1.Having an exceptional beautiful mountain range and heavy winter snowfall,the International Olympic Committee choose Salt Lake city as the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

  Because it has an exceptionally beautiful mountain range and heavy winter snowfall,Salt Lake city was chosen by the International Olympic Committee.

  点评:一种常考题型,因果关系的反映。由于Because的后面的it指Salt Lake city,故后半句主语开头必为Salt Lake city.

  2.The marathon runner’s early burst of speed had been exciting to some,she was slower after several miles.

  had been excitihg to some;however,she was.


  3.(常考题:对比)The annual income of the average African citizen is 211 dollars,the average American’s income is almost 27591 dollars.

  dollars,yet the average American’s income is.

  点评:对比题,所以要体现对比的语气。原句run-on了.所以正确答案中间用了yet这个词(和however差不多)。 记住此类题,比较常考。

  4.Although the CWS win more often than the CC,Chicago residnets,who are historically mid(此处不清晰) baseball fans,prefer the CC。 Right!


  5.Because the lens have UV protection,nearly all UV rays are prevented from reaching the wearer’s eyes.

  protection,they prevent nearly all UV rays from reaching the wearer’s eyes.

  点评:prevent sth/sb from doing sth. 老句型了。。。同时注意主语为lenses,所以直接用they。 一般用主动态多余被动态。(“顺”比“逆”好)

  6. The hills in SBC,like neighboring SLOC,is the home to some of C’s best vineyards.

  the hills of neighboring SLOC,are.

  点评:hills要和hills对比才对称,be动词用复数。“of neighboring”这个用法可以记一下。

  7(常考题:并列)Nurses and anesthesiologists are both essential in the operating room,and the anesthesiologists would keep the patient sedated while the nurses would assist and support the surgeon.

  the anesthesiologists to keep the patient sedated and the nurses to assist and support.

  点评:anesthesiologists和nurses为并列关系,所以用“…to… and…to…”避免run-on。记住这种形式,考得比较多,大家做题时多注意类似题目

  8.The sausage served at the end of the meal was more flavorful than any of the other pastas I had tasted;probably because it was roasted in its own juices.

  was more flavorful than any of the pastas I had tasted,probably because.

  点评:pastas不是sausage,故谈到pastas用“any of pastas”不用“any other”。由于后半句谈原因,所以和前面是有联系的,中间用逗号。