoicing. There was great jubilation when the armistice was announced. jubilant,ADJ.

  judicious ADJ. /公平的/sound in judgment; wise. At a key moment in his life, he made a judicious investment that was the foundation of his later wealth.

  juncture N. /危机,转折点;关键点/crisis; joining point. At this critical juncture, let us think carefully before determining the course we shall follow.

  junta N. /小集团;政治团伙/group of men joined in political intrigue; cabal. As soon as he learned of its existence, the dictator ordered the execution of all of the members of the junta.

  jurisprudence N. /法学/science of law. He was more a student of jurisprudence than a practitioner of the law.

  justification N. /有理,正当;辩护;释罪/good or just reason; defense; excuse. The jury found him guilty of the more serious charge because they could see no possible justification for his actions,

  kaleidoscope N. /万花筒/tube in which patterns made by the reflection in mirrors of colored pieces of glass, etc., produce interesting symmetrical effects. People found a new source of entertainment while peering through the kaleidoscope; they found the ever-changing patterns fascinating.

  kernel N. /核心的/central or vital part; whole seed (as of corn). "Watson, buried within this tissue of lies there is a kernel of truth; when I find it, the mystery will be solved."

  killjoy N. /扫兴的人;煞风景/grouch; spoilsport. At breakfast we had all been enjoying our bacon and eggs until that killjoy John started talking about how bad animal fats were for our health.

  kindle V. /点燃,照亮,激起/start a fire; inspire. One of the first things Ben learned in the Boy Scouts was how to kindle a fire by rubbing two dry sticks together. Her teacher's praise for her poetry kindled a spark of hope inside Maya.

  kindred ADJ. /同族的,同类的;血缘的/related; belonging to the same family. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were two kindred spirits. also N.

  kinetic ADJ. /运动的;运动学的/producing motion. Designers of the electric automobile find that their greatest obstacle lies in the development of light and efficient storage batteries, the source of the kinetic energy needed to propel the vehicle.

  kleptomaniac N. /偷窃狂;盗窃癖/person who has a compulsive desire to steal. They discovered that the wealthy customer was a kleptomaniac when they caught her stealing some cheap trinkets.

  knave N. /流氓;无赖;恶棍/untrustworthy person; rogue; scoundrel. Any politician nicknamed Tricky Dick clearly has the reputation of a knave. knavery, N.

  knit V. /编织;结合/contract into wrinkles; grow together. Whenever David worries, his brow knits in a frown. When he broke his leg, he sat around the house all day waiting for the bones to knit.

  knoll N. /小山包/little round hill. Robert Louis Stevenson's grave is on a knoll in Samoa; to reach the grave site, you must climb uphill and walk a short distance along a marked path.

  knotty ADJ. /复杂的,错综的;精细的/intricate; difficult; tangled. What to Watson had been a knotty problem, to Sherlock Holmes was simplicity itself.

  kudos N. /名望,声誉/honor; glory; praise. The singer complacently received kudos from his entourage on his performance.

  laborious ADJ. /艰苦的,勤劳的/demanding much work or care; tedious. In putting together his dictionary of the English language, Doctor Johnson undertook a laborious task.

  labyrinth N. /迷宫/maze. Hiding from Indian Joe, Tom and Becky soon lost themselves in the labyrinth of secret underground caves. labyrinthine,ADJ.

  laceration N. /破口/torn, ragged wound. The stock car driver needed stitches to close up the lacerations he received in the car crash.

  lachrymose ADJ. /爱哭的/producing tears. His voice has a lachrymose quality more appropriate to a funeral than a class reunion.

  lackadaisical ADJ. /懒洋洋的,没上进心的/lacking purpose or zest; halfhearted; languid. Because Gatsby had his mind more on his love life than on his finances, he did a very lackadaisical job of managing his money.

  lackluster ADJ. /暗淡的,无光的;单调的/dull. We were disappointed by the lackluster performance.

  laconic ADJ. /简洁的/brief and to the point. Many of the characters portrayed by Clint Eastwood are laconic types: strong men of few words.

  laggard ADJ. /缓慢的,迟缓的/slow; sluggish. The sailor had been taught not to be laggard in carrying out orders. lag, N.,V.