Questions 12 through 22 are based on the following passage.

  Dong Kingman: Painter of Cities

  A 1954 documentary about renowned watercolor painter Dong Kingman shows the artist sitting on a stool on Mott Street in New York City's Chinatown. A crowd of admiring spectators [Q12] watched as Kingman squeezes dollops of paint from several tubes into a tin watercolor [Q13] box, from just a few primary colors, Kingman creates dozens of beautiful hues as he layers the translucent paint onto the paper on his easel. Each stroke of the brush and dab of the sponge transforms thinly sketched outlines into buildings, shop signs, and streetlamps. The street scene Kingman begins composing in this short film is very much in keeping with the urban landscapes for which he is best known.


  During his career, Kingman exhibited his work [Q21] internationally. He garneredmuch acclaim. In 1936, a critic described one of Kingman's solo exhibits as "twenty of the freshest, most satisfying watercolors that have been seen hereabouts in many a day." [Q22]

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