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  In recent years, several urban US airports have converted some of the unused land past their runways to provide habitats for honeybees. While airports may seem unlikely locations for beekeeping, many of them, in fact, have the potential to offer ideal conditions for an apiary (a group of beehives). The Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, for instance, hosts an apiary on a 400-square-foot area of land just north of one of its runways. This area is rich in Dutch clover, a preferred food source for honeybees. The honeybees may thrive there in part because they aren't exposed to the agricultural pesticides suspected of contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder. Though unorthodox, airport-based honeybee habitats can help to ensure that local regions have healthy populations of honeybees.

  Which choice most effectively provides support for the paragraph's primary claim?


  B.passed their

  C.past there

  D.passed there