2013年5月SAT真题下载写作题目:Is preparing for the future more important than enjoying the present?要及时行乐还是未雨绸缪。


  那这里的enjoying the present就需要是负面的。Future需要是有希望的,成功的。




  (3)扩大到国家,社会层面。现在想用各种高科技产品,耗费各种资源,掠夺自然,不为后世考虑,那未来是很可怕的。那反面的例子可以说global warming,正面的可以说sustainable development。




  (1) 会有意外的好事发生。比方说便利贴,味精,抗生素的发明。他们的发明家们都没有设计着要去发明发现这样的东西,但是机缘巧合,在不经意间观察到了一些现象,之后抓住机会再去研究。

  (2) 未来不可预测,灾难不可避免。比方说地震,洪水,世界末日等等。那我们应该抓紧机会享受生活中美好,珍惜机会。

  (3) Seize the day 是一个很好的生活方式,亚里士多德也支持这样的观点。没有必要为了将来牺牲现在的幸福。比方说可持续发展,并不是说我们现在就要不开汽车不用空调,未来会有更好的发明,不需要太去担忧。



  Devastating the forests, contaminating the waters, graying the skies and extincting kinds of living creatures are all the crimes that could never be forgiven, however, under the name of “enjoying the present”, all of these seem to be justified. Nevertheless, the future would give human beings a lesson if they continue to exhaust the natural resources and destroy the great nature. Actually, if human being would take a glance of the skies of Antarctic zone and the Rainforest in Brazil during their efforts to enjoy the present from the nature, they would realize: the lesson has begun.

  The invention and popularization of air conditioners largely improve one’s comfort level but inevitably increase the danger of worsen the situation of the Antarctic ozone hole. Staying in a room with air conditioners, few could realize that he or she is contributing to the enlargement of the ozone hole. Due to human’s activities, especially the behavior of emitting CFCs into the air, the ozone hole in Antarctic zone emerged and is growing. What is more, the growth of the ozone hole would increase the possibilities of suffering from skin cancer and enormous deadly diseases of the people living on the South hemisphere. Apparently, should the ozone layer disappear, no one could image what would happen. Fortunately, humans are taking action of preparing for the future. Thanks to the Montreal protocol, the involving countries are making efforts to control the production and consumption of CFCs. However, the things having been done are far from enough. More countries, more actions should be involved in the procedure of protecting the zone layer, protecting the earth, and, most critically, protecting humans in future. Absolutely, preparing for the future does not mean sacrificing all the enjoyment, people can devote themselves to the great issue by doing tiny things such as purchasing the air conditioners which would consume substitutes for CFCs.

  Compared to the Antarctic ozone hole, the declining of the rainforest in Brazil arises more attention of publicity. The rainforest, a massive pool of natural resources and the lung of the earth, plays an irreplaceable and extremely prominent role in absorbing carbon dioxide. However, such a crucial resource has been put into danger because of the excessive deforestation which is incredibly shortsighted. Pretty ironically, Brazil produces about 0.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide of which two thirds comes from the actions of cutting and burning the rainforest. Brazil might not be able to protect the rainforest as it is still a developing country which is trying every effort to fulfill the basic need of its citizens, however, the assistant from international associations and the developed countries would definitely ease the pain of rainforest. Present enjoyment of exterminating the treasures of nature would bring economic benefits but be at the cost a gloomy future which belongs to every country, therefore, participating in the protection of the rainforest should be a duty shared by all the countries.

  In a nutshell, human beings are taking actions of preparing for the future instead of only focusing on present enjoyment, which is really delightful; however, much more could be done if everyone gets engaged in the great matter.


  History has witnessed enough events of unwise decision making, including the failure of Napoleon when he was trying to invade Russia and the Chernobyl disaster, however, such tragedies are still performing as people are always making decisions without taking the future into consideration. Indulging in the present enjoyment, people are blinded by the temperate pleasure, which would lead to massive lost in the future. Here come the examples of Lance Edward Armstrong’s and the restoration of Beichuan, a spot suffered from earthquake in 2008.

  As a survivor of testicular cancer, Lance Edward Armstrong was considered as hero for his durance and bravery in the fight with cancer. Encouraged people crowned him as the legend. Addicted to the applause and admiration, Armstrong got lost. In order to continue his magic, he took stimulant when he participated in the Tour de France and was awarded the first prize for seven consecutive times. However, fire cannot be wrapped up in paper. Recently, USADA discovered the hidden truth of his magical accomplishment and announced that his taking stimulant would lead to a lifelong suspending. The people who were largely inspired by him were eager to hear their hero to deny the scandal so that the legend can continue, however, remorsefully, Armstrong admitted that he did so, disillusioning all of his fans. Should not he be aware of the consequence? Apparently he is not. However, the taste of accomplishment was so inviting that a remarkable one would lose himself in enjoying the present, which leads to his falling. Ignoring the future let him pay the price.

  Apart from Armstrong, the reconstruction of Beichuan illustrates the consequence of ignoring the future and only paying attention to the present thriving. Suffering from the violent, devastating earthquake in 2008, Beichuan was in ruins. Absolutely, after the disaster, the plan of reconstruction should be turned on the agenda. However, ignoring the warning that the secondary disaster would occur, the so-called experts and socialists decided to invest a huge amount of money to turn Beichuan into a relics park in order to stimulate the economy. Notwithstanding the plan seemed plausible, something unfortunate happened recently. Due to the heave rain and the loose structure caused by earthquake, landslide occurred frequently in the pathetic village, destroying the whole relics park which was still in construction. All the investment and hope for economy prosperity was ruined by the flood and landslide. Had the experts taken the secondary disasters and the future geology dynamic into consideration instead of indulging in the illusion of present achievement in their career, they would not have made such ignorant decision and the efforts and fund, which could have been used to improve living standard of local people would not be wasted in vain.

  So inviting is the taste of present enjoyment and accomplishment that seldom could a person turn an indifferent attitude toward the seduction, however, in order to have a longer benefit, people should take the consideration for the preparation for future.