根据according to; on the basis of; on the ground of (that); in the light of; in line with; in accordance with

  逃避问题evade the question

  增大enlarge; extend; aggrandize

  澄清clarify; make clear

  赔偿compensate for; give…as compensation for

  实现carry out; implement; realize; make…come true

  假定suppose; assume; postulate; hypothesize

  极端的radical; extreme

  极端的措施drastic measures

  剩下的the rest; the remainder; what is left

  换言之in other words; put another way

  结果result; aftermath; consequence

  优点advantage; strength; strong point; merit; benefit

  简言之put simply; in short; in brief; in a nutshell

  举例而言for instance; for example; to illustrate; let us cite 特别是an illustration; to cite a concrete case

  特别是especially; more than others; particularly; in particular

  既然…now that…; seeing that…

  迹象inkling; hint; clue; a slight suggestion

  缺点disadvantage; demerit; shortcoming; drawback; weakness

  除去do away with; eliminate; remove; get rid of

  缺少for lack of; for a deficiency of

  毕竟after all; all in all

  范围scope; field; realm


  行为conduct; behavior; doings

  隔绝isolate; insulate

  分辨出identify; recognize

  不易懂的elusive; hard to understand



  主导的人物a dominant figure; a controlling man; the most influential person

  观点viewpoint; point of view; perspective; standpoint

  正在进行中is underway

  只是一种姿态is merely a gesture

  立场position; stand; stance

  意向inclination; leaning; intention

  特权privilege; a special right

  来自stem from; come from

  一件事的不同说法alternative statements of fact


  交织intertwine; interweave

  好奇心the eager desire to know; curiosity

  尊敬respect; esteem; think highly of

  顽固的headstrong; obstinate; stubborn

  暗淡的gloomy; dark; dim

  巨大的huge; gigantic; colossal; vast; enormous; tremendous

  探索explore; fathom

  执行carry out; execute; do

  现代modern times; modern age; contemporary age

  偏见prejudice; bias; partiality; predilection

  混乱chaos; commotion; confusion; disturbance; tumult


  无缺点的flawless; airtight


  无法避免的unavoidable; inevitable

  细密的计划elaborate plan

  取消cancel; annul; abolish

  解药a cure for…; a remedy for;

  谜puzzle; riddle; enigma

  机会平等equality of opportunity

  较有影响力的国家a predominant country

  遵守abide by; conform to; observe; comply with

  热情的passionate; ardent; zealous

  模糊的ambiguous; vague; obscure


  失望despair; loss of hope; without hope

  幼稚childish; childlike; na?ve

  挑剔的picky; choosy; fastidious

  破坏destroy; ruin; break to pieces; devasate

  技巧的skillful; adept; dexterous

  警觉的alert; watchful; on guard; wary of

  忍受bear; put up with; endure; stand

  证据evidence; facts; proof; grounds; testimony

  很容易地easily; with little problem; with little hindrance

  令人惊讶的amazing; astonishing; astounding