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  Grass-fed steak

  Grilled steak is a tasty way to load up on iron and protein, but

  try not to burn it: charred steak can contain carcinogens.

  WHY IT’S GOOD FOR YOU Meat from grass-fed cows has less

  saturated fat and more hearthealthy omega-3 fatty acids.

  NUTRITION Beef is high in protein, with 22 grams for a 3-oz. serving.

  Quinoa pasta

  Unlike other gluten-free varieties, quinoa pasta doesn’t get mushy when cooked,

  and it’s ready in a fraction of the time.

  WHY IT’S GOOD FOR YOU Quinoa pasta has even more fiber than wheat versions.

  NUTRITION It may help lower inflammation and improve allergy symptoms.


  Eat the whole thing, yolk included. Pairing eggs with

  greens helps you absorb more of the vegetables’ nutrients.

  WHY THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU Yolks make the fat-soluble nutrients in eggs easier to digest, and they don’t elevate cholesterol as doctors previously thought.

  NUTRITION Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids.