1. prevent…from

  例句: condition known as laryngitis usually causes the vocal cords and surrounding tissue The to swell, thus preventing the cords from moving freely.

  2. put/place sb on probation

  例句: Despite the attorney’s moving plea, the judge placed the juvenile offender on probation for an indecisive period.

  3.more+ adj/n+ than 与其说。。 。,不如说。。 。

  例句:Confucianism is more a code of ethics than a religion; it presents no deities but fosters instead a respect for one’s ancestors and for and orderly society.

  4. step in (doing ) sth

  例句:A possible first step in developing a nonsexist vocabulary with which to analyze the works of the nineteenth-century writer Elizabeth Gaskell would be to stop referring to her as “Mrs. Gaskell.”.

  5. opposition to sth

  例句:There is a great deal of opposition to the war. justify doing sth

  例句:Those who defend sequoia trees from loggers justify doing so on the ground that such trees are irreplaceable. particular about sth 对。。挑剔 。

  例句: very particular about nesting sites, house wrens may nest in birdhouses, mailboxes, Not building crevices--- even in the pockets of hanging laundry.

  7. on the verge of sth/doing sth

  例句:The show was on the verge of being canceled due to low ratings.

  8. separate… from

  例句:To create a pasta with a richer egg flavor, Martha urged her audience to separate the egg whites from the egg yolks.

  9. partake of 吃。。 。,喝。。 。

  例句:My grandmother likes to partake of a small glass of sherry before lunch.

  10.partake in= participate

  例句:Women have the fundamental right to partake in the public affairs.

  11. be jealous of

  例句:Wanda implored Marco not to be jealous of her work; she explained that because she liked both Marco and her job, he would have to share.

  12. liken… to 与。。相比 。

  例句:Critics have likened the new theater to a supermarket.

  13. listen to/ be responsible for doing sth

  例句: Listening to the first song its lead singer ever wrote, the brand members did not foresee that this young man would be responsible for bringing them to the attention of the world.

  14. something of 有几分,类似

  例句:Something of a phenomenon in he entertainment would, political satirists are admired by conservatives and radicals alike.

  15. It is helpful for sb to do sth /be helpful in doing sth

  例句:Chess players find that playing against a computer is helpful in improving their skills, even though no chess-playing computer has yet won a championship.