1. acid, acri, acrid, acu=sour, sharp, 尖,酸,锐利 acid acidulous acute acrimonious

  2. act=to do, to drive, 行动,做 actate enact react

  3. aer, aero, aeri=air, 空气,充气 aerate aerial aerosphere

  4. ag=do, act, 做,代理做 agile agent agitate

  5. agri, agro, agr=field, land, 田地,农业 agriculture agrarian agrobiology

  6.alter, altern,ali=other, to change, 其他的,改变状态 alterable alteration alternative, amor, amat=love, 爱,情爱 amiable amicable amity

  8.ambul=walk, 行走,走路 ambulance ambulant

  9.anim=life, spirit, 生命,精神 animate magnanimous unanimous equanimity

  10. ann, enn=year, 年,一年 annual anniversary annuity perennial

  11. anthrop=man, human, 人,人类 anthropology philanthropist

  12.apt, ept=fit, ability, 适应,能力 aptitude adaptable adaptation adept

  13.aqu=water, 水 aquatic subaquesous

  14.arch, archy=ruler, rule, chief, 统治者,统治,主要的 anarchy patriarch architecture archipelago(群岛), joint, trick, 技巧,关节,诡计 artifact artificial artisan ariticle

  16.astro, aster=star, 星星 disaster astrology, audit=hear, 听 audibible auditorium audition audience

  18.av, avar, avi=desire, bird, 渴望,鸟 aviation avid aviator

  19.ball, bol=throw, dance, ball, 抛,舞,球 balloon ballad

  20.bas, base=low, foundation, 低下,基础 baseless debase abase

  21.bell, bel=war, fight, 战争,打斗 rebel belligerent bellicose rebellion, bi=life, 生命,生物 biology autobiography biosphere symbiotic

  23.brev, bridg=short, 短,缩短 abbreviate brevity brief

  24.cad, cas, cid=fall, 落下,降临 casualty occasion decaent coincide incident occident

  25.cand=white, glow, 白,发光 candid candor candidate incandescent

  26.cant, cent=sing, song, 唱歌 cant recant(取消) accent accentuate

  27.cap, capt, cept, ceive, cip, cup=take, hold, seize, 拿,抓,握住

  captive capture accept receptacle conceive deceive perceive conceit

  anticipate emancipate participant preoccupation occupant

  28.cap, cipit=head, 头 capacity captain capitulate precipitate

  29.card, cord=heart, 心脏,一致 cordial concord discord accord cardinal

  30.carn=flesh, 肉,肉欲 carnal carnival carnivorous

  31.ced, ceed, cess=go, 行走,前进 accede antecedent intercede recede excessive succeed access successive recession

  32.celer=quick, speed, 快,速 celerity accelerate decelerate

  33.cent=hundred, 一百 centimeter percent percentage

  34.centr=center, 中心 concentrate centripetal concentric, cert, cret=sure, separate, 搞清,区别 concern discern discernmible ascertain certificate discrete discreet

  36.chron=time, 时间 chroic chronicle anachronism synchronize synchronous

  37.cid, cis=cut, kill, 切开,杀 decide homicide insecticide suicide concise

  38.circ, cycl=ring, circle, 圆,环 circular circulate circuitous encircle bicycle recycle

  39.cit=quote, call, 引用,唤起 excite incite recite

  40.claim, clam=cry out, shout, 呼喊,叫喊 acclaim declaim disclaim exclaim reclaim clamo