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  Questions 34-44 are based on the following passage and supplementary material.

  Creating Worlds: A Career in Game Design

  If you love video games and have thought about how the games you play might be changed or improved, or if you've imagined creating a video game of your own, you might want to consider a career as a video game designer. There 34 were a number of steps you can take to determine whether game design is the right field for you and, if it is, to prepare yourself for such a career.

  Before making the choice, you should have some sense of what a video game designer does. Every video game, whether for a console, computer, or mobile device, starts with a concept that originates in the mind of a designer. The designer envisions the game's fundamental 35 elements: the settings, characters, and plots that make each game unique, and is thus a primary creative force behind a video game.

  Conceptualizing a game is only the beginning of a video game designer's 36 job, however, no matter how good a concept is, it will never be translated into a video game unless it is communicated effectively to all the other members of the video game development team. 37 A designer must generate extensive documentation and 38 explain his or her ideas clearly in order to ensure that the programmers, artists, and others on the team all share the same vision. 39 Likewise, anyone considering a career as a video game designer must be 40 skilled writers and speakers. In addition, because video game development is a collaborative effort and because the development of any one game may take months or even years, a designer must be an effective team player as well as detail oriented.

  [1] A basic understanding of computer programming is essential. [2] In fact, many designers 41 initially begin their pursuits as programmers. [3] Consider taking some general computer science courses as well as courses in artificial intelligence and graphics in order to increase your understanding of the technical challenges involved in developing a video game. [4] Courses in psychology and human behavior may help you develop 42 emphatic collaboration skills, while courses in the humanities, such as in literature and film, should give you the background necessary to develop effective narrative structures. [5] A designer also needs careful educational preparation. [6] Finally, because a designer should understand the business aspects of the video game industry, such as budgeting and marketing, you may want to consider taking some business courses. [7] Although demanding and deadline driven, 43 video game design can be a lucrative and rewarding field for people who love gaming and have prepared themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge. 44

  34.There 34 were a number of steps you can take to determine whether game design is the right field for you and, if it is, to prepare yourself for such a career.


  B . has been

  C . are

  D . was


  Choice С is the best answer because it uses the present tense, which is consistent with the verbs that appear later in the sentence.

  Choices A, B, and D are incorrect because they create awkward shifts in tense.

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