SAT语法的OG备考中,对于资料中出现的重要语法知识,大家还是要做详细的备考。毕竟这些都是考试重要的考察内容。那么关于SAT OG9中的语法知识都有哪些呢?下面小编为大家整理了详细的内容,供大家参考!

  1. NASA: A Space Program with Down-to-Earth Benefits


  NASA has a widespread positive effect on society by serving as a catalyst for innovation and scientific understanding, creating jobs ,and showing humanity its place within the universe

  a catalyst for innovation and scientific understanding

  NASA contributes vastly to the economy

  showing humanity its place within the universe

  2. Thomas Nast, the Crusading Cartoonist


  meaningful professional development is a shared responsibility

  对方观点:自己解决 & 否决!

  a framework that suits the particular needs of their employees

  a recent trend in professional development that has provided advantages to both employers and employees is online instruction






  3. The Evolution of Slow Food


  To counter the rise of fast food and fast life, a cohort of people spearheaded a Slow Food movement, declaring loyalty to unhurried enjoyment

  From its beginning, the movement has opposed the standardization of taste that fast food chains promote: keep the diversity of flavors

  During its early years, the movement also focused on the value of leisurely meals with friends and family & critics: too elitist

  结尾:Over time, Slow Food has broadened its mission to focus on food that is good, clean, and fair for all.

  以上就是关于“SAT OG9语法内容整理”的内容,希望通过上述内容的学习,大家能够更好的备考练习这些知识,希望大家能够收获高分。